Another Flavor Of Cuck

I’ve always felt a visceral loathing for men who pedestalize their wives who have careers that are MEN’S careers. Like this guy. He might as well castrate himself and crazy glue his severed genitalia onto his wife, since she’s obviously the one with the balls in that marriage.

Sorry to be crass and graphic, but there is entirely too much of this shit going on today. It’s especially repulsive and infuriating to see this going on in the military, as is the case with this cuck’s wife. The very LAST thing a military force needs is women in the senior ranks, whether officers or NCOs, if it is to be a combat ready and combat capable force. The U.S. military today is neither. While that’s a good thing, given the disastrous and dysfunctional anarcho-tyranny that it represents and serves, having married women in dominant roles intended for men is a disaster not only for military combat readiness, or commercial business efficiency, but for marriages as well.

While I do not know this guy or his wife, I have known many couples like them and their marriages were almost never happy ones. A half dozen of them ended in divorce after the man-wannabe wife had an affair with an alpha male who was senior to her within the organization. “Kitchen bitch” husbands are NOT attractive to Type A career women. I hope I’m wrong, but I see John being in for a very nasty surprise down the road at some point.

I’m sure there are some of you guys out there with certain fetishes that make you attracted to SIWs. To each his own, but I will admit to NEVER understanding how it’s possible. In any case, it clearly violates God’s established order for the two sexes, which is why such marriages are usually frought with tension and dysfunction. Women who want to be CEO, Commanding Officer, or Command Segeant Major/Master Chief not only have renounced their God-given roles as women, they lack respect for any man they believe is beneath them. That’s probably you, especially if you’re her husband and she outearns or outranks you. Play it safe, guys, and stay away from these women. Your self-respect will be eternally grateful. John in the linked article apparently has none.

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Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

13 thoughts on “Another Flavor Of Cuck

    1. Sorry, Will. My bad. I had linked to a LinkedIn post that arrived in my feed yesterday in which some guy was all aglow that his wife had been made Command Sergeant Major of some U.S. Army Command. I found that when I included the link directly, it contained inks to all of my LinkedIn profile info – and thus a doxxer’s treasure trove. I’m still trying to create a link that doesn’t automatically include any of my info, but that might not be possible with LinkedIn. I’ll keep trying.


  1. I agree, yet in some ways don’t. Yes, men and women each have a nitch, but the nitch also overflows. Traditionally women were healers, teachers, even (older women) judges. Men took over those places. We want our women to have a good profession to fall back on if widowed or the husband is badly injured. We’re partners, for better or worse as the contract states. In ag, men and women are co-owners. Trucking, many women are co-drivers or even go independent. I do not want a woman next to me on a battlefield, but as a nurse or doctor, excellent. My youngest is Navy and an LT. She loves it but wants to find someone and start a family. As it is, she said the men are not her equal because they tend to let her win. that, she hates. In a race or shooting range, she’s well taught and demands respect. That’s how we raised the kids. niio


  2. Yes, any woman outside of the home is the mark of a physical/spiritual harlot (Pr 7:11). Woe to the fathers who raise such women, woe to the husbands who chose to marry them. Whatever she does, no matter how much it contributes to society (doctor, engineer, lawyer, soldier, et al.), it is ALL a failure to fulfill her prescribed role in creation.

    It is a life lived of the scenario when you tell a child to take a bath, and you return to find they cleaned their room instead. It is all disobedience. All of it.


    But I will do you one better..

    Not too many moons ago, I met a late 20-something mild hottie (7ish done up, classic girl-next-door). Super sweet, super feminine, ‘Christian’. Everything. Long hair, no tats, the whole 9.

    During dialogue, found out she has a child. ‘But wait!’ says she, ‘I’m a virgin’. How? Well, see, her motherly instincts were so overbearing that she volunteered at orphanages and decided to go through the whole process of adoption while being a single woman. How NOBLE of her!

    So here she is, looking for a man to support her, and her child.. which is not even hers! It is one thing to take on a single mother, but at least that child carries her DNA. This.. this is the Final Boss level of cuckery. A package deal that itself is a package deal.

    One literally cannot get more clown world that this. Pinnacle.

    I pulled a Swayze.

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  3. I was going to say well done, but it is sad that only the commenters here a a few other men around the nation would agree with what you wrote.
    Then I was taken back by Red. He must be here because he is in agreement, but I feel hopeless because he put a fish sticker on a divorce-insurance action plan. Then is proud his daughter wants to compete and beat men, just as he raised her. If that’s my side, then we are doomed. I don’t see it okay, just because she wants to br married. I must be missing part of the story though because I think you meant to say you agree that the OP is right and that your military daughter who wants to beat men is different than the woman in the OP, but I wasn’t able to see the difference. How is your daughter different? She doesn’t want to be high ranking?
    If so, why not? She’d have more money in case something happened to her husband and would be a better helper.

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    1. surfL: My daughter is an LT in Navy. She loves this nation and loves being part of the defense, just as Lozen defended her people, like female ancestors did. My culture is not your culture. Women are expected to find the best, most macho man they can find. Not an unbathed creep on a bike, but a man. Someone bright and eager to be a father, a husband, clean and with h0onor, a redneck. Strong women raise strong sons. Mom told us when we went military, come home with your shield or on it. I told mine the same, and it goes for the girls, as well.

      We’re American Indians and the dems said, remove or relocate. Dad used to say, nice of them to let us relocate instead of ‘remove’ but there’s no place left to go. Y’all do not want to be a ‘skin anyplace, anywhere, but the US. This is all we have left but the grave and the dnc would prefer that. Hitler hated us, and anything Hitler hated, the dnc is eager to do.


    1. Ray: then you want your kids to starve, to move into drugs and crime. We gave that up when we quit being wannabe europeans and went back to being Americans.


      1. You should be old enough now to know to keep your mouth closed about things you do not understand.


      2. How fortunate you came to me! I have a long history of manuscript research and am an editor. If I’m wrong, I don’t get paid. You need to stop threatening people because it makes all of us look like castrati. How liberal are you to do that? Move t Mexico. The PRI needs you to stop my kin down there from buying weapons.


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