Inheritance Sucks

Counter-intuitive as the title statement is, it becomes nightmarishly true when you’re trying to settle a loved one’s estate. This isn’t news to anyone who has been there, but if it is the first time (for me and my brother it is), the process is both daunting and infuriating. I’m thoroughy convinced that the State,Continue reading “Inheritance Sucks”

Posting May Become Sporadic For A While

I currently find myself in a situation that almost all of us with living parents will eventually find ourselves in: that of becoming guardian of an aging parent in declining physical and mental health. Many of you probably saw your own parents go through this with your grandparents and could see the strain, the worry,Continue reading “Posting May Become Sporadic For A While”

Another Example Of America’s Structural Collapse

A primary campaign race in Pennsylvania between an Establishment Republican and a divided loyalty immigrant American for a soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat is still in limbo almost a week after the primary election, with only about 1,600 votes difference between the two candidates. Why is it taking so damned long to resolve this issue? HowContinue reading “Another Example Of America’s Structural Collapse”

By Now It Should Be Obvious To Anyone Paying Any Attention Whatsoever

Posted in the “Political Theater” section of this weekend’s “Writes John Frahm: “How is this new thing anything but planned BioWarfare by the billionaire predator class against the global general populace?  That’s what the so called elites are.  Neofeudalist Malthusians.  That’s the predator class.  Anything else is mythology to support the narrative. “ Indeed, afterContinue reading “By Now It Should Be Obvious To Anyone Paying Any Attention Whatsoever”

Somebody Please Talk Some Sense Into This Kid

In eras gone by, when the United States of America was a country of generally honorable and decent people with a unified sense of nationhood and purpose, in a time when the founding principles of the nation were burned into the heart of every American and upheld as sacred law, then what this young manContinue reading “Somebody Please Talk Some Sense Into This Kid”

Great Idea, But Who In The Public Schools Is Qualified To Teach Any Of It?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis last month signed into law a bill that would require Florida high school students to complete a final literacy course prior to graduation. As sensible of an idea as this is, it begs a pair of questions. The first is, why are parents not teaching their children the skills necessary forContinue reading “Great Idea, But Who In The Public Schools Is Qualified To Teach Any Of It?”

New Default Search Engine

As Vox points out, given that DuckDuckGo (or, as I now tag it, FuckFuckNo) has rendered itself irrelevant by going woke, it’s time to kick it to the curb. I’ve decided to make Yandex my default search engine, due to the fact that 1) it gives me better performance and more search results, and 2)Continue reading “New Default Search Engine”

The Ramblings Of An Inbred Moron

He gives Brandon a run for his money in the “Open My Mouth And Something Stupid Is Certain To Come Out Of It” department. Unlike Brandon, however, he can plausibly claim centuries of inbreeding as the culprit. Here he delivers a soupçon of the Globalist Puppetmasters’ official dogma on climate change, sounding no more intelligentContinue reading “The Ramblings Of An Inbred Moron”

Taking Down My Profile And Canceling My Account

I will NEVER need a job so desperately that I rely on an organization this woke to lead me to one (have had resumes on their site for eight years and never once has it led to anything gainful). See this (note the Ukraine Solidarity bullshit) and, more egregiously, this (there’s another even more egregiouslyContinue reading “Taking Down My Profile And Canceling My Account”

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