Arsenal Augmentation

Went to a local gun show this weekend and picked up a couple of new additions to the family firepower. The rifle, a Rossi RS22 semi-automatic, one that I had test fired a few weeks ago, liked the feel of, and found very reasonably priced, is one I look forward to taking on a fieldContinue reading “Arsenal Augmentation”

Gun Owners Of America

This is the advocacy organization to join if you’re serious about protecting your Second Amendment rights. I had been procrastinating for a long time, but finally went ahead and joined earlier this week. In the wake of the NRA bankruptcy debacle, I realized that it was past time to “defecate, or get off the commode.”Continue reading “Gun Owners Of America”

Disturbing (UPDATE 07/19/21)

This time it’s to “provide humanitarian assistance,” but what are they really doing while they’re here? Planting a Kidon Team in advance of the “liquidation” of the governor (who can’t possibly be any friend of Zionism)? In addition to training law enforcement on how to murder us Deplorables efficiently and with impunity, that is. TheContinue reading “Disturbing (UPDATE 07/19/21)”

They Do So At Their Own Peril

Arizona’s dumbest city decides to join the wrong side of history. Again. Not the least bit surprising. They might get away with certain things in town, but they will fare considerably less well in the rural, unincorporated parts of the city. This might actually end up being the move that rids the city of itsContinue reading “They Do So At Their Own Peril”

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