Let’em Burn Dog Shit

Western Europeans, that is. The people who thought they could poke the Russian Bear in the eye and still expect the Bear to play nice with them, in this case by continuing to sell them the natural gas on which they’re completely dependent. We ordinarily call such people “retarded children.” The Russian Bear might considerContinue reading “Let’em Burn Dog Shit”

Another Flavor Of Cuck

I’ve always felt a visceral loathing for men who pedestalize their wives who have careers that are MEN’S careers. Like this guy. He might as well castrate himself and crazy glue his severed genitalia onto his wife, since she’s obviously the one with the balls in that marriage. Sorry to be crass and graphic, butContinue reading “Another Flavor Of Cuck”

Satan Will Repent First

One of the two reasons I continue to maintain my LinkedIn account is because it has helped me land my current and previous two jobs. The other is for the humor in the editorializing. Although woke as a hungry baby at 2:00 in the morning, one can never say that LinkedIn’s cadre of contributing writersContinue reading “Satan Will Repent First”

Posting May Become Sporadic For A While

I currently find myself in a situation that almost all of us with living parents will eventually find ourselves in: that of becoming guardian of an aging parent in declining physical and mental health. Many of you probably saw your own parents go through this with your grandparents and could see the strain, the worry,Continue reading “Posting May Become Sporadic For A While”

“Celebrating ‘Pride Month'”

How does one obtain a list of local businesses who are engaging in this abomination so that one can avoid them? Or perhaps a more realistic question would be: is there a list of businesses that are NOT doing it that one can direct one’s money toward? Just askin’ fer a friend.

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