It’s past time for such a hashtag (for those who “do” Twitter, anyway, I not being one of them) to become popular. This tragic incident in France pretty much demands it. #BelieveHer gained popularity without any justification whatsoever, so even in today’s clown world this new hashtag should go viral, since justice still hasn’t been outlawed (yet). Apply it to lying Muzzies, lying Zionists, Marxists, feminists, queers, SJWs of all stripes, politicians, corporate kleptoligarchs, and any other godless rabble that use lying and deceit as weapons and who practice both as easily as they breathe. The ubiquity of the hashtag just MIGHT harness the energies of enough of what is left of the sane world to have soemthing of a positive impact. Expose lies everywhere for what they are.

Dare I See A Glimmer Of Hope In The Midst Of Travesty?

To precisely no one’s surprise, our braindead meat puppet of a faux president has gone through with his threat to give legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens already within U.S. borders, and will no doubt welcome hundreds of thousands more in order to confer the same unlawful and unearned “gift” upon them for the purpose of abetting the destruction of the nation he and his puppetmasters hate. I don’t need to tell anyone how I feel about this, but may I be permitted a bit of selfishness here, however wrong it is?

I note the following paragraphs from the linked article:

The administration announced Monday that it is granting what is known as Temporary Protected Status to illegal immigrants from Venezuela, according to a teleconference transcript released by the White House.

Temporary Protected Status will allow those who register with the federal government to legally remain in the country through September 2022. Administration officials who briefed the media about the policy said that TPS could be renewed, but no decision about that has been made.

Officials briefing the media estimated that around 320,000 illegal immigrants would be covered by the Biden administration action.

A Department of Homeland Security release on the DHS website said TPS was granted “due to extraordinary and temporary conditions in Venezuela that prevent nationals from returning safely, including a complex humanitarian crisis marked by widespread hunger and malnutrition, a growing influence and presence of non-state armed groups, repression, and a crumbling infrastructure.”

“The living conditions in Venezuela reveal a country in turmoil, unable to protect its own citizens,” Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas said in the statement. “It is in times of extraordinary and temporary circumstances like these that the United States steps forward to support eligible Venezuelan nationals already present here, while their home country seeks to right itself out of the current crises.”

I’ve explained my wife’s situation in previous blog posts, so I won’t rehash them here. Granted, this extract from the article refers specifically to Venezuelan refugees and current asylum seekers already in the U.S., but given my wife’s current status (Green Card holder trapped in Venezuela whose Green Card has expired due to her inability to return to the U.S. due to conditions beyond her control), will this help her get back home once she is able to leave Venezuela? Or will our “white privilege” (hers and mine, both) be seen as grounds to single her out for “special treatment?” Is there any way to even guess what will happen?

I really, REALLY hate to see silver linings in any of the evil chaos that the current puppet regime is visiting upon us, but this just might be a glimmer of hope amid the storm that seems to continue without letup. I realize that God already knows what is going to happen, that He is in full control, and that I should not be obsessing over what I cannot control. However, I do wonder if this one of those rare instances where small pearl of good can be found in the midst of poisonous evil. Hopefully prayer and continued patience will soon reveal the answer.

SenilePedoPerv Joe On COVID Relief Legislation

It is an expression of the Cabal’s undisguised contempt for both us, the Deplorables, AND their own puppet stooge that they let him in front of a news camera to make an incoherent moron of himself. This is the Cabal’s way of raising their middle finger at us and letting us know that it no longer even matters to them how credible their puppet is. My only question is how much longer even the Left-libtards are going to allow themselves to be insulted by this nonsense.

More Fuel For Secession

Joe Biden –or, more accurately, the Cabal that is his Globalist puppetmaster– is hellbent on destroying what remains of the United States of America. Not by merely opening up the country’s southern border, but officially welcoming the invaders. This is merely their latest weapon in advancing that goal.

What I find incredible is that the sources cited in the linked article, all of them government officials, elected or appointed, of long standing appear to be shocked and surprised at this development, rather than recognize it as the inevitable fruits of their own longstanding apathy and inaction. I am especially surprised (and a bit annoyed) at the reaction of Congresscreatures Henry Cuellar (D) of Texas and James Comer (R) of Kentucky, both of whom have expressed alarm and anger at these developments despite their having been in a position to prevent it in the first place. Their impotent raging at the Biden Administration’s overreach merely confirms to this observer that Congress has become what the Roman Senate was for most of the history of Rome as an Empire: an impotent club of powerless debators who rage at Caesar’s reckless power moves while making no serious efforts to stop them. Small wonder that more than one Roman Emperor (Caligula and Nero being two prominent examples) took violent action against them to neutralize their influence, realizing that they were too impotent and disunited to muster up any popular opposition and fight back. This is exactly where the crumbling USSA is today. A puppet Globalist Executive under the control of foreign powers has been installed and already making its malevolence felt. Yet the corrupt, effete, self-centered powers in an ideal position to neutralize it will do no such thing. It should be obvious to even the most clueless of the “normies” by now that their career political class consists of mercenaries fighting for their own self-interests and self-aggrandizement and who could not care less about even the existence of ordinary Americans, much less their interests. It should be dawning on ALL of these normies right about now that “the system” is NOT going to fix what is broken, and that if they hope to bring back any degree of stability and sanity at all to their society, it is going to be up to THEM to make it happen, no one else.

