Yes, It’s Obvious That America Is Under Divine Judgment

I’m certainly no fan of Rod Dreher, but the “stopped clock” aphorism applies to him as much as it does to anyone else who is consistently wrong about most things. I have no idea if Dreher’s account here (H/T Vox Day) is true, or if it’s a work of creative allegorical fiction. Either way, it’sContinue reading “Yes, It’s Obvious That America Is Under Divine Judgment”

Another Major Reason Why “Medical Tourism” Abroad Will Explode

I lost faith in this country’s perverse monstrosity of a “health care system” decades ago, back when it was merely grotesquely expensive, narcotics-happy, and incompetent. Now that it has turned murderous, and with criminal travesties like this becoming routine occurrences, I am convinced that only a suicidal fool would entrust it with their life. I’mContinue reading “Another Major Reason Why “Medical Tourism” Abroad Will Explode”

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

It’s not hard to figure out. (Hint: it’s summarized by a pronoun). Am I the only one who sees the irony of the face of a “conservative” political movement supposedly representing a backlash against “Progressivism” being no different from the face of Proggie governments now infecting so much of Western Europe? Go home, Giorgia, backContinue reading “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

What If The Entire World Finally Says “FUCK YOU!”?

It probably will if this happens, especially here in the collapsing GAE. There is always that one little straw that finally breaks the camel’s back. Some very big and heavy straws have been piled onto the camel lately, so there is a better than average chance of this being the last and most destructive one,Continue reading “What If The Entire World Finally Says “FUCK YOU!”?”

Don’t Make Yourself A Target For These People

Appearing on TV shows like this one is counterproductive for a Christian reactionary. The producers and the audience are implacably hostile toward you, they are not debating you in good faith, and are attempting to set you up for humiliation and compromise. More importantly, you will change ZE-RO minds by making an appearance and puttingContinue reading “Don’t Make Yourself A Target For These People”

Betty Windsor’s Failed Reign

As the world mourns the passing of the second Elizabeth after a 70-year reign, one must also take stock of what that reign accomplished. Anyone who respects British history, power, and tradition can only conclude that her reign was, overall, a catastrophic failure, ultimately to be redeemed by history only when compared to what willContinue reading “Betty Windsor’s Failed Reign”

The Cash Of The Future (Post-Collapse)?

I hadn’t heard of these until very recently, but they seem to me to be a solid and sound way of reintroducing specie currency back into the economy. I’ve been buying small amounts of precious metal coinage each month (mostly silver, as it’s the most affordable at the moment) for the last several months, andContinue reading “The Cash Of The Future (Post-Collapse)?”

Now That The People Of Wyoming Have Handed Lizzie Cheney Her Arse …

… are the Deep State Neocon Republicans going to close ranks with the other half of the uniparty to destroy (what remains of) the election process? The Establishment is taking a well-earned thrashing wherever they dare let Us The People have a voice or access to any kind of weapon. They don’t seem to beContinue reading “Now That The People Of Wyoming Have Handed Lizzie Cheney Her Arse …”

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