Poll: Which U.S. State Should We Give To The Afghan Refugees?

Since we’ve essentially been presented as a fait accompli the flood of Afghan refugees into the U.S. in the wake of our disastrous shitshow there, we might as well make the best of the situation by giving them their own state as a homeland. This of course should not be done without conditions attached. SuchContinue reading “Poll: Which U.S. State Should We Give To The Afghan Refugees?”

Will “Flu Shots” Be Used As A Backdoor/Cover For The COVID Jab?

The title question was prompted by an email I received this morning from work announcing the availability of flu shots at two office locations in the region. Being a newbie at the company, I have no idea whether or not they do this every year, but I’ve never worked for a private-sector firm that offersContinue reading “Will “Flu Shots” Be Used As A Backdoor/Cover For The COVID Jab?”

This Is Why I’ve Never Really Trusted Him

If he thinks that this is going to be an effective way of getting himself back into the White House in 2024, then he’s either delusional, or, much worse, has the Cabal’s backing to become Sockpuppet-in-Chief again. I lean towards the latter, as no one who wants Middle America’s vote (even in an admittedly meaninglessContinue reading “This Is Why I’ve Never Really Trusted Him”

MSM Morons (Inadvertantly?) Destroy COVID Vaxx Narrative

In their zeal to mock and discredit Texas Governor Greg Abbott, MSNBC lets slip that the governor has tested positive for COVID despite having been vaccinated. Like all MSM hit pieces, the network’s goal was to engage in an act of Schadenfreude in the wake of the governor’s ban on mask mandates within the LoneContinue reading “MSM Morons (Inadvertantly?) Destroy COVID Vaxx Narrative”

What Happens When A People Permits Itself To Be Disarmed: Example No. 3,594,251,112

If this is a legitimate news report (and I don’t doubt for a second that it is, based on recent events Down Under), then this should by the spark that ignites the civil war powder keg. This taking place in Australia, however, makes me doubt that there will be any serious resistance to this formContinue reading “What Happens When A People Permits Itself To Be Disarmed: Example No. 3,594,251,112”

“Get Out – NOW!”

How long will it be, in the wake of the USSA’s ignominous expulsion from Afghanistan, before long-time “allies” on whose soil the Empire has been garrisoning legions give Washington the order in the title? I cannot imagine any remaining value in the presence of Amerikan legionnaires to any of the Empire’s few remaining allies. Indeed,Continue reading ““Get Out – NOW!””

In Other Earth-shattering News, The Sun Will Set In The West Tonight

During my weekly visit with my mother this afternoon, she had FauxNews on the tee vee and we watched some of news coverage of the unfolding debacle in Afghanistan. My reaction was a minority one: I laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more. I laughed not at the tragedy that is about to befall theContinue reading “In Other Earth-shattering News, The Sun Will Set In The West Tonight”

Odds And Ends, Volume 3

This Sunday brings another weekly potpourri of topics that don’t have enough meat for full posts of their own, but that I feel merit commentary. What follows are a few of these that caught my attention this week. Because They’re Part Of That Same Corrupt Establishment, That’s Why Angelo Codavilla asks in a recently publishedContinue reading “Odds And Ends, Volume 3”

MBoI Is Back Online

To follow up my earlier post, Vox Day’s Vox Populi blog is back online, but at a new location. Apparently he’ll be here for a while, if not permanently, and has restored all of his content that was at the old URL to this one. Still the same blog name, just a new URL. I’veContinue reading “MBoI Is Back Online”

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