“Celebrating ‘Pride Month'”

How does one obtain a list of local businesses who are engaging in this abomination so that one can avoid them? Or perhaps a more realistic question would be: is there a list of businesses that are NOT doing it that one can direct one’s money toward?

Just askin’ fer a friend.

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Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

8 thoughts on ““Celebrating ‘Pride Month'”

    1. I have to believe that there a whoollllle lottuvus out here who are sick of this nonsense and just haven’t reached breaking point yet. For me that will come on the day when a deviant tries to forcefully “evangelize” their perverse lifestyle. It’ll be the last thing they ever do.


      1. We’re seeing that day by day as more news comes out. Like I told local American Indians, a vote for the dnc is a curse on the people. It means they approve of nazism and hitler despised us as much as he did Jews.

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  1. Last June my annoyingly woke employer sent me a “Pride Month” letter suggesting that I become an ally to the most abominable sorts of sexual deviants. As with all that type of crap, I replied back confronting them and that time I also carbon copied the CEO of our 18,000 employee company. FWIW, It would be messy for them legally to fire me. Here is an excerpt from my response:

    [This email] seems to be an act of hostility against the vast majority of us here across XXXXXX’s various facilities who do not believe it is appropriate that sexual immorality of deviant kinds should be promoted by the same business that we are working to help succeed. Please stop pushing this immorality on us. It is not inspiring to the majority of us. (and “inspiration” is one of our stated corporate values) These emails attacking the longstanding clearly held beliefs of so many of the world’s largest religions, openly indicate your desire to create a hostile working environment for those of us of faith, and I do not like being discriminated against on the basis of my faith. Be advised, that I will consider any further emails of this type to be additional acts in a pattern of provocation against my faith. Please reconsider sending out these unnecessary, divisive, and offensive emails in the future.

    I’m not going to hold my breath, but so far I have not gotten a “Pride Month” email yet this year.

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    1. I wonder if we can take legal action against employers or businesses that attempt to coerce us into “celebrating” something that is an abomination to our faith. My gut feeling on that is that it depends on what your “faith” is. If we were Moo-slums or Jooz, then the courts would be all ears. As Christians? They would probably dismiss the suit as frivolous, with prejudice.


      1. Not Jews. The liberals are mocking Israel, again, and favoring terrorists. Yes, employers can be sued for harassment.


    2. Call them rapists. A 19-year-old black dude met a woman on-line who was a total hottie. He arranged a meeting. she took him to her apartment and he got head. Later, he found she was a tran and confronted the man in the apartment. the man told him he’d prove he was a woman and took him to the bedroom. He kept the lights off, then tried to stab the kid. The kid punched him in the head 5 times to make him stop, then had to kick him as he ran out of the apartment. The tran died, and the kid was arrested for 2nd murder. The judge stated the kid was fighting for his life and declared a not guilty decree. THIS IS A FIRST, that a judge would side with a normal person. People know this is nazism, the WOKE and so on, and are rattling their chains and fighting back. The Jungen came out of the Vogul Jungen, a gay youth rights group headed by a violent pedophile, Ernst Rohm. hitler made him head of the Jungen. Many of the Gestapo had belonged to the Vogel Jungen and you know their rep for evil.


  2. “How does one obtain a list of local businesses who are engaging in this abomination so that one can avoid them?”

    In Commiefornia, they usually put helpful signs in the front window or popups on their webpage. Not unlike the BLM advocates putting signs in their front yards. “This house is blacktivist. We believe in Saint Floyd of Fentanyl and grooming kids for the New World Order and we want the world to know it!”

    *GunnerQ quietly marks address in Google Earth*

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