Don’t Make Yourself A Target For These People

Appearing on TV shows like this one is counterproductive for a Christian reactionary. The producers and the audience are implacably hostile toward you, they are not debating you in good faith, and are attempting to set you up for humiliation and compromise. More importantly, you will change ZE-RO minds by making an appearance and puttingContinue reading “Don’t Make Yourself A Target For These People”

“Celebrating ‘Pride Month'”

How does one obtain a list of local businesses who are engaging in this abomination so that one can avoid them? Or perhaps a more realistic question would be: is there a list of businesses that are NOT doing it that one can direct one’s money toward? Just askin’ fer a friend.

Skank Ho Slore Stripper And Single Mother Goes Sex Touristing In Africa, Pays With Her Life

We’ll probably be seeing many more stories like this one as feral Amerislores continue to take advantage of the accelerating unraveling of the country’s social fabric. The media coverage of course wants us to feel sorry for this creature and see her as a victim. No. The real victims are her three children who wereContinue reading “Skank Ho Slore Stripper And Single Mother Goes Sex Touristing In Africa, Pays With Her Life”

Geriatric Adultolescence

Did the elderly of past generations who lived to such an unusually advanced age celebrate their centennials like this? I didn’t think so, either. I guess this is how even those born in saner eras past eventually begin to behave once the degeneracy of the culture of the age in which they conclude their livesContinue reading “Geriatric Adultolescence”

Hell, They Lie As Easily As They Breathe Anyway

Apparently, the latest scam to become popular with the Amerislore guild is for single women in the SMP and MMP to lie about their Davos Death Jab status. Word has apparently gotten out that high-status pureblood single men who have refused to take the jab want nothing to do with any woman who has, forContinue reading “Hell, They Lie As Easily As They Breathe Anyway”

Spot On, No Matter How Uncomfortable It Makes Normies Feel

As my readers are well aware, I take issue with many of MBoI’s assertions and philosophical pillars, but he is spot on in the following quote (commentary on an article linked from here, in which an RT article highlights yet another act of anti-white apartheid by The Vampire State’s Zionist-controlled kleptoligarchy): The reality is thatContinue reading “Spot On, No Matter How Uncomfortable It Makes Normies Feel”

What Happens When Girls Are Raised By Single Mothers

I stumbled across this on YouTube earlier today. It’s 13 years old and from Australia, but it’s a scenario all too painfully common across the Anglosphere. Not only have these scenarios not changed in over a decade, but things have gotten much worse and such scenarios much more commonplace as society–and along with it theContinue reading “What Happens When Girls Are Raised By Single Mothers”

A Very Encouraging Sign

I attended my grandson’s high school graduation ceremony in Kentucky yesterday afternoon “virtually” (much as I wanted to be there in person, life wouldn’t allow it). It’s a small-to-medium-sized evangelical Christian school in a major Kentucky city and there were 22 graduates, including my grandson. I very much appreciate the school livestreaming the ceremony forContinue reading “A Very Encouraging Sign”

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