This Is The Kind Of Article That Makes My Blood Boil

Not because of what it reports, although that certainly does fill me with righteous rage. What makes my blood boil is the faux naivete that seems to characterize almost all editorials published in “established” (oh hell, call them “mainstream”) opposition/alternative media. What I’m referring to here is the implication by alt-media commentators that the destruction caused by the government-induced Covidiocy of the last two years is inadvertent as opposed to intentional. How anyone with even a lukewarm IQ, an ounce of self-respect, or respect for their audiences’ intelligence can even bring themselves to fake such a claim is beyond my comprehension. No one other than the truly brainwashed or agents of the Establishment itself would dare make such a claim after not only the events of the last 24 months, but in the face of the current doubling down on failure as well. If this is a case of the alternative media practicing a limited form of prior restraint due to fear of Deep State backlash, then we are in very big trouble indeed. The only other explanation that makes any sense is that these media outlets are controlled opposition, which certainly would not come as any surprise, but would give us reason to wage a new defensive form of information warfare.

Too many of us STILL do not realize that we are LITERALLY at war (albeit still, for the time being, a “soft/cold” one) and that the enemy is very much engaged in the act of misinforming, dividing, isolating, confusing, and disheartening us through its own brand of information warfare. It’s up to all of us who value truth and freedom to speak it to the world whenever and wherever we have the opportunity to do so, and also to expose liars, imposters, and moles masquerading as allies whenever and wherever they make their presence felt. This is spiritual warfare of the most intense kind, and wisdom and discernment are now more important than ever!

So to Joy Pullman (author of the linked Federalist article) and everyone else exposing the criminal Establishment’s malfeasance, lies, and propaganda, I urge you to WAKE UP and stop giving ANY benefit of the doubt to the enemy! They have demonstrated in unmistakably clear terms that they don’t deserve it. Your own credibility is at stake should you continue to give it to them, or fail to hold them fully accountable for the deliberate evil that they continue to perpetrate!

Published by feeriker

Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

3 thoughts on “This Is The Kind Of Article That Makes My Blood Boil

  1. Interesting mismatch between the article’s current title and the URL.

    URL: “the-people-who-brutalized-children-to-grab-emergency-powers-are-not-experts-theyre-evil”

    Title: “No, Those Who Pushed Lockdowns Can’t Hide From The Consequences Now”

    Somebody edited something.

    Meanwhile, the definition of ending the lockdowns is all the bureaucrats who were hired to administer the lockdowns, lose their jobs. No other definition is possible. Otherwise, they’ll just find another way to kill our freedom BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY WERE HIRED TO DO.


  2. Another mismatch:

    “Experts who knowingly allow mass child abuse because they don’t want to harm their careers are not experts, they are cowards. They deserve not one ounce of public trust or even to retain their jobs. They certainly should have no public funds nor authority over any portion of the upbringing of American children.”

    Judging from the URL, the boldfaced was also changed from “evil” to “cowards”.


    1. I hadn’t noticed those changes, but thanks for pointing them out. Given the Federalist’s status as “mainstream [i.e., faux] alternative media,” it’s not surprising that some coward on the editorial staff would change words that they thought would be potentially inflammatory and antagonistic to the Established Order. This is why I pay these publications scant attention.


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