Time To Start Open Carrying, Everywhere And Always

I would like to say that this jaw-droppingly boneheaded and blatantly wrong decision by the ever-out-of-control 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (San Francisco-based, of course) constitutes the proverbial “last straw.” I know better, however, because the Left is just getting warmed up. Well, so are We The People. It’s obvious that the People ofContinue reading “Time To Start Open Carrying, Everywhere And Always”

More Fuel For Secession

Joe Biden –or, more accurately, the Cabal that is his Globalist puppetmaster– is hellbent on destroying what remains of the United States of America. Not by merely opening up the country’s southern border, but officially welcoming the invaders. This is merely their latest weapon in advancing that goal. What I find incredible is that theContinue reading “More Fuel For Secession”

Dysfunctional As We Are, We Still Managed To Do The Right Thing

It comes as no real surprise, given this state’s culture and heritage, but it’s official: the Arizona House of Representatives has just passed a bill that nullifies Senilepedoperv Joe’s gun control measures. They really had no choice, and neither does the Arizona Senate but to concur. Stupid and corrupt as this state’s politicians are (jaw-droppinglyContinue reading “Dysfunctional As We Are, We Still Managed To Do The Right Thing”

“Antipresident Biden?”

Why not? If popes who have seized the Throne of Saint Peter through fraud, trickery, murder, or other forms of subterfuge or criminality can be referred to as “antipopes,” then why can U.S. presidents who have seized illegitimate power by the same means not be labeled “antipresidents?” Admittedly and obviously the papacy has a muchContinue reading ““Antipresident Biden?””

The Closest MBoI Will Ever Come To Admitting He Was Played

I really shouldn’t be give the guy unmerited attention, but the appearance of this was always inevitable at some point, even though he all but swore he would never even think such vile thoughts. Most of us figured the truth out no later than January 20, 2021. Apparently some people, though, have delicate egos thatContinue reading “The Closest MBoI Will Ever Come To Admitting He Was Played”

No, He Hasn’t Caved Or Cucked – Not Yet, At Least

The blackpilling has certainly amped up considerably in the wake of yesterday’s events, culminating in President Trump’s appeal to his followers to withdraw from Capitol Hill. It reached a sort of peak (for now) early this morning in the wake of the release of Trump’s “orderly transition of power” statement. It would appear that mostContinue reading “No, He Hasn’t Caved Or Cucked – Not Yet, At Least”

Swamp Creatures Gonna Be Swamp Creatures

Senate Majority Leader (for now) Mitch McConnell, oblivious to the fact that his political career is rapidly coming to an end (and he had better hope and pray that his career is all that comes to an end), continues to double down on his disdain for both the American People and the man they standContinue reading “Swamp Creatures Gonna Be Swamp Creatures”

Ties That Bind: Does The Cabal Also Control The USA’s Governors And Mayors?

I’m certainly not the first to notice, but the alacrity and determination with which multiple governors of U.S. states and mayors of major U.S. cities have implemented COVIDIOCY measures with iron fists over the last 10 months has been astonishing, in both its uniformity and timing. Certainly no one seriously believes nowadays that these wereContinue reading “Ties That Bind: Does The Cabal Also Control The USA’s Governors And Mayors?”

Hot Air, Pissing In The Wind, And A Complete Waste of Time

I’ll start off by saying that I’ll cut Pastor Chuck Baldwin a little slack here. He and his co-plaintiffs filed a lawsuit last Thursday against the Governor of Montana over his unlawful COVIDIOCY policies. They did this literally just one day before the U.S. Supreme Court announced, in stentorian fashion, to the entire nation howContinue reading “Hot Air, Pissing In The Wind, And A Complete Waste of Time”

“It Will Take A Revolution To Overthrow The Corrupt Establishment That Rules America”

Yes, of course it will, and it is appearing more and more likely with each passing day that the treasonous traitors that President Trump has been saddled with are going to make that inevitable. While he has had an annoying tendency of late to join the doom-and-gloomers (it might be because his advancing age isContinue reading ““It Will Take A Revolution To Overthrow The Corrupt Establishment That Rules America””

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