Poll: Should the new $20 bill feature Harriet Tubman?

The opinion poll bearing this title was linked from an article this morning in the online Western Journal, and of course my initial, visceral reaction was to vote “HELL, NO!” if that had been a response option. But then I started thinking: why NOT Harriet Tubman? Heck, why not RuPaul, or one of the Kardashians,Continue reading “Poll: Should the new $20 bill feature Harriet Tubman?”

A Christmas Free Of Materialism

If there’s one very bright and beautiful silver lining to the dark cloud of COVIDIOCY-aggravated economic depression in which we currently find ourselves, it’s that more people than ever no longer have money to waste on crap that nobody wants or needs. May this year’s non-materialistic Christmas open some hearts and eyes to what ChristmasContinue reading “A Christmas Free Of Materialism”

I Really Hope That This is the Beginning of the End

Of the tyranny and dysfunction in Venezuela, that is. This morning my wife, who continues to remain stranded in a collapsing Venezuela, forwarded this email from a Venezuelan lawyer who has decided that enough is enough, he’s mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore, and is hoping to shame enough of hisContinue reading “I Really Hope That This is the Beginning of the End”

This Guy Is A Moron (Well, Of Course; He’s Governor of Arizona)

This shouldn’t surprise me, or anyone else, especially coming from a spineless RINO marionette who has let everyone walk all over him.  My immediate question for Dougie is if he’s going to reimburse restaurant owners for the lost revenue that will result from complying with his idiotic fiat.  On the other hand, I’ve made noContinue reading “This Guy Is A Moron (Well, Of Course; He’s Governor of Arizona)”

Good! May This Trend Continue and Lead to the Inevitable Economic Result

This is what happens to businesses that treat their customers like cattle –diseased cattle, specifically.   No one with any self-respect will spend a dime of their money in a place that disrespects them, particularly if the basis for the disrespect is a self-evident fraud.  It is heartwarming to see that there are apparently larger numbersContinue reading “Good! May This Trend Continue and Lead to the Inevitable Economic Result”

Good For The Airlines!

Hey, it’s a start. Everyone loves to hate the U.S.’s domestic airlines, especially American Airlines, and for good reason.  But at least they’re making a visible stand against the prevailing Covidiocy – because they have to if they want to remain profitable, and thus stay in business.  Lots of empty seats on flights represent unsustainable losses.Continue reading “Good For The Airlines!”

An Open Letter to “Subcontinental” Tech Recruiters

This is an open-letter rant directed at job recruiters for the IT field who are of …*ahem* … “Subcontinental” origin. If you are not in the IT field, are not looking for new job opportunities, or do not appreciate the use of harsh words directed at people of non-European origin, then you might want toContinue reading “An Open Letter to “Subcontinental” Tech Recruiters”

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