Dysfunctional As We Are, We Still Managed To Do The Right Thing

It comes as no real surprise, given this state’s culture and heritage, but it’s official: the Arizona House of Representatives has just passed a bill that nullifies Senilepedoperv Joe’s gun control measures. They really had no choice, and neither does the Arizona Senate but to concur. Stupid and corrupt as this state’s politicians are (jaw-droppingly so, in fact), even they know better than to mess with our guns. Any move that even hints at a Second Amendment infringement here will rouse a slumbering giant to wrath, and that’s something that the political class here knows better than to provoke. They’re already skating on wafer-thin ice now.

So all we need to do now is await the State Senate’s passage of the bill, which is pretty much a given (any Senator stupid enough to vote against it has pretty much dealt his or her political career a death blow). What this state –and every other– REALLY needs to do is boot federal law enforcement out of the state. Measures to prevent them from enforcing unconstitutional laws within the state would be a good start (as Colorado and Washington did with marijuana legalization). In any case, Senilepedoperv Joe might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for those of us who love freedom. He’s such a disaster and so flagrant in his overreach that the states will have no choice but to assert themselves and reclaim their rights again. May God speed this process.

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Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

6 thoughts on “Dysfunctional As We Are, We Still Managed To Do The Right Thing

    They think they can pull this take away guns stuff since the pink bullets(Late ’80s?) came out for women?
    They would shoot women, in increasing numbers packing guns?
    P.S.Thats not proof of americas collapse, joe being elected president after being so ”touchy-felly” with even 10?year old girls?I hugged my two main physical rehab therapist women, but they came up to hug me!I was’nt ”affectionately”,
    Grabbing or groping them!They were like my younger sisters(One of them. the other was about 5 years older than myself!) and we had known each other as friends for over a month!But people are serious about metoo?


  2. thought this might interest you:

    Resources to Protect the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

    The state governments intervening against federal encroachment on behalf of its residents is a constitutional solution because the Constitution is a contract (technically a compact) among the States which created the federal government.


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    1. Thanks, Ame.

      Yes, the premise of the article is absolutely correct. The challenge is to get “normies” to wake up to the fact that the federal government has been out of control and operating unlawfully for the last 160 years (the lawlessness started much earlier, but the permanent rogue regime’s metastasis can be traced to Civil War I).

      I’m also willing to wager that there are legitimate grounds for repealing ALL of the amendments to the Constitution that were made after the first ten, as it can probably be demonstrated without much effort that NONE were enacted in accordance with the Constitution itself. Certainly none from the 13th and beyond have been lawfully enacted. .

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    1. Thank you, Ame. I hadn’t heard of this incident. I’ll have to translate the article and send it to my wife.

      She hasn’t mentioned any organized acts of persecution against the church, so far. I think that for the most part they face the same “indirect” attacks that the church here in the USSA is facing, which is namely the “COVID excuse” to keep churches closed or otherwise limited in when and how they can meet. The main difference between there and here in terms of the State enforcing these COVIDIOCY laws is that the Venezuelan Chavista government is using deadly force of arms to enforce it. We haven’t YET reached that level here.

      Still, it makes perfect sense that incidents like the one in the article would be happening down there right now. The Chavista government of Nicolas Maduro is a Marxist one that seeks to imitate that of Cuba. Persecution of Christians would probably be more intense if they had the resources to do it with. However, having just glanced at the article it appears that this was a spontaneous act probably committed by street criminals – possibly drug dealers or addicts (the article mentions that the attack victims were running a faith-based drug rehabilitation program). Drug addicition and street crime are both out of control down there, exacerbated bythe socioeconomic deterioration.

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