Patriotic Americans Should No Longer Celebrate The Fourth Of July

I stopped celebrating America’s Independence Day nearly two decades ago, as the realization of just how far from its foundational roots what passes for the United States of America has strayed hit me hard enough to be rob me of any residual patriotic sentiment. For all the good intentions of the Founders (and the more I read about them, the less well-intentioned I believe many of them to have been), the country they built for us, their posterity, is not the nation we have today. Rather than offer my own explanation, I’ll let others more eloquent than I am do it for me.

From Paul Craig Roberts:

Something to Think About on the Fourth of July: The Democrats and the FBI Have Nazified America

From the late Harry Brown (1933-2006), onetime chairman of the Libertarian Party and arguably its last uncompromised presidential candidate:

Uncelebrating The Fourth

From the late Dr. Gary North (1942-2022), economic historian and esteemed libertarian scholar and commentator:

The American Revolution Was a Mistake

Another work from Dr. Gary North, one that dives into the act of criminal deceit that was the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Convened for the sole purpose of amending –NOT replacing— the Articles of Confederation, its organizers ignored the scope of its charter, committing an act of perfidy that sowed the seeds of the big-government tyranny we live under today. A MUST READ!:

Conspiracy In Philadelphia

These are just four key offerings that explain my antipathy towards “Independence Day” celebrations. There are many others available in a similar vein, by authors of diverse political persuasions, so feel free to seek out more of offerings on this contrarian perspective. Meanwhile, I hope I live long enough to see the emergence of at least a fragment of the (former) USA that retains its core ideals and puts them into practice. That will be an Independence Day I could get on board with celebrating.

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Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

2 thoughts on “Patriotic Americans Should No Longer Celebrate The Fourth Of July

  1. So how does a patriotic American who loves his land, his heritage, and his people but not the Imperium, observe the 4th?

    Is it a day of mourning, or a day to celebrate the good that remains, to get together with friends and/or family and enjoy a day off work, or is it a day for prayer with similarly-minded reactionary, patriotic Christian friends / family?

    I understand where you’re coming from, and I feel similarly disappointed in modern-day Canada, what it’s become, and I mourn the loss of the old Canada I knew growing up, but I am still, personally, able to celebrate my patria on July 1 without celebrating what it has transmogrified into. I make a point of ignoring most of the official celebrations, and doing my own thing with family and friends, as much as possible.

    But I don’t judge anyone, from any country, who can’t do so any longer, in light of all that’s happened; I get it, completely.

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    1. I wish I knew what the answer is, Will. I, too, want to celebrate the best of what this country is all about, but I can’t figure out how to separate good from the bad. Maybe this serves as a firm of punishment for those of us who perhaps didn’t do enough to stop the spread of the rot.


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