THIS Is Why So Much Of The World Despises Christianity

Not because of the message of the Gospels and the Epistles of the rest of the New Testament. Not because most Christians emulate Jesus in the way they live their daily lives. Not because Christians are trying to force their beliefs and lifestyles onto others. No, the World hates Christians and Christianity because of abominationsContinue reading “THIS Is Why So Much Of The World Despises Christianity”

American Pastors Haven’t Had “Man Stuff” For A Couple Of Generations

Chuck Baldwin compares Canada’s brave truckers to America’s cowardly, candy-ass “pastors.” It’s not only in comparison with truckers that those spineless grifters fail miserably in the man department, but with any men with real, productive jobs in the real world, many of whom put themselves in harm’s way every day. Self-righteous grifters being incapable ofContinue reading “American Pastors Haven’t Had “Man Stuff” For A Couple Of Generations”

A Blessing, Not A Curse

Most readers of this article, to the extent that they would believe its premise at all (even though the evidence of it is punching them in the nose and kicking them in the crotch), would see it as calamity. The idea that the church as an institution, as it is currently structured and as itContinue reading “A Blessing, Not A Curse”

Yes, YOUR Church’s “Leadership” Will Soon Follow Suit

Anti-Pope Bergoglio, the “cleric” everyone loves to hate, has, as everyone by now knows, decided to finally tear off the mask and come right out and endorse same-sex marriage. Although he’s still not quite prepared yet to force the Catholic Church to bless the practice (he was careful to demand specific recognition only of civilContinue reading “Yes, YOUR Church’s “Leadership” Will Soon Follow Suit”

Even “Godly and Submissive” Wives Still Succumb to the Curse of Eve

The most obvious response to the title of this post is a “well, DUH!,” but I just read what I think is an egregious example of it over at The Transformed Wife. I would not normally expect that site to be a source of such, so I believe that it merits attention. I know thatContinue reading “Even “Godly and Submissive” Wives Still Succumb to the Curse of Eve”

Why Don’t Men Go To Church Anymore?

Wintery Knight has just posted this excellent analysis of why men are abandoning what can only be described as “churchian franchises.” Although this has been an ongoing trend for the last few decades, I believe that another recent contribution to the trend that has further accelerated it has been the church’s less-than-valiant-and-scriptural reaction to theContinue reading “Why Don’t Men Go To Church Anymore?”

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