Even Libertarians Are Now Recognizing That Libertarianism Is A Flawed Ideology

Or, at the very least, that there is no agreement on what constitutes “pure” libertarianism. Laurence Vance makes this comment on the blog at Lew Rockwell.com that exemplifies what appears to be a growing schism between “left” and “right” libertarians. This is a fascinating development for those of us who once called ourselves simply “libertarians”Continue reading “Even Libertarians Are Now Recognizing That Libertarianism Is A Flawed Ideology”

They’re The “Edjewkayshun Mayjers” Of The Health Professions

Veterinarians, that is. The curriculum for medical school is apparently way over their heads, which is why they focus on animals, where death at their hands leads to far less liability than if their incompetence was focused on humans. Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics is enraged over his recent experiences in trying to get aContinue reading “They’re The “Edjewkayshun Mayjers” Of The Health Professions”

Thanking God For A Small Blessing/Victory

I don’t normally answer work-related emails on the weekend and my boss and colleagues don’t normally send them. So when the Outlook app on my phone that is only used for work email chimed Saturday morning I decided that it must be important. In a small way, it was. My boss is out on aContinue reading “Thanking God For A Small Blessing/Victory”

A Perfect Summary Of The USSA’s “Monetary Policy”

The latest from the incomparable Charles Hugh Smith. This reality should be painfully obvious to those of us who live in the real world and have to deal with debt and financial issues (that would be ALL OF US). I’ll let Charles speak for himself, except just to add something to one sentence: “The SupremeContinue reading “A Perfect Summary Of The USSA’s “Monetary Policy””

I Thought Louie Gohmert Was Better/Smarter Than This

Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has been one of the more admirable members of the House of Reprehensibles in recent years, standing up on some notable occasions against the ongoing tyranny and criminality subsuming what was once the nation. Unfortunately, he’s just proven himself to be another run-of-the-mill dumbass Texas redneck. I won’t say (yet) that thisContinue reading “I Thought Louie Gohmert Was Better/Smarter Than This”

The Soul-Destroying Feeling Of Helplessness

My contributions to this blog of late have been noticeably sparse, thanks to my new job that keeps me occupied with the work of two and a half people. Just about my only presence in the blogosphere of late has been to leave comments on the blogs of some of my regular readers here, anContinue reading “The Soul-Destroying Feeling Of Helplessness”

Why Has She Disabled Comments On Her Blog?

Lori Alexander, that is. For the past couple of months (at least; it might have been going on for longer), Lori has had comments disabled on her The Transformed Wife blog. No explanation offered that I can see; just suddenly, one day, comments were no longer allowed. It’s her blog and certainly her prerogative toContinue reading “Why Has She Disabled Comments On Her Blog?”

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