Geriatric Adultolescence

Did the elderly of past generations who lived to such an unusually advanced age celebrate their centennials like this? I didn’t think so, either. I guess this is how even those born in saner eras past eventually begin to behave once the degeneracy of the culture of the age in which they conclude their livesContinue reading “Geriatric Adultolescence”

Switzerland Cuts Its Own Throat

In a time-and-space-rendingly shortsighted and idiotic move, Switzerland has jumped on the Russia sanctions bandwagon, tossing aside its centuries-old policy of neutrality. I won’t offer any additional comment, except to say that by abandoning the last vestiges of its neutrality policy with this act, Helvetia has rendered itself irrelevant on the world stage. Who hasContinue reading “Switzerland Cuts Its Own Throat”


That is the most polite adjective I can come up with to describe moronic pieces of sh!+ like this clown who are lauded as “military experts” by the Langley-controlled MSM when it comes to justifying the Empire’s Wars du Jour. Gullible, troop-loving 30 Percenters among the Amoricon public worship PoS like this guy, but othersContinue reading “Disgraceful”

That Would Be A Resounding “Yes”

Martin Armstrong asks “do we have complete blind idiots in charge of the West?” Purely rhetorical, of course, but at this point no one can be blamed for succumbing to frustration and rage at the absolutely dangerous levels of stupidity characterizing what now passes for “leadership” across the Western world. All evidence in front ofContinue reading “That Would Be A Resounding “Yes””

FauxNews Turns Into FarceNews (UPDATED, Sunday, February 27, 2022)

This certainly should not be surprising to anyone, given that they’re a known Langley-controlled asset, but they’re now indistinguishable from CNN and MSNBC on the subject of the Russo-Ukrainian War. This is a snapshot in time of their home page as of 00:30 on Sunday, February 27, 2022. Same Langley-developed anti-Russian hysteria and propaganda beingContinue reading “FauxNews Turns Into FarceNews (UPDATED, Sunday, February 27, 2022)”

Single Mothers Are Lethal To Children: Example No. 4,367

This case is only a few days old, but it fits a horrifyingly common pattern of our times: single mother of toddler and her boyfriend kill her child, then dump the little body like a piece of discarded trash in a remote location. Drugs and other crime are usually always involved, at least at theContinue reading “Single Mothers Are Lethal To Children: Example No. 4,367”

It Should Have Happened 30 Years Ago

If there is a silver lining to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it is that it has proved the utter corruption, impotence, incompetence, and uselessness of the obscenely expensive and pointless white elephant called NATO. It has never really been anything other than a front for the western Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Security Complex to loot the western world’s taxpayersContinue reading “It Should Have Happened 30 Years Ago”

A January 6 Redux? Why A Trucker Freedom Convoy To The National Capital Is A Bad Idea

Now that the Canadian trucker freedom protest has apparently been fully quashed by Fidel Castro, Jr.’s colectivo army, their American brethren are apparently about to head off to Rome-on-the-Potomac to stage their own production to coincide with Brain-dead Brandon’s March 1st State of the union address. Up until a few hours ago I was allContinue reading “A January 6 Redux? Why A Trucker Freedom Convoy To The National Capital Is A Bad Idea”

Is Vladimir Putin Following Ronald Reagan’s Strategy?

This afternoon Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia is extending official recognition to the breakaway Donbass republics, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). Additionally, Russia is dispatching peacekeeping troops to both republics in order to dissuade the Ukrainian army from continuing its offensive attacks against the two republics. Needless toContinue reading “Is Vladimir Putin Following Ronald Reagan’s Strategy?”

Does Dr. Joe Know How Much Awesome Power He Has?

Apparently Dr. Joe Mercola is a god among physicians. At least that’s what the Director of the NIH, Dr. Francis “Fake Born-again Christian” Collins thinks. It emerges that Dr. Joe is singlehandedly responsible for the continuation of the Covid (non-)pandemic by spreading “disinformation” (i.e., truth treatments against the Establishment’s propaganda and lies). It is clearContinue reading “Does Dr. Joe Know How Much Awesome Power He Has?”

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