Spot On, No Matter How Uncomfortable It Makes Normies Feel

As my readers are well aware, I take issue with many of MBoI’s assertions and philosophical pillars, but he is spot on in the following quote (commentary on an article linked from here, in which an RT article highlights yet another act of anti-white apartheid by The Vampire State’s Zionist-controlled kleptoligarchy): The reality is thatContinue reading “Spot On, No Matter How Uncomfortable It Makes Normies Feel”

May The Courts –And The People– Jam THIS “Mandate” Up His Arse, Too

Brandon the Braindead must be bisexual, with a fetish for things anal. Why else would he contemplate this move after already having his previous mandates jammed by the courts where the sun doesn’t shine? That Brandon derives pleasure from such “penetrating” acts certainly shouldn’t surprise us in light of what we know of his otherContinue reading “May The Courts –And The People– Jam THIS “Mandate” Up His Arse, Too”

They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

I just came across this on YouTube. No doubt it’ll eventually be taken down under the pretext of “fat shaming,” “misogyny,” or some other excuse offered by triggered feminists, so enjoy it while you can. I wonder what it was like as a man to grow up in an era and in a society surroundedContinue reading “They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore”

Stop Arguing In Good Faith With People Who Have None!

Specifically, the corrupt, criminal stooges of the MPHIC whose goal is to get rich murdering people for bounty via injectable poison, not to save lives. I don’t argue with the assertion that this doctor is a hero, but she’s also disturbingly naive if she thinks that her opponents are interested in doing the right thing.Continue reading “Stop Arguing In Good Faith With People Who Have None!”

No, Vox, It Is NOT Because He Is a Boomer

Donald Trump, that is. MBoI comments on Alex Jones’ well-justified Christmas Day flaming of Trump over his recent amped-up Covid vaccine endorsements, stating that the reason for Trump’s behavior is due to his membership in the Boomer generation and all that this entails (i.e., faith and trust in the reigning Establishment). This is MBoI engagingContinue reading “No, Vox, It Is NOT Because He Is a Boomer”

Help Make This Go Viral

I can’t possibly be the first to have tried something like this, so why am I not seeing or hearing something similar after nearly two years of this despicable asshole’s destructive ramblings? In the same sense that Brain-dead Brandon has his own disparaging acronym (“Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated”), so, too, should the Mendacious MedicalContinue reading “Help Make This Go Viral”

Oh, Come On Now, You Can’t Possibly Be Surprised At This

One would think that adults of normal intelligence who have been living in bizzaro clown world for as long as we have would not only not be surprised by this, but would be wondering why it’s only now being raised as a concern. People need to remember that foreign invaders are precious lives to ourContinue reading “Oh, Come On Now, You Can’t Possibly Be Surprised At This”

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