Poll: Which U.S. State Should We Give To The Afghan Refugees?

Since we’ve essentially been presented as a fait accompli the flood of Afghan refugees into the U.S. in the wake of our disastrous shitshow there, we might as well make the best of the situation by giving them their own state as a homeland. This of course should not be done without conditions attached. Such conditions should definitely include:

  1. The understanding that their new homeland will be a self-governing nation wholly separate from the United States of America.
  2. . With condition number 1 understood, the understanding that they will not be authorized entry into any portion of the United States without first going through the U.S. State Department’s visa process.
  3. The granting of their own homeland will absolve both the government and the people of the United States of any further support or aid obligations.
  4. The understanding that any hostile actions by the new Afghan homeland against the United States, to include alliances with America’s enemies or agitating for war against her, will be regarded as an act of war and will precipitate a response appropriate to such an act.
  5. The understanding that while the government of the United States will do its best to induce the existing American inhabitants of the land granted to the Afghan refugees to leave, taking advantage of inducements and fair compensation offered by the U.S. government to relocate themselves elsewhere within the U.S., that not all existing inhabitants will choose to leave and that the new government of the Afghan homeland will guarantee them all the rights accorded to ethnic Afghans.

In the poll you will notice that I’ve restricted the choices to six, for simplicity’s sake. You will also notice that I’ve omitted what would seem to be obvious choices, California most prominent among them. I’ve omitted California for purely selfish reasons. I live next door to the place and know that it already has more problems than it can handle. Adding Afghans to the mix would very likely be the straw that broke the camel’s back, causing Newsomistan’s problems to spill over into my backyard. Nope, not having that, not for a second, no way.

You’ll also notice that the Deep South (specifically Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi) are missing as well. Those are the states that I’ve proposed as Dindustan. As with Commiefornia, adding the likes of Afghans to a sea of Dindus would be creating the equivalent of the cobalt bomb in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes that blew up the earth and destroyed humanity. So, no, those states are also out.

Anyway, I’m open to other suggestions in the comments, but here’s the poll:

Which U.S. state should the U.S. government give to the incoming Afghan refugees as a homeland?

A. Delaware (Bidenistan)

B. Maryland (Mother of D.C.)

C. Michigan (already full of Muslims)

D. New Jersey (The Garbage State)

E. Oregon (no explanation needed)

F. Washington (no explanation needed)

Enter responses in the comments section.

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11 thoughts on “Poll: Which U.S. State Should We Give To The Afghan Refugees?

  1. Donno, but I like Australia. It has states. So does all of N. Africa. I do know when these people become citizens, any number of them will be killed for voting against liberals. we saw that in Kali years ago, when moderate Muslims stood up against the dems’ terrorists. At the very least, LET’S FRIGGIN VETT THIS BUNCH.


    1. I agree that Australia definitely deserves a massive injection of Afghans, but unfortunately we (the U.S.) don’t control their territory. I’m pretty confident, though, that they’ll do the predictably stupid, hypocritical, and massively unpopular thing of their own volition and invite even more of the wogs in than the U.S. would – while at the same time keeping Australians locked down in COVID hell.

      That’s what you Aussie wankers get for surrendering your guns to the State. Enjoy your dystopian future.


      1. I’m an Arizonan, chacoara ๐Ÿ™‚
        Australia is taking all Afghan personnel and families that worked with them.
        Not to fear about AU and guns. It’s the biggest import they have right now. Lots of empty coast and lots of eager buyers. Most buyers are, sad to say, wannabe terrorists. Every mosque they raid, I was told, looks like an armory.


  2. New York (NYC). Jews are uncomfortable living next door to increasingly radicalized white men. The Afghans are foreigners already trained to provide ‘security services’ so they’ll surely be welcome neighbors. Cuomo has already made room for them!

    And we were going to wall off NYC anyway.

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    1. Good choice! Jew York Shitty being right next door to Jew Jersey means the Afghans can expand territory and inherit the crumbling remains of what was once the country’s most vibrant (in the non-contemporary meaning of the word) city, but from which all the productive, law-abiding citizens are now fleeing. If I were the USG I wouldn’t offer any relocation bennies or assistance to anyone wanting to leave. They’re certainly financially capable of getting themselves out of there. If they’re not, then it’s their own fault for having insisted on staying.

      Incidentally, think of the slore buffet in the Big Rotten Apple awaiting the arrival of sexually starved Afghan men.

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  3. Iโ€™m an Arizonan, chacoara

    Hey, neighbor! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Speaking of guns, I completed the Arizon DPS’s CCW class two weeks ago and am awaiting the permit’s arrival. Lots of good instruction and good info from it. I highly recommend taking the class even if you don’t plan on carrying regularly. Just having the knowledge alone (and access to some great support resources) is worth its weight in gold.


    1. Howdy, neighbor!
      Yeah, a deputy said it’s a good class. No, I don’t carry, at this time. But the little old lady across the street does. Most folks here do and most are preppers.
      How is the monsoon treating you? Nora is coming and she plans to blanket the state. It’s too late for the nopal, but the honey mesquite bloomed 3 times this year. That, not maize, was always queen of the gardens. I do need to replace strawberry plants. Only 2 survived summer. There was a man, a fellow vet, who was willing to sell in the fall. I need to find him. Best variety of tomatoes in the garden are Porter. They were bred for W. Texas summers, and do well here. Edge of Nowhere Farms, youtube, is pretty good on orchards. The couple is conservative. walk in His beauty


  4. If you are giving away states, how about a state where:
    – only net tax-payers get to vote
    – it is a criminal offense to advocate for any law that interferes with a man’s authority over his own family (forced schooling, CPS, theft via divorce courts)

    I think that’s a good start.

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  5. Tempted to say Minnesota. I kinda like that state but at the same time this sort of thing seems to be what they want.

    Vermont. The afghans can live off maple syrup.

    California since it’s hell anyway.


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