Now They Are Reaching The Era Of The Comeuppance

MBoI cites a quote by his wife, “Spacebunny,” in his latest post that makes the self-evident observation that women and “gamma” males are the ultimate denialists and rationalizers. Maybe he’s married to a unicorn (I’m sure MBoI believes so), but the quote seems far too self-aware to have originated from a woman. In any case the point it makes is spot on. However, I think the flaw in lumping women in with gamma males is that while gamma males, by dint of their being biologically male, usually in some way pay for their emotional and behavioral attributes, this has not been the case with women.

Most women, no matter how repulsive their personalities, are able to survive and support themselves by weaponizing their sex. This can take the form of essentially threatening their way into jobs or promotions (“you didn’t hire/promote me because I’m a woman! DISCRIMINATION!” or “I’m going to report you to HR for harrassment or assault if you don’t hire me/promote me!”), or by hooking a thirsty delta male wallet who puts a ring on her, regretting it until his dying day, but providing her with a meal ticket that without the current Sexual Marketplace (SMP) and legal environment would be next to impossible.

Things are changing, however. More and more men have had the Red Pill forced down their throats/administered as a suppository over the last decade. More and more non-gamma males are making conscious efforts to AVOID interactions with women on every level, the toxicity of the modern western (particularly Anglophone North American) woman now being too obvious to either ignore or mitigate. Continuing down their current (and naturally hardwired) path of contentiousness, wrecklessness, denial, and irresponsibility is going to guarantee that most of them end up “wine-bibbing, pill-popping, cat-hugging spinsters.” The impending economic collapse (which WILL happen, despite the current respite provided by post-COVIDCON, inflation-abetted “growth”) will drive the final nail into the coffin of the unrestrained, feral western female.

Gamma males, on the other hand, will continue to just be gamma males, at least for the immediate future. Depending on how dire the Collapse becomes, many if not most of them will either go the way of unattached women, or will suddenly find their “man cards” and undergo a complete change in personality in the face of harsh reality. Only time and events will tell. In any event, Spacebunny’s “revelation” is no doubt already causing a backlash amongst the butthurt of both sexes. Truth, however, has a way of asserting itself and immunizing itself from denial and assault, no matter how unpleasant. It will be fascinating, if quite sad, to see what forms this truth manifests in the months and years to come.

Published by feeriker

Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

2 thoughts on “Now They Are Reaching The Era Of The Comeuppance

  1. Here is the quote

    Women and gamma males are the ultimate rationalizing creatures. Instead of attempting to improve themselves and make themselves more attractive, they double down on what makes them unpleasant and repellent, attempting to drag others down to their level. Nothing is ever their fault. As the saying goes, if no one likes and wants to be around you, it’s probably not everyone else with the problem….. Most will never learn and will die alone and bitter because of their choices.

    People do it because they can mostly get away with it. And because they don’t know how to change the dynamic, as it has become a habit from long ago. In reality, the habit should have been broken long ago


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