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Well, DUH (Again)

How could this possibly be news or a surprise to anyone with a functioning brain stem who has been paying attention for the last seven years? (H/T Lew Rockwell)

As I commented elsewhere recently, Americans suffer from an addiction called “elections,” an addiction worse and more destructive than that of heroin or alcohol. It’s also a key ritual in the failed civic religion called “Democracy” that most of them worship more ardently than they do the God of Abraham and His Son.

Will the majority wake up and finally foresake the nonsense? Maybe once things collapse into complete anarcho-nihilism, by which point it will be too late. But in the immediate term I would count on nothing changing and the status quo of Charlie Brown attempting to kick Lucy’s football continuing. At some point in history when God was creating human heads, he ran out of bone, brain, and flesh by the time he got to Americans and had to use granite instead.

Published by feeriker

Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

4 thoughts on “Well, DUH (Again)

  1. Never! My people call politics our second religion. It’s sinful to gossip about people, but OK to gossip about dog, cats, bears, and liberals.


  2. Politics is increasingly a silly sideshow that has little meaning for people’s every day lives. Nothing changes, nothing has ever changed. Reagan didn’t change anything, the Bushes didn’t, Trump didn’t. The slow march leftward continues, until some hard reset happens (and it will happen, just not predictably and not for a long time). I don’t want it, I probably won’t live to see it. But it will happen, even as our grandchildren are carted off to Babylon and slavery.

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    1. I think voting is just copium/hopium for the masses. Most know, at least on a visceral level, that they’re engaging in what is really just “political masturbation.” But it gives them an illusion of control that, to at least a small extent, dulls the pain of the realization that they have ZE-RO control of or influence over the machinery of government.

      Voting is a very unproductive use of their time and energy, but the only meaningful alternative involves actually doing something non-political to bring about change. This is of course extremely risky and dangerous, something the normie class has no stomach for. Thus political masturbation to take the edge off, while allowing them to claim that they “did something.”

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