Join GOA In Supporting Kyle Rittenhouse

I got an email from Gun Owners of America (GOA, of which I’m a card-carrying member) yesterday urging both members and non-members to send a message of support (and congratulations, if the sentiment moves you) to Kyle in the wake of his acquittal on all five (spurious) charges that he faced. Further information and aContinue reading “Join GOA In Supporting Kyle Rittenhouse”

Why Not Make Them Fear US, Too?

By “them” I mean the judge and jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and by “us” I mean law-abiding Patriots who are determined to see justice done, to the extent that anything approaching justice is possible in this increasingly lawless, dystopian banana republic that was once the United States of America. Although we of courseContinue reading “Why Not Make Them Fear US, Too?”

Organic All The Way, From Now On

“They” can mess with a lot of things in their attempt to sicken/weaken/enslave/kill/destroy us, but messing with our food crosses a line that you just don’t cross. There was always reason to avoid the Frankengarbage food that the Globalists seek to slowly poison us with, but this latest stunt is the last straw. I haveContinue reading “Organic All The Way, From Now On”

Move Out of Illinois

That’s what Kyle Rittenhouse and his family need to do as soon as Kyle’s farce of a trial ends in his acquittal (and there is no other possible verdict, given the disgraceful prosecution’s lack of evidence and even greater lack of legal integrity). Watching Kyle’s mother Wendy, in a recent Fox News interview, it isContinue reading “Move Out of Illinois”

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