The Closest MBoI Will Ever Come To Admitting He Was Played

I really shouldn’t be give the guy unmerited attention, but the appearance of this was always inevitable at some point, even though he all but swore he would never even think such vile thoughts. Most of us figured the truth out no later than January 20, 2021. Apparently some people, though, have delicate egos thatContinue reading “The Closest MBoI Will Ever Come To Admitting He Was Played”

Yes, It’s Beautiful, But It’s Also Now Irrelevant

Over at the Blog, regular contributor Charles Burris comments on the beauty of Kate Smith’s classic rendition of God Bless America (you can check out the YouTube video of her performance here). I certainly won’t argue with the merits of his praise in artistic terms. Miss Smith’s rendition of this uniquely American song isContinue reading “Yes, It’s Beautiful, But It’s Also Now Irrelevant”

C’mon, Folks, You All Know He’s A Selfish Prick

Ted Cruz, that is. Like ALL of his kind. I’m getting really irritated at the outrage directed at him over his vacation to sunny Cancun as his constituents back home in Texas slowly freeze to death. As if 1) he could possibly do anything useful to help correct the problem, 2) he cares enough aboutContinue reading “C’mon, Folks, You All Know He’s A Selfish Prick”

Newsmax Shows Its True “Fake News” Colors

This (thank you, Lew Rockwell, for the link) might be disappointing or enraging, but it should NOT come as any surprise. A quick glance at the names of Newsmax’s founding investors reveals a list of Swamp Creatures that should have immediately dispelled any notion that Newsmax is an independent and objective (i.e., real) news organ.Continue reading “Newsmax Shows Its True “Fake News” Colors”

Another Superbowl Sunday Has Passed

And this erstwhile sportsball fan could not possibly care less, even if someone were to hold a loaded pistol to his head and force him into it. Of so little concern was yesterday’s evento del año that I woke up this morning having no idea who won and not being the least bit upset atContinue reading “Another Superbowl Sunday Has Passed”

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