Latest False Flag Perp Conforms To The Template

I’m surprised that the Biden Regime waited for over two months after seizing power to stage its first False Flag operation. Yesterday’s supermarket shoot-up in Boulder, Colorado was unremarkable in every way, at least based on the information we have so far. Lone shooter, crowded public venue, and, most typically, the “perfect patsy” suspect. ThisContinue reading “Latest False Flag Perp Conforms To The Template”

Is This Good Or Bad?

Many “dittoheads” are no doubt still in mourning over the passing of their savior, Rush Limbaugh, who most will tell you is simply irreplaceable. Apparently Westwood One, the media corporation that hosted Limbaugh’s radio show, disagrees. Or if they agree, it’s less important to them than replacing him with someone at least marginally comparable toContinue reading “Is This Good Or Bad?”

Bring Them To Washington!

The migrants, that is. ALL of them. The ones flooding the Southern Border in overwhelming numbers. Bring them to Washington, to Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s doorstep. Let them cross the border, then immediately put them on trains and buses and send them straight to Rome-on-the-Potomac. All one point whatever-odd million of them supposedly headedContinue reading “Bring Them To Washington!”

Dare I See A Glimmer Of Hope In The Midst Of Travesty?

To precisely no one’s surprise, our braindead meat puppet of a faux president has gone through with his threat to give legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens already within U.S. borders, and will no doubt welcome hundreds of thousands more in order to confer the same unlawful and unearned “gift” upon themContinue reading “Dare I See A Glimmer Of Hope In The Midst Of Travesty?”

SenilePedoPerv Joe On COVID Relief Legislation

It is an expression of the Cabal’s undisguised contempt for both us, the Deplorables, AND their own puppet stooge that they let him in front of a news camera to make an incoherent moron of himself. This is the Cabal’s way of raising their middle finger at us and letting us know that it noContinue reading “SenilePedoPerv Joe On COVID Relief Legislation”

More Fuel For Secession

Joe Biden –or, more accurately, the Cabal that is his Globalist puppetmaster– is hellbent on destroying what remains of the United States of America. Not by merely opening up the country’s southern border, but officially welcoming the invaders. This is merely their latest weapon in advancing that goal. What I find incredible is that theContinue reading “More Fuel For Secession”

C’mon, Folks, You All Know He’s A Selfish Prick

Ted Cruz, that is. Like ALL of his kind. I’m getting really irritated at the outrage directed at him over his vacation to sunny Cancun as his constituents back home in Texas slowly freeze to death. As if 1) he could possibly do anything useful to help correct the problem, 2) he cares enough aboutContinue reading “C’mon, Folks, You All Know He’s A Selfish Prick”

Newsmax Shows Its True “Fake News” Colors

This (thank you, Lew Rockwell, for the link) might be disappointing or enraging, but it should NOT come as any surprise. A quick glance at the names of Newsmax’s founding investors reveals a list of Swamp Creatures that should have immediately dispelled any notion that Newsmax is an independent and objective (i.e., real) news organ.Continue reading “Newsmax Shows Its True “Fake News” Colors”

A Psalm For Our Current Situation

Thanks to Becky Akers at Psalms 10 (KJV): 1Why standest thou afar off, O Lord? why hidest thou thyself in times of trouble? 2The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined. 3For the wicked boasteth of his heart’s desire, and blesseth theContinue reading “A Psalm For Our Current Situation”

No, He Hasn’t Caved Or Cucked – Not Yet, At Least

The blackpilling has certainly amped up considerably in the wake of yesterday’s events, culminating in President Trump’s appeal to his followers to withdraw from Capitol Hill. It reached a sort of peak (for now) early this morning in the wake of the release of Trump’s “orderly transition of power” statement. It would appear that mostContinue reading “No, He Hasn’t Caved Or Cucked – Not Yet, At Least”

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