Van Morrison: Anti-COVIDIOCY Warrior

I’ve been living in a proverbial cave on the moon for several years where the music world is concerned, but it appears that Rock ‘n Roll Legend Van Morrison is at war with the prevailing Covidiocy. Over the summer Morrison has released two songs protesting the current lockdowns and other COVID-related nonsense and says heContinue reading “Van Morrison: Anti-COVIDIOCY Warrior”

New Blogroll Addition: Charles Hugh Smith (Of Two Minds)

I haven’t made a habit of announcing every new addition to the Blogroll, but I’m doing so today with the inclusion of Charles Hugh Smith’s blog. Those of my regulars who also regularly frequent will recognize him as a semi-regular contributor, with articles frequently linked from his Of Two Minds blog. He has recentlyContinue reading “New Blogroll Addition: Charles Hugh Smith (Of Two Minds)”

Almost Certainly Somebody Who Needed The Boot Anyway

I’ve long suspected that President Trump’s penchant for appointing people to his cabinet who are committed to working against him is due to the Deep State’s proverbial gun pointed at the back of his head. It appears that one way he may be getting around this obstacle and getting rid of such scum is toContinue reading “Almost Certainly Somebody Who Needed The Boot Anyway”

No Doubt Whatsoever That It’s Been Weaponized

COVID-19, that is. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has been paying attention, especially after the trends of the last month, the highlight of which was the President and several of his staffers contracting the virus while nary a Demonrat suffered so much as a head cold. Suspicious, most definitely, but not surprising. I’veContinue reading “No Doubt Whatsoever That It’s Been Weaponized”

Yes, YOUR Church’s “Leadership” Will Soon Follow Suit

Anti-Pope Bergoglio, the “cleric” everyone loves to hate, has, as everyone by now knows, decided to finally tear off the mask and come right out and endorse same-sex marriage. Although he’s still not quite prepared yet to force the Catholic Church to bless the practice (he was careful to demand specific recognition only of civilContinue reading “Yes, YOUR Church’s “Leadership” Will Soon Follow Suit”

Don’t Want To Say “We Told You So,” But …

Harry Windsor has apparently FINALLY begun using the head above his belt line, but it’s probably too late. I’ll just leave this right here, as I don’t think it needs any editorializing from me:

This Is Why You Don’t Let Them Leave

Or, at the very least, don’t let them move into your state: It really amazes me that people believe that once the Socialism they are addicted to and consistently vote for yields its poisonous fruits that they can simply move somewhere else, replant the seeds in their new refuge, and not have history repeatContinue reading “This Is Why You Don’t Let Them Leave”

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