Almost Certainly Somebody Who Needed The Boot Anyway

I’ve long suspected that President Trump’s penchant for appointing people to his cabinet who are committed to working against him is due to the Deep State’s proverbial gun pointed at the back of his head. It appears that one way he may be getting around this obstacle and getting rid of such scum is to issue Executive Orders and impose policies that have a salt-on-the-skin-of-the-snail effect that makes them eject themselves from his cabinet of their own volition. This appears to be the latest example.

Given the point of contention that has caused this individual’s resignation, I’m fairly convinced that he is one of the Deep State’s sleeper saboteurs. Good riddance, says I. May many others of his ilk follow him out the door in the weeks and months to come.

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6 thoughts on “Almost Certainly Somebody Who Needed The Boot Anyway

  1. I really hope that Trump wins again; will be another 4 year partial reprieve from the descent. Not sure I believe those who claim Trump will clean up politics; even if he wanted to do so, it may be too much for one man to do.

    But the next four years would be better with him there, than the progressives. Look to Canada if you want to see what the progressives do with power.

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    1. That’s probably the best way to sum up Trump: he’s better than the alternative, which is unacceptable, and is also the best we’ve got. That latter statement has horrifying implications for the state of the country.

      Fred Reed just published this shredding of Trump, which contains some fair criticisms of the man. One of the commenters at the Unz Review posting in response also brought up a valid point that I think sums our situation up quite neatly:

      “In a well-run country with real options, Trump would have been laughed at. When your rulers actively sell you out, hate you, and are in the process of replacing you, a Donald Trump is a realistic option. That is sad. What’s worse is that even after Trump’s election, the PTBs are doubling down on the treason and hatred of Americans. As bad as Trump is, what is the option? And what can one man really do?”

      Indeed. In just over 200 years we’ve gone from presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison to presidents like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Three presidents in comparison to whom Trump represents an improvement. It’s the country that is a dumpster fire and Trump is merely one of the less toxic symptoms of it.

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  2. Sanders argued for what he called the management point of view on several issues, including granting higher pay to federal employees working in certain areas. He also again questioned the methods the council uses in determining the “pay gap” with the private sector, which showed federal employees behind by 23 percent on average.

    Taxation is theft. Get a real job, looters.

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    1. Get a real job, looters.

      Most can’t. That’s why they’re government “employees” in the first place. It’s also a big reason why the public sector unions (which shouldn’t be allowed to exist, by the way) are now the largest organized “labor” organizations in the U.S. These people are too dependent on their glorified welfare to let it go without a fight.


  3. I had expected Donald to attack civil service exemptions and employment codes first thing after inauguration. Because one cannot hurt the Deep State while the millions of mid and lower-level positions overwhelmingly are staffed by Progs — the large majority of whom are women. Feminism IS the Deep State. One can strip off the top layers of the Deep State, but the worms still remain in the wood.

    When the fire gets hot enough, though, out they will come.

    Clearly the Civil Service and Public Sector unions must be broken in order to get the job done. Again, the time to initiate that attack was three years ago. He might not have broken them by now, but he’d have them on the run. Skeered is almost as good as Gone.

    This, of course, assuming Donald really wants to clean the nation up. He is a billionaire real estate developer and game show host, after all. Not a homey that went to Junior College with us.

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    1. This, of course, assuming Donald really wants to clean the nation up. He is a billionaire real estate developer and game show host, after all. Not a homey that went to Junior College with us.

      Yes, and this is what is potentially terrifying about his second term, should he be elected to one. Being lame duck either way, we could either see him attack the Swamp with full fury, or see him say “Hah! Suckers! Fooled you again!” and start doing things that further entrench the status quo (although this would probably kick off a revolution that would make the one in France at the end of the 18th Century look like a street riot by comparison and that would result in The Donald’s lynching).

      You’re correct to bring up his background in order to remind again that Donald ain’t “one of us plebes.” Guys like him don’t get rich and influential in this day and age the way he has without kissing some serious ass connected with the same Swamp people expect him to destroy.

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