Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

A special shout out to my fellow Protestants of Ulster Scots ancestry. I haven’t been out yet today, but when I do go out I plan to don a shirt similar to this one (but minus the clover). Sadly, the history and symbolism behind the color is so little known here in the U.S. thatContinue reading “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!”

Mensa Boy of Italy Is Full of Shit

Of course you already knew that. Specifically, in the latest instance that demonstrates this always painfully obvious fact, he has apparently reversed, or perhaps never actually bothered to enforce, his ban on “Blackpillers” and “defeatists” imposed on January 20 while in the throes of one of his periodic hissy fits that characterize the “Gamma males”Continue reading “Mensa Boy of Italy Is Full of Shit”

Happy New Year 2021

Let us hope and pray that the Lord shares with us His infinite mercy and grants us His Peace in this coming year. Although I cannot on my own be optimistic that this year will be an improvement over last year, I ask the Lord to grant all those who love and obey Him HisContinue reading “Happy New Year 2021”

Has Anyone Else Noticed …

… the paucity of Christmas decorations in public so far this year? I don’t know if it’s a “local thing” here in the desert Southwest, but it’s after the first of December and almost NO retail stores have put up Christmas decorations of ANY kind. These are usually up well before Thanksgiving! To my knowledgeContinue reading “Has Anyone Else Noticed …”

The World Should Be So Fortunate

Pictured above: Globalist criminal against humanity and general megalomaniac Bill Gates as he is placed under arrest by a federal SWAT team on a variety of felony criminal charges. Included in the arrest warrant is an INTERPOL warrant issued jointly on behalf of nearly a dozen sub-Saharan African nations charging Gates with murder and attemptedContinue reading “The World Should Be So Fortunate”

Blogroll Update 11/15/20

This time a deletion. I have decided to remove Bruce Schneier’s Schneier on Security link from the Blogroll in the wake of this recent article on the site. This article, in addition to a review of Schneier’s current academic and business affiliations, has led me to make the determination that he is no longer anContinue reading “Blogroll Update 11/15/20”

Van Morrison: Anti-COVIDIOCY Warrior

I’ve been living in a proverbial cave on the moon for several years where the music world is concerned, but it appears that Rock ‘n Roll Legend Van Morrison is at war with the prevailing Covidiocy. Over the summer Morrison has released two songs protesting the current lockdowns and other COVID-related nonsense and says heContinue reading “Van Morrison: Anti-COVIDIOCY Warrior”

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