Bring Them To Washington!

The migrants, that is. ALL of them. The ones flooding the Southern Border in overwhelming numbers. Bring them to Washington, to Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s doorstep. Let them cross the border, then immediately put them on trains and buses and send them straight to Rome-on-the-Potomac. All one point whatever-odd million of them supposedly headed this way. Bring the first group straight to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, drop them off in Lafayette Park, and let them swarm the White House fences and camp out on the White House lawn, in the Rose Garden, and every other spare inch of space they can find. Central Americans, in particular, have started to refer to SenilePedoPerv Joe as “The Migrant President”, a title he no doubt wears proudly, so let him put some life behind it. Let “the Migrant President” play host to the migrants toward whom he is so welcoming. Those that can’t fit in the White House, let them find space on Capitol Hill, The Capitol Mall, the Anacostia riverfront, and any other place within the boundaries of the District of Columbia that has an inch to spare. The politicos created this disaster, let THEM pay the price for it.

Of course it will be important from the various state’s governors to play along. Let them seal off their borders if they’re immediately adjacent to D.C. Those liberal states bordering the District can be as porous as they want to, because quite frankly, they deserve to be overwhelmed by migrants, too. However, let nullification and secession begin in earnest for the rest of the country, the states and their governments. Enact ZE-RO tolerance policies for any illegal immigrants within their state’s borders. Texas is setting a good example by sending its National Guard troops to secure the Southern border along the Rio Grande, and there isn’t a damned thing that D.C. can effectively do to stop it. Any governors of states along the Southern Border who waffle or hestitate at taking steps to close gaps in their states’ borders exploitable by invading illegal aliens are soon going to find that the citizenry will take matters into their own hands.

This catastrophe might have a silver lining after all. It might just be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back and compels states to start standing up for themselves once they realize that Washington will not only NOT do so, but will actively attempt to stonewall, subvert, and harm them.

Next hopeful step: state governments prohibit the withholding of federal taxes by companies incorporated or registered within their jurisdictions, or, alternatively, mandate that taxes ordinarily withheld for the federal government be allocated to the states and those ordinarily withheld for the states be remitted to the feds. In other words, de facto repeal the 16th Amendment and allocate to the states the bulk of tax revenues collected. Call it “The Restoration of Federalism Movement.”

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Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

5 thoughts on “Bring Them To Washington!

    Would’nt this more than likely end in those tax-payer paid credit cards for politicians expensive meals at fancy resturants that the dishonest news dos’nt tell us about, getting used up by immigrant card scam rings, but a certain security expert mckowan did in his secrets&business book that I got with lunas in ’01!?See why DAL’ got my attention in early ’12?I thought most sensible people had known this, was a insane world since at least the ’80’s like myself!Can you imagine if I&certain others started a redpill thinktank what could happen,as you know I&LEX have been in discussions with biden&harris’s new air-bomb america network for christian attiorneys anti-republican-democrat oligarchy radio show?My knowledge flows like so many people into the southern border right ,as I have told everyone in the last almost 2 weeks,not just the best looking,best- dressed man in the pro- manosphere,but a pretty intelligent dude too slick ric said in ’85!?

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  2. I like it. The D.C. even set the precedent by shuttling migrants around cities in the dead of night. But you must remember to have tame media crews standing by to publicize how they’re received, to do the Alinsky-ism properly!

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    1. Rumor has it that the White House is actually empty right now, that SenilePedoPerv Joe is being kept at some “safe” location elsewhere. A big empty house like the White House should be able to hold AT LEAST 200 or 300 migrants. There should also be plenty of space all over the rest of the District. I think flooding Anacostia/southeast D.C. is an especially good idea. The mixture of “black and red” should be VERY entertaining (oil and water are a more compatible mixture).

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  3. Plenty of room in the Capitol for many hundreds of ‘migrants’. I suggest Somalians.

    A thousand easily can fit in the Supreme Court Chamber, and dozens can be managed in individual judges’ chambers. With their cots and baggage I mean.

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