For Once, They Did The Right Thing

The SCOTUS torpedoes Biden’s death jab mandate for private businesses of over 100 employees. Unfortunately, they still left the mandate in place for health care workers, but I think it’s too soon to call defeat on that. I’ll take victories wherever I can find them.

Let us not get complacent. The Deep State is going to continue to try to force this poisonous population control weapon on us by other means. Keep fighting the good fight with whatever weapons are left at your disposal!

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Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

7 thoughts on “For Once, They Did The Right Thing

  1. And, Cotton read a speech against getting rid of the filibuster and it was good. And came from schumer the jewish nazi, LOL. Sinema has been all for our side, for now. I hope she stays with us.


    1. Sinema has been all for our side, for now. I hope she stays with us.

      This is what has really floors me. When she and Kelly both became our Senators, the first thing I thought was “Oh, Gawd, Arizona is screwed!” But Sinema has shown both some amazing restraint and good sense, especially in the face of what has to be horrific persecution by her own party. I pray that she keeps it up. As party of a GOA campaign to block anti-2A legislation on the Senate floor I emailed her pleading with her not to suspend the filibuster. Here response (albeit formulaic) was actually quite thoughtful.


  2. I was happy to hear that good news, but also sorry that the mandate was dealt with separately for health care workers; I hope they can still challenge it.

    Up here, I’m not sure how many provinces have been able to force their health care workers to get jabbed, but I know Ontario and Quebec, our two biggest provinces in population, haven’t been able to do that; both have backed down, AFAIK, last I heard.


  3. This is great news! Unfortunately for me(for the time being), my status is still up in the air since it doesn’t apply to my line of work(federal contractor). We’ll see what happens.


    1. Like I said in the OP, this isn’t over, not by a long shot. Here’s a good brief breakdown of the pluses and minuses of this decision: (h/t Lew Rockwell).

      As the article points out, the SCOTUS did here what it nowadays does regularly and with impunity: ignore the constitutionality of a law to focus on the legal mechanics of its crafting. The ugly truth is that the SCOTUS holds nothing but contempt for the Constitution, especially the BoR. It’s a dead-letter document in terms of its ability to protect the citizenry from government overreach. The “nasty nine” issue pseudo-legal, pseudo-constitutional judicial fiats from the bench rather than doing what is their one and only job: rendering a decision on a specific law based solely on whether or not it comports with the clear wording and meaning of the Constitution.

      I don’t see any outcome other than 1) a complete rejection of any decision by this compromised, corrupt body, and 2) mass civil disobedience to its unconstitutional rulings.


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