Putting A Moratorium On New Posts

Yesterday, while editing a new post, I made some changes to my original draft and then went to preview them. I immediately noticed that none of the changes had been saved, as nothing was showing in the draft preview window. Attempting to verify the new edits, I had the following message pop up in the WordPress post editor: “Updating failed. Sorry, you are not allowed to edit this post.”

This is the first time in the nearly 18 months of this blog’s existence that I have ever encountered such a message. I was editing what was one of those posts for which I amrather notorious, a post containing very politically incorrect thoughts and words, and this error message (highlighted in a scarlet text box, I might add) only made sense as a an attempt to censor what I was writing. This surprises me not at all, given WordPress’s burgeoning unsavory reputation for content censorship. Assuming that my surmise for the purpose of the error message is correct, I have made the decision to chuckit WordPress.com’s free hosting platform altogether. I haven’t decided yet what I will replace it with, but in the meantime I will be putting a moratorium on new posts on this blog until a suitable alternative platform is found. Leaving new content for even another day in WordPress’s hands is simply not acceptable under these circumstances.

Whatever new platform I choose I intend to keep the same URL (minus the WordPress domain) and title and I will migrate existing content over in order to maintain continuity. I intend to make it as easy as I can for my few followers to continue following me, but have decided that WordPress.com has GOT to go. Free and convenient is still too high a cost if it the product is speech control.

Published by feeriker

Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

3 thoughts on “Putting A Moratorium On New Posts

    1. Will do. My biggest frustration so far with most of the hosting options out there is that they all bundle WordPress into their packages, either as a CMS or website builder, and I want nothing to do with anything WordPress anymore. Most sites that offer alternative apps and plugins are pricier, so the search continues.


  1. This seems like a technical issue but I understand your hesitation. If WordPress.com found “objectionable” content I think they simply delete your blog. Take a backup in any case.

    WordPress.org software ie self hosting WordPress on your own domain and paid hosting should not be a problem re censorship. You’re fully in control of your database.

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