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Stupidest Headline Ever

‘We All Feel At Risk’: 100,000 People Dead From COVID-19 In The U.S. One hundred thousand dead. Out of a national population of approximately 320,000,000. Or, expressed another way, an overall fatality rate of 0.0003125 percent. Oh, Dear God, you shouldn’t have let me see this, NPR, because while I never felt at risk beforeContinue reading “Stupidest Headline Ever”

An Open Letter to “Subcontinental” Tech Recruiters

This is an open-letter rant directed at job recruiters for the IT field who are of …*ahem* … “Subcontinental” origin. If you are not in the IT field, are not looking for new job opportunities, or do not appreciate the use of harsh words directed at people of non-European origin, then you might want toContinue reading “An Open Letter to “Subcontinental” Tech Recruiters”

Mourning The War Dead

Today, in the decaying remains of what was once the United States of America, we celebrate the unofficial beginning of Summer. It’s a day for heading outdoors (in normal times, anyway), taking time off from our labors to enjoy family, and in the evening, returning to our paleo roots by firing up charcoal cooking pitsContinue reading “Mourning The War Dead”