Let The Global “Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth” Begin

Chickens are already beginning to come home to roost as a result of the massive numbers of gullible, compliant morons around the world who took the Davos Death Jab under pressure from their overlords. This report cited by Vox Day concerns stats from Australia (oh, those brave, plucky folks Down Undah and their ferocious, courageousContinue reading “Let The Global “Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth” Begin”

THIS Is Why So Much Of The World Despises Christianity

Not because of the message of the Gospels and the Epistles of the rest of the New Testament. Not because most Christians emulate Jesus in the way they live their daily lives. Not because Christians are trying to force their beliefs and lifestyles onto others. No, the World hates Christians and Christianity because of abominationsContinue reading “THIS Is Why So Much Of The World Despises Christianity”

Another Example Of America’s Structural Collapse

A primary campaign race in Pennsylvania between an Establishment Republican and a divided loyalty immigrant American for a soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat is still in limbo almost a week after the primary election, with only about 1,600 votes difference between the two candidates. Why is it taking so damned long to resolve this issue? HowContinue reading “Another Example Of America’s Structural Collapse”

By Now It Should Be Obvious To Anyone Paying Any Attention Whatsoever

Posted in the “Political Theater” section of this weekend’s LewRockwell.com: “Writes John Frahm: “How is this new thing anything but planned BioWarfare by the billionaire predator class against the global general populace?  That’s what the so called elites are.  Neofeudalist Malthusians.  That’s the predator class.  Anything else is mythology to support the narrative. “ Indeed, afterContinue reading “By Now It Should Be Obvious To Anyone Paying Any Attention Whatsoever”

Branding And Marketing Your Stupidity

Finland is apparently an enthusiastic new competitor in the bid to become “Europe’s Laughingstock,” competing with such champion countries as Britain, France, Greece, Norway, and its neighbor, Sweden. In what can probably be considered (or will very soon be considered) an “Advertising Your ‘L’s” move (appropriate for a country governed by estrogen, no?), a FinnishContinue reading “Branding And Marketing Your Stupidity”

Why Doesn’t He Do It RIGHT NOW?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is running as a Republican for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania in today’s Primary Election, promises to give up his Turkish citizenship if he wins the Senate seat. Why not do it right now in order to prove his loyalty to his adopted nation? A better question is, why hasn’t heContinue reading “Why Doesn’t He Do It RIGHT NOW?”

Women Starting Wars

That would be the two estrogen vessels “governing” Finland and Sweden. Both long-neutral countries’ have made the ultimate moron’s choice to join NATO, clearly for the sole purpose of being able to poke and tease the neighboring Russian Bear with what they stupidly think will be impunity. One wonders with what did the U. S.Continue reading “Women Starting Wars”

Why Not Hijack Shipments Of Baby Formula Headed South To The Border?

Apparently the Vandal (a.k.a. Brandon) Administration is shipping massive amounts of baby formula down to the southern border to dole out to illegal aliens and their spawn while American parents face shortages and unavailability. Let’s revive a long-defunct practice, something at which La Cosa Nostra, among other such “enterprises,” was once expert: hijacking trucks. TheContinue reading “Why Not Hijack Shipments Of Baby Formula Headed South To The Border?”

None Of The Above, Or Their System

Having just perused the media, mainstream and alternative, I see that the political vultures are out of hibernation and preparing for November’s (fake) election. One thing that all the candidates for all offices in all states seem to have in common is that –surprise, surprise– they’re all career politicians. No, thank you. We don’t needContinue reading “None Of The Above, Or Their System”

The Agonized Screams Of Proggies Will Be Music To The Ears

How this escaped my notice earlier in the week I cannot say, but Florida Governor Ron DeSantis once again strikes a blow against the cancerous Left. His latest move in ridding Florida’s public schools of the Marxist poison that infects them has been to sign a bill last Monday, May 9, mandating that Florida’s publicContinue reading “The Agonized Screams Of Proggies Will Be Music To The Ears”

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