Poll Results: What Will The Deep State Do To Derail The November Elections?

It’s been just over a week since I posted the entitled poll and the admittedly unscientific results are in. They are as follows: – “Foment Election Day violence in multiple U.S. cities, especially in Red States.”` 60 % – “Declare another pandemic (COVID redux or some new phantom menace virus) and declare another quarentine/lockdown.” 20%Continue reading “Poll Results: What Will The Deep State Do To Derail The November Elections?”

If “We” Want It Back, “We” Are Going To Have To Take It Back, And It Won’t Be The Same

Tucker Carlson, on a roll that appears unstoppable, asks the question “they” don’t want you to ask and that “they” also refuse to answer. It’s difficult to believe that anyone who has been paying any attention over the last several months believes that “they” are going to “give” us anything back, especially our freedom.  IContinue reading “If “We” Want It Back, “We” Are Going To Have To Take It Back, And It Won’t Be The Same”

Sofa King Predictable

This. The RINO clown featured in the linked article is one of several from my state, this guy in particular demonstrating what god-awful ideas both the 17th Amendment and Universal Suffrage are.  He made himself infamous by first pissing off his constituents, who by a significant margin elected non-Establishment presidential candidate Donald Trump, by stabbingContinue reading “Sofa King Predictable”

No, Because There Are Still More Of Us Than Of Them

This was not the straw that broke the camel’s back, but the next one very well might be. If anyone will have to worry about eine neue Kristallnacht, it will be the dindu community, and this one will make that of November 1938 in Germany against the Khazars look like a schoolyard scuffle by comparison.

Virtual Or Not, It’s Still a Guvvermint Skool

That means “stay the hell away!”  Honestly, folks, can anyone with an above-freezer-temperature IQ say that they’re surprised that the State, which is making no secret of the fact that its goal is complete control of EVERY aspect of our lives, is using your children’s virtual classrooms to spy on them (and you)?  These twoContinue reading “Virtual Or Not, It’s Still a Guvvermint Skool”

What Will The Deep State Do To Derail The November Presidential Election?

Given the polarizing nature surrounding the event that will almost certainly be the opening salvo of America’s Civil War II, I don’t think it’s either premature or inappropriate to ask the question in the title.  I invite anyone reading to respond to the poll below.  If none of the options match your speculation, feel freeContinue reading “What Will The Deep State Do To Derail The November Presidential Election?”

Más Crimenes de los Chavistas: El Gobierno Acampara la Hidroxicloroquina

Es dudoso que sea sorpresa para los que prestan atención a los eventos actuales, pero tengo nueva evidencia de los crimines chavistas acerca del pandémico de COVID. Esta crisis me ha afectado personalmente con las noticias que me entregó mi esposa atrapada en Venezuela el pasado lunes que mi hijastro, mi nuera, y mi nietitaContinue reading “Más Crimenes de los Chavistas: El Gobierno Acampara la Hidroxicloroquina”

Wake Up, You Stupid Sheeple!

I’m wasting my breath, of course, because most of them won’t. It would be encouraging to think that a message like this one (thanks to Charles Burris at LewRockwell.com) would shame the majority into taking the shrink wrap off of that gray thing between their ears and turning the switch to the O-N position, butContinue reading “Wake Up, You Stupid Sheeple!”

When Will The Full-Blown Race War Start?

How many more instances of this will it take for dumbass white Americans to WTFU and realize that, whether they want to acknowledge it or not, they are at war with Black America, a war declared against them by Black America, with the not-so-tacit approval of the Ruling Classes? Is anyone stupid enough to thinkContinue reading “When Will The Full-Blown Race War Start?”

Let Your Voices Roar!

The Secretary General of the People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of California, Comrade Gavin Newsom, demented with illicit power conferred upon him by a citizenry that is a mixture of apathetic, ignorant, cowardly, and adoring, has issued a decree that Christian believers who assemble are not to sing praises to their Lord (in whom Comrade NewsomContinue reading “Let Your Voices Roar!”

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