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Yet Another Reason To Dislike (And Distrust) Elon

The ticket-taking, two-faced billionaire doesn’t like people working from home. It’s not fair, says the current pretend owner of the Deep State enterprise called Twitter, that people who are service workers can’t work from home while the “laptop class,” as he calls them, can. Apparently when you can pretend to be one of the richest men in the world (even though the “Shadow People” are the real owners of your money and just let you play with it – as long as you play their game), you become sufficiently hubristic to not care what comes out of your mouth, no matter how ridiculously juvenile, crass, or nonsensical it sounds. Sane people would think that Elon’s latest utterance is something that came from a 12-year-old Middle Schooler, not a grown man who runs multi-billion-dollar (government subsidized) corporations. But Elon has always pretty much demonstrated a complete lack of concern for the world’s opinion of him.

So why do Elon’s knickers get in a wad over telecommuting? Why is this his current pet peeve? Apparently he has no real respect for tech workers who aren’t “grunts” (i.e., whose jobs require physical presence at a facility, such as network engineers or server administrators). This despite the fact that the “laptop classes,” as he so disparagingly labels them, have made key contributions to his overhyped electric automobile and his not-ready-for-prime-flight spacecraft. I think we can also safely say that it wasn’t the “laptop classes” who were behind Tesla’s phoenix-like batteries, or his space Edsels’ tendency to blow up shortly after launch. Those, methinks, were both the creations of engineers who did all their work in Elon’s sacred office and factory spaces. Maybe he should have asked THEM to work from home.

Anyway, read the linked article, if you can stand it. We know that Elon’s a pothead and methinks he toked up some before going on his rant. It certainly doesn’t make much sense unless you’re stoned. And as for the “not fair” part, I have to ask: did anybody put guns to the heads of the people he thinks have been wronged, forcing them to choose careers that don’t lend themselves to remote work? I didn’t think so. Grow up, Elon.


Published by feeriker

Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason To Dislike (And Distrust) Elon

  1. Elon is the ultimate telecommuter. Over the past decade, he has spent precious little time in any particular office or factory at the MULTIPLE major corporations he pretends to run. Someone tracked his private jet movements over a several year period. Suffice it to say, the myth of him sleeping on factory floors was just that, a myth. Oh, I’m sure he did it once or twice, but he definitely didn’t put in a lot of face time at ANY of his various jobs. In fact, he chose a primary residence near Hollywood, outside of commuting distance from any Tesla offices or factories. He would occasionally FLY to work, lol, but he definitely wasn’t at work often!

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  2. Elon is the ultimate telecommuter.

    He’s also the ultimate hypocrite (not that he’d care if that were waved in his face). It just amazes me that anyone takes anything he says at face value.

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  3. I like Elon, yet, kudos to you, will never trust him. He thumbed his nose at liberals and a cattle call went up and herds of conservatives stampeded to his side. Like the sign on the armory door said, In God we trust, all others use hand recites. niio


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