The Vaxx Killed Them (But Of Course No One Will Admit It)

More than one observer in the blogosphere has noted that one can make a pretty accurate guess as to which celebrities who have recently taken a dirt nap died of the Davos Death Jab. The real tell, it is said, is either the refusal of MSM obituaries to provide any cause of death, or toContinue reading “The Vaxx Killed Them (But Of Course No One Will Admit It)”

For Once, They Did The Right Thing

The SCOTUS torpedoes Biden’s death jab mandate for private businesses of over 100 employees. Unfortunately, they still left the mandate in place for health care workers, but I think it’s too soon to call defeat on that. I’ll take victories wherever I can find them. Let us not get complacent. The Deep State is goingContinue reading “For Once, They Did The Right Thing”

This Is The Kind Of Article That Makes My Blood Boil

Not because of what it reports, although that certainly does fill me with righteous rage. What makes my blood boil is the faux naivete that seems to characterize almost all editorials published in “established” (oh hell, call them “mainstream”) opposition/alternative media. What I’m referring to here is the implication by alt-media commentators that the destructionContinue reading “This Is The Kind Of Article That Makes My Blood Boil”

Wny Not Indeed?

Eliminating the political “middle man” and putting the corporate kleptoligarchs’ hands directly on the levers of power that they already own would spare us from insufferable politicians while also providing refreshing honesty about how the world really works. Who knows, the shock of the truth might even awaken a few normies to reality and galvanizeContinue reading “Wny Not Indeed?”

Hell, They Lie As Easily As They Breathe Anyway

Apparently, the latest scam to become popular with the Amerislore guild is for single women in the SMP and MMP to lie about their Davos Death Jab status. Word has apparently gotten out that high-status pureblood single men who have refused to take the jab want nothing to do with any woman who has, forContinue reading “Hell, They Lie As Easily As They Breathe Anyway”

Vooting Don’t Work, Bruh

This man is certainly spot on in his assessment of Pelosi and the demonrat establishment and his heart and spirit are in the right place. Unfortunately, his solution to the infestation is traditional Amoricon: “voot the bastards out!” I find it horrifying that most normies STILL have not learned the lesson that was jammed upContinue reading “Vooting Don’t Work, Bruh”


Legendary American actress Betty White, the female counterpart to the seemingly indestructible and eternal comedian-actor George Burns, passed away on New Year’s Eve 2021 at the age of 99, just a little over two weeks short of her 100th birthday, for which she was apparently planning a come-one-come-all celebration. Disappointing and shocking, given her seeminglyContinue reading “Bummer!”

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