Saturday Laughs

I could use a little levity today, and hopefully you could too.  This was linked from Bruce Schneier’s Schneier on Security blog (see my Blog Roll for the link) last week.  The original article in the link is three years old, but I had never seen it before, so I’ll share it here.  It probably packsContinue reading “Saturday Laughs”

Let Me Tell You a Story

About as succinct and factual an explanation of the current state of events as I’ve ever seen. It really doesn’t take much mental or intellectual candle power to see the truth. As the mask of benevolence continues to slip off of the monster, let us hope more of us “little people” DO see it. WellContinue reading “Let Me Tell You a Story”

Pouring Gasoline on a Spark

Kids do it sometimes, unaware of the consequences, and wind up getting badly burned.  Nancy Pelosi is no kid, but desperation, no doubt motivated in part by  visions of her own political mortality, is causing her to act like one.  It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.  This is one instance of playingContinue reading “Pouring Gasoline on a Spark”

Treason In The Flesh (Updated 9/15/20)

Show of hands (or just “like” this post):  who else wants to see this (((piece of shit))), or what’s left of him after his execution, feeding buzzards? Time was not very long ago at all when someone in this scumbag’s  position who did what he did while on active duty would have been convicted byContinue reading “Treason In The Flesh (Updated 9/15/20)”

Women Who Defy Stupid And Unlawful Mask Mandates Are NOT “Karens”

No matter how much the woke Jewtube crowd wants to convince us that they are. I’m not going to include links here,  simply because there are far too many of these videos to choose from (just do a search on Jewtube using the word “Karen” and it’ll return dozens, if not hundreds of links toContinue reading “Women Who Defy Stupid And Unlawful Mask Mandates Are NOT “Karens””

It’s a Great Start

But why only 97 acres?   Better to just give them the whole state of Georgia and move all 43,000,000 of them there, letting them finally have their own independent country  to run (or not run)`as they please, free of those paternalistic hateful crackers and their despicable western civilization. This will put an end toContinue reading “It’s a Great Start”

The Demonrats’ Election Day Strategy

Unsurprisingly, it appears that your recent responses to my poll on this subject, which indicated that a majority of you believe that fomenting Election Day violence will be the Demonrats’ go-to strategy to derail or delay the election, is shared by other observant editorialists. Given the corner into which they have backed themselves, it seemsContinue reading “The Demonrats’ Election Day Strategy”

Do Not Let Anyone Tell Me That They Are Surprised

By this.  True, they didn’t publicly admit that they were lying/had screwed up big time, but would anyone seriously expect them to? Let’s see now: 9,000 TOTAL deaths definitely attributed to COVID-19 (presumably since March 2020) ÷ 330,000,000 (estimated current U.S. population) = 0.0000272727% of the U.S. population – a statistical figure about as close toContinue reading “Do Not Let Anyone Tell Me That They Are Surprised”

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