Don’t Want To Say “We Told You So,” But …

Harry Windsor has apparently FINALLY begun using the head above his belt line, but it’s probably too late. I’ll just leave this right here, as I don’t think it needs any editorializing from me:

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Want To Say “We Told You So,” But …

    1. What floors me is the idea that Meghan Markle could “cast a spell” on any man, let alone one like Harry who has almost limitless options. I look at her and all I see is S-K-A-N-K. I don’t get the impression my perspective differs much from that of most other sane men.

      Then again, the Windsor men are notorious for their terrible taste and lack of judgment when it comes to women.


  1. It’s easy for a woman to bedazzle at least one man ..

    He wanted it to be true (i.e. what she appeared to be while dating).

    Once again men love idealistically and wimminz opportunistically.


    1. Once again men love idealistically and wimminz opportunistically.

      Yep. What’s really amazing is that someone of Harry’s means could have had Meghan thoroughly vetted, every aspect and detail of her life investigated, which would’ve revealed all of this and potentially spared him a lot of pain and heartache (for all we know, Harry’s grandmother DID have her under investigation and might have even warned Harry, a warning which he probably ignored).

      One wonders if Harry was indeed forewarned about Meghan, but, thinking with his little head rather than his big one, he let little head take complete control.


      1. I’m certain his Queen GrandMa did .. & yes .. he was warned.

        Some men think they can charm the snake .. when they are the real prey.

        He could’ve had a right fine gal .. he wanted (and got) a banged out slore.

        I’ll pass on telling’em .. “told ya’ so” .. cuz I really think he meant to poke the eye of the royal family.

        His regrets are of little worry to those men whom heed sound advice.


  2. “He, no doubt, thought he had found himself a very exotic and glamorous wife out of the norm. Actresses can be very beguiling. Unfortunately, he finds himself now living in California, away from his family, friends, his work, and the Army, and all the things he had known.”

    Reading this again, it reminds me of my sister-in-law, to whom my brother has been shackled for 38 long, miserable, agonizing, soul-destroying years. Far from glamorous (she’s an obese, mentally ill sow and always has been), she managed to do the same thing to my brother that Meghan has done to Harry: alienate him from all of his old friends, destroy his ability to engage in and enjoy hobbies and pastimes that enrich him and for which he has tremendous talent, prevent him from fulfilling his true potential professionally, and causing him no end of grief and financial hardship through her gaslighting and irresponsibility.

    Every young man needs “intervention” from family and close friends to prevent his capture by such women. I know my brother wishes someone had done so for him. I, too, wish someone had set me straight many years ago before I got involved with my first wife (not nearly the train wreck my SiL is, but still a disaster that I should have foreseen clearly).


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