Will “Flu Shots” Be Used As A Backdoor/Cover For The COVID Jab?

The title question was prompted by an email I received this morning from work announcing the availability of flu shots at two office locations in the region. Being a newbie at the company, I have no idea whether or not they do this every year, but I’ve never worked for a private-sector firm that offers free flu shots to its employees. I never take “flu jabs,” so I won’t be taking them up on their offer. I do wonder, though, how many of us “COVID vaxxine refusniks” also regularly get flu shots? Given the utter lawlessness that has characterized both the MPHIC (Medical-Pharmaceutical-Hospital-Insurance Complex) and the government agencies that enable them (e.g., the COVID Distribution Coven and the Fatal Drug Advocates), is the title question an unreasonable one to ask? If they can’t get people to volunteer for the jab, then find a covert means to give it to them. No one who receives a jab has any real assurance of what exactly is being pumped into their body, so would the recipient of a flu jab have any real way of knowing that the jab they were getting was for plain ol’ flu (the existence of which everyone has ignored for the last year and a half) or the coof?

It should be obvious to everyone by now that we’re well past the point of being able to trust anything that either GovCo or the MPHIC says or does. We’ve seen the depths of mendacity and lawbreaking they’ve gone to in order to enforce the Globalist agenda, so why should we assume that they have any integrity left at all (if they ever had any in the first place)?

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Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

2 thoughts on “Will “Flu Shots” Be Used As A Backdoor/Cover For The COVID Jab?

  1. “I do wonder, though, how many of us “COVID vaxxine refusniks” also regularly get flu shots?”

    Flu? What flu?

    Experts Have ‘No Explanation’ For Flu Disappearing From Seasonal Data
    h ttps://www.visionnews.online/post/experts-have-no-explanation-for-flu-disappearing-from-seasonal-data

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    1. Not only do they have no explanation for the “disappearance” of the flu, but none of the normie hordes seem as if they’re the least bit curious as to why they aren’t having flu vaccine shot reminders rubbed in their faces as was common in all previous years within living memory.

      Letting my cynicism get the better of me, I wonder if part of the impetus behind coof creation was that the regular flu vaccine was supposed to (eventually) become the vector for the Davos Death Jab, but wasn’t scaring enough normies into taking it. Ergo, the Wuhan version, the flu on steroids, which seems to be doing the trick.

      Related, have any studies been done on the effects of getting a flu shot AND the coof jab either simultaneously, or in close proximity to one another? Rhetorical question, no need to answer.


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