A Blessing, Not A Curse

Most readers of this article, to the extent that they would believe its premise at all (even though the evidence of it is punching them in the nose and kicking them in the crotch), would see it as calamity. The idea that the church as an institution, as it is currently structured and as itContinue reading “A Blessing, Not A Curse”

Mensa Boy of Italy Is Full of Shit

Of course you already knew that. Specifically, in the latest instance that demonstrates this always painfully obvious fact, he has apparently reversed, or perhaps never actually bothered to enforce, his ban on “Blackpillers” and “defeatists” imposed on January 20 while in the throes of one of his periodic hissy fits that characterize the “Gamma males”Continue reading “Mensa Boy of Italy Is Full of Shit”

A Psalm For Our Current Situation

Thanks to Becky Akers at LewRockwell.com. Psalms 10 (KJV): 1Why standest thou afar off, O Lord? why hidest thou thyself in times of trouble? 2The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined. 3For the wicked boasteth of his heart’s desire, and blesseth theContinue reading “A Psalm For Our Current Situation”

No, He Hasn’t Caved Or Cucked – Not Yet, At Least

The blackpilling has certainly amped up considerably in the wake of yesterday’s events, culminating in President Trump’s appeal to his followers to withdraw from Capitol Hill. It reached a sort of peak (for now) early this morning in the wake of the release of Trump’s “orderly transition of power” statement. It would appear that mostContinue reading “No, He Hasn’t Caved Or Cucked – Not Yet, At Least”

The U.S. Military: Too Politically Unreliable For Either Side To Use?

I’ve mulled this over at length and have also brought up on many past occasions the topic of potential military intervention in American civil government. In light of today’s events in Washington, D.C., this topic is now more relevant than ever. I find it curious that neither side in the ongoing tug of war hasContinue reading “The U.S. Military: Too Politically Unreliable For Either Side To Use?”

It’s Only Beginning

Today’s excitement in the Nation’s Capitol, although no doubt to be remembered by history as a relatively innocuous affair, still represents a turning point. Many on the alt-right talk about President Trump “crossing the Rubicon” at some immediate point, but ultimately this is much bigger than Trump and does not depend on him. If heContinue reading “It’s Only Beginning”

Dear God, Let This Be True!

If this is accurate, then the fuse has been lit. Putting it in the vernacular of the streets, “this shit be real now!” No one should be surprised at Pence cucking and betraying the president. At this stage, however, the much more important question is: will Trump continue to fight for the nation’s survival, orContinue reading “Dear God, Let This Be True!”

Happy New Year 2021

Let us hope and pray that the Lord shares with us His infinite mercy and grants us His Peace in this coming year. Although I cannot on my own be optimistic that this year will be an improvement over last year, I ask the Lord to grant all those who love and obey Him HisContinue reading “Happy New Year 2021”

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