It’s past time for such a hashtag (for those who “do” Twitter, anyway, I not being one of them) to become popular. This tragic incident in France pretty much demands it. #BelieveHer gained popularity without any justification whatsoever, so even in today’s clown world this new hashtag should go viral, since justice still hasn’t beenContinue reading “#DontBelieveThem”

If This Is Real, He’s Probably Been Fired

But if so, I hope to God some alt-right news organization picks him up. British news anchor loses it over “diversity.” Again, I have no idea whether or not this is an act of masterful trolling, but I LOVE this guy’s rant (NB: VERY adult language). I wouldn’t have put it any more politely myself,Continue reading “If This Is Real, He’s Probably Been Fired”

Yes, It’s Beautiful, But It’s Also Now Irrelevant

Over at the LewRockwell.com Blog, regular contributor Charles Burris comments on the beauty of Kate Smith’s classic rendition of God Bless America (you can check out the YouTube video of her performance here). I certainly won’t argue with the merits of his praise in artistic terms. Miss Smith’s rendition of this uniquely American song isContinue reading “Yes, It’s Beautiful, But It’s Also Now Irrelevant”

Another Superbowl Sunday Has Passed

And this erstwhile sportsball fan could not possibly care less, even if someone were to hold a loaded pistol to his head and force him into it. Of so little concern was yesterday’s evento del año that I woke up this morning having no idea who won and not being the least bit upset atContinue reading “Another Superbowl Sunday Has Passed”

“The Worst Year Ever?” For Our Weakened And Decadent Society, It Probably Is – For Now

Charles Hugh Smith, in his latest contribution to Of Two Minds, takes issue with TIME magazine’s assertion, per its latest issue’s title, that this year, as it draws to a close, was the “worst year ever” for human civilization. Justifiably mocking the current generation’s solipsistic lack of historical perspective, he lists a series of catastrophicContinue reading ““The Worst Year Ever?” For Our Weakened And Decadent Society, It Probably Is – For Now”

Requiescet In Pace, Alex

A tiny corner of my world, one admittedly long neglected, has suffered a loss. For fans of TV game shows, a legend has passed away. Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy for the last 36 years, died this morning at the age of 80 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. I’m not a big fanContinue reading “Requiescet In Pace, Alex”

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