Disturbing (UPDATE 07/19/21)

This time it’s to “provide humanitarian assistance,” but what are they really doing while they’re here? Planting a Kidon Team in advance of the “liquidation” of the governor (who can’t possibly be any friend of Zionism)? In addition to training law enforcement on how to murder us Deplorables efficiently and with impunity, that is. The added sight of people mourning their departure from U.S. soil is enough to induce projectile vomiting, but since this is the Miami area, with its (((population))) almost as large as that of Jew York, what else are we to expect?

Maybe these are the troops the Deep State will summon back once we Deplorables get über uppity, decide we’ve had enough, realize that our own troops aren’t the ones with our best interests at the forefront, and start seriously resisting. There aren’t enough of (((these))) troops for the job, but maybe they’ll wind up leading the U.N. “peacekeeping” forces that SemilePedoPerv Joe asks for when he and his handlers finally realize that they’ve lost control of the country.

UPDATE: Gunner Q brings up an excellent point in his latest post that I hadn’t considered, but that, in light of the bizarre events of the last couple of years, makes perfect sense:

Take that Surfside Condo collapse in Miami. Color me shocked that a shoddily-built apartment complex in a region notorious for real-estate corruption eventually collapsed from delayed maintenance. But not only has it been a news story for over a month, Israel flew in a damage-control team to “assist”. I suspect that a few of those apartments were safe houses for Epstein-type agents because no way do two nations care this much about that little.

Indeed, why would the IDF become involved in a rescue operation that even the most resource poor of cities in Israel’s westernmost province could handle by itself? And even if the municipality did request Israeli help, why would the Israeli government dispatch the IDF to help? This simply doesn’t pass the smell test on any level. One has to wonder exactly what filthy secrets this condo hid, whether indeed what is arguably the second largest haven for (((them))) in the USSA outside of Jew York City contained something that would be profoundly embarrassing, or even politically fatal to people in Washington or Tel Aviv that needed removing. The fact that the IDF arrival in Miami had almost ZE-RO press coverage other than perhaps outside the Miami metro area (was Governor DeSantis even aware of an IDF presence in his state?) by itself is alarming, given that foreign armies don’t routinely deploy to U.S. soil (although, given that the Amerikan Empire does so in other nations with impunity, an impartial observer must admit that turnabout is fair play). One also is led to wonder that, if the IDF did manage to recover and remove something incriminating, were they able to do so without Goy interference? Were there any “casualties” associated with the IDF rescue operations? Non-IDF “casualties,” that is. I have a sinking feeling that we’ll never know.


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