Poll: Should the new $20 bill feature Harriet Tubman?

The opinion poll bearing this title was linked from an article this morning in the online Western Journal, and of course my initial, visceral reaction was to vote “HELL, NO!” if that had been a response option.

But then I started thinking: why NOT Harriet Tubman? Heck, why not RuPaul, or one of the Kardashians, of even SenilePedoPerv Joe Biden, for that matter? True, they are all living individuals who are thus ineligible under current law to be represented on any currency, postage stamp, or other officially recognized negotiable instrument issued by the U.S. government. But so what? The United States of America is dead. The Rule of Law within the United States of America is dead. Moral absolutes, along with respect for the history, customs, traditions, and founders of the United States of America are not only all dead, but despised, their memories mocked and spat upon by the anarcho-nihilistic woke mobs that have seized control of and now rule what was once the USA. So, again: why NOT Harriet Tubman? Or any other figure, living or dead, that is venerated by those who are in control of this rotting corpse of a nation?

I dare say that Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and every other legacy American whose image now graces the (increasingly worthless) national currency of this self-destroying husk of a nation would be OFFENDED to be represented on its currency today. We are, after all, talking about a currency that is backed by nothing tangible or valuable that gives it any intrinsic worth without the declaration by the reigning oligarchy, backed by lethal force, that it is “legal tender.” Considering that all of the legacy Americans featured on our currency were adherents of the gold standard (even those who attempted to subvert it were repelled by the idea of fiat currency completely untethered from gold), they would no doubt be thrashing about in their graves if they were made aware of what their images were emblazoning. Had they the means to do so, their corpses would no doubt file lawsuits DEMANDING that their images be removed from the abomination this country now calls money. No sane, thinking person would blame them, either.

So, sure, let’s emblazon the $20.00 Weimerica bill with Harriet Tubman’s image. How about Saint George Floyd for the One Dollar Bill, worthless as that is increasingly becoming? Perhaps MLK for the Ten Dollar Bill (his image alone on the obverse side of the bill, an image of him paying a prostitute with a sawbuck on the reverse side), and then finally, Michael Jackson on the Fiver, just to add some comic relief.

For the large denomination bills, let the white people’s images stay on these, as it was white (or, often more accurately, (((white))) ) guys who were responsible for the creation of these inflationary denominations. I would remove both Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin Franklin from the Fifty and One Hundred Dollar Bills, respectively. These guys had nothing to do with the travesty that is today’s U.S. currency and shouldn’t have their memories smeared through association with it. I would recommend Richard Nixon’s mug for the Fifty, as his moronically criminal move of August 15, 1971 that severed the last remaining tie of the dollar to the gold standard is what set the current inflationary storm in motion. For the One Hundred Dollar Bill, we may have to wait a couple of years for Alan Greenspan to croak (or not, since we’re no longer a nation of law and can do whatever the hell we feel like if we have enough power, fuck what any piece of paper signed by a legislature says). I cannot think of any more deserving individual to have his ugly mug stamped on a piece of fiat scrip. His 17-year reign of chaos at the criminal Federal Reserve is what kicked the fiscal irresponsibility now gripping our economy into high gear. Given that what was once referred to as “the Benjamin” will soon become as common as the One Dollar Bill is now once hyperinflation inevitably kicks in, I think it is only fitting that the image of the man whom history will judge as “The Father of American Hyperinflation” remind everyone daily of his deed. (Incidentally, since it won’t be a “Benjamin” anymore, what will the new vernacular name for the 100 Dollar Bill be? The “Alan?” The “Greenie?” Or maybe even “The Sheeny?”)

There exist other dollar bills of denominations higher than 100 dollars (the 500, Thousand, and Ten Thousand) that are not currently in open circulation, but that probably will be within our lifetime as our economy comes to resemble that of contemporary Zimbabwe and Venezuela, Hungary of 1947, and Weimar Germany of 1923. I won’t waste time debating whose image should grace these denominations, as there is plenty of time for that in the future. Let’s start with what’s in common use among the Deplorables and the Permanent Underclass at the moment. I think my nominations will suit the present currency situation just fine.

So let “Moses’s” image emblazon the Twenty Dollar Bill, forthwith. It would be a perfect reminder of how “her people” have been led out of one form of slavery (physical) only to be led right into another (economic).

Published by feeriker

Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

4 thoughts on “Poll: Should the new $20 bill feature Harriet Tubman?

  1. You know about the animated film ”the american dream”that tells of how the federal reserve is not part of the government ,but to make sure money becomes more worthless faster right?But remember the film has been called evil,even anti-semitic also, so be careful!?P.S.Why don’t they put harry&scared markel on the $20 bill?


    1. Why don’t they put harry&scared markel on the $20 bill?

      Hey, why not? They’re as good a pair of candidates as any other. No, they’re not dead, and no, they’re not both U.S. citizens, but like I said in the OP, we’re no longer a nation of laws or logic, so what does that matter?

      Actually, if we’re gonna put Harry and the Ho on any denomination of currency, make it the Two Dollar Bill, if that should even make a comeback. It’s worthless and no one cares about it – just like with the two of them.

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  2. feeriker, what do you think of crypto?

    I like money being out of the hands of both big banks and big government, yet I remain concerned about the reliance of these cryptocurrencies on electricity and on remembering passwords.

    In a power failure, networks down, how could one access cryptocurrency, and spend it?

    If you forget your password like that guy who has $200M he can’t get at, you’re fucked.

    So… I am wary. I like the idea in principle, but I have concerns.

    I don’t even understand this new non-fungible token thing.


    1. I must shamefully admit that I am a cryptocurrency ignoramus. I shouldn’t be, but I’ve been EXTREMELY hesitant to set foot in that realm due to lingering concerns I have over both the issues you mention and the overall integrity of the currency creation and transfer processes. What really turned me off of it was all the rampant speculation in CC vendors three or so years ago. Everyone was fixated on the market value of BitCoin (and a couple of others) rather than its viability (and more important, USABILITY) as an alternative currency. My general rule of thumb is that anything that “the herd” is investing in is something to run the hell away from, immediately.


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