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Reason No. 1,789,931 Not To Join Or Stay In The U.S. Military (But Thank God There Are Still Some Patriots Inside)

In what should be an unsurprising development to anyone who has followed the totalitarian implosion of our federal government, the Gestapo (a.k.a. FBI/DoJ) is now attempting to recruit domestic spies from within the ranks of the U.S. armed forces. The linked article contains two reports, one of an attempt to recruit a highly decorated and seasoned Senior Army Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and the other the attempt to coerce a Marine Corps recruit at Parris Island, South Carolina just as he was about to begin his basic training. Both attempts failed miserably, thank the Lord, but the fallout for both men was severe. In particular, the young recruit, Paul Kaltenbach, has seen his Marine Corps career aborted before it even started due to federal chicanery (said chicanery directly added and abetted, it should be pointed out, by the Commanding General of Marine Corps Station Parris Island, South Carolina, without the knowledge of Kaltenbach’s chain of command). He probably doesn’t realize it now, but the fedscum did him a favor. There is simply no place in the armed forces today for true patriots who hold dear the nation’s founding values. Kaltenbach will realize in good time how fortunate he was and how kind fate has been to him.

As for the fedscum attempting to imitate their Stasi forbears, they seem not realize that their tactics reek of desperation. Indeed, anyone serving the alphabet agency crime syndicates has marked themselves and will suffer accordingly once the reaction comes. May that day be soon, because there is only so much more tyranny that can be tolerated.

Published by feeriker

Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

3 thoughts on “Reason No. 1,789,931 Not To Join Or Stay In The U.S. Military (But Thank God There Are Still Some Patriots Inside)

  1. Currently reading Aberration in the Heartland of the Real. Book about OKC bombing. Hard to know the truth, but McVeigh may have been similarly recruited in the military. I suspect this isn’t new, sadly.

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    1. Welcome, Don!

      Yes, I agree. Recruiting vulnerable and impressionable soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to do Uncle Scum’s dirty work has a long history. If we are to believe certain historical sources, Lee Harvey Oswald was another such victim. If McVey was one, he too was a patsy who paid for his “service” with his life while his handlers, as usual, escaped scot-free.

      It would behoove anyone considering stoogehood for the Regime to consider the plight of these two individuals. I’m sure there have been many others whose names are less renowned.


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