Whether “Normie” America will do this remains to be seen. My own belief is that most are still under the power of Bread and Circuses, that they are not yet suffering intolerably to the point where an armed, coordinated uprising is on the horizon. That is what it will take to not only stanch the flow of foreign invaders, but to reverse the trend altogether. This means treating agents of the federal government, especially the Department of Hopeless Stupidity (sorry, but that has been my name for them since their poisonous inception two decades ago) as the enemy that they are. Organizations like the Minute Men Project are going to have to revitalize themselves, with the realization that their targets will not only be illegal aliens crossing the border, but agents of the corrupt state that seeks to aid and abet their invasion. This will require a degree of committment to the cause of not merely national integrity, but societal integrity as well. Indeed, the idea of preserving the United States of America at this stage is pointless. There is no national unity anymore. The focus should be on preserving at the local level the ideals of the nation’s founding, based on a moral foundation of law and order. These will never again manifest themselves within the United States of America as we have always known them. Rather, they should be incorporated as foundational into whatever political entities arise out of the US[S]A’s ruins.

I have no idea where all of this will lead, but in observing the life around me, I believe that it might be too late by the time a majority wakes up to the danger. I pray that I am wrong here, but if the past is any indication of the future, it will take unimaginable agony for the majority to wake up and do what is right. May God preserve those whom He intends to preserve through what lies ahead.

Dysfunctional As We Are, We Still Managed To Do The Right Thing

It comes as no real surprise, given this state’s culture and heritage, but it’s official: the Arizona House of Representatives has just passed a bill that nullifies Senilepedoperv Joe’s gun control measures. They really had no choice, and neither does the Arizona Senate but to concur. Stupid and corrupt as this state’s politicians are (jaw-droppingly so, in fact), even they know better than to mess with our guns. Any move that even hints at a Second Amendment infringement here will rouse a slumbering giant to wrath, and that’s something that the political class here knows better than to provoke. They’re already skating on wafer-thin ice now.

So all we need to do now is await the State Senate’s passage of the bill, which is pretty much a given (any Senator stupid enough to vote against it has pretty much dealt his or her political career a death blow). What this state –and every other– REALLY needs to do is boot federal law enforcement out of the state. Measures to prevent them from enforcing unconstitutional laws within the state would be a good start (as Colorado and Washington did with marijuana legalization). In any case, Senilepedoperv Joe might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for those of us who love freedom. He’s such a disaster and so flagrant in his overreach that the states will have no choice but to assert themselves and reclaim their rights again. May God speed this process.

If This Is Real, He’s Probably Been Fired

But if so, I hope to God some alt-right news organization picks him up.

British news anchor loses it over “diversity.” Again, I have no idea whether or not this is an act of masterful trolling, but I LOVE this guy’s rant (NB: VERY adult language). I wouldn’t have put it any more politely myself, either, given the subject matter.

(Thanks to Lew Rockwell and the LRC Blog for the link.)

“Antipresident Biden?”

Why not? If popes who have seized the Throne of Saint Peter through fraud, trickery, murder, or other forms of subterfuge or criminality can be referred to as “antipopes,” then why can U.S. presidents who have seized illegitimate power by the same means not be labeled “antipresidents?” Admittedly and obviously the papacy has a much longer history in this regard than the American republic, but the same general characteristics apply to an illegitimate head of any organization. “Antipresident Biden” has a definitely appealing ring to it, wouldn’t you say?

This embarrassing and horrifying video segment of the train wreck that is Puppet-in-Chief “Antipresident Biden” should serve as a convincing argument for how appropriate the title is. No wonder they won’t let him make a State of the Union address.

Just some food for thought.

The Closest MBoI Will Ever Come To Admitting He Was Played

I really shouldn’t be give the guy unmerited attention, but the appearance of this was always inevitable at some point, even though he all but swore he would never even think such vile thoughts. Most of us figured the truth out no later than January 20, 2021. Apparently some people, though, have delicate egos that aren’t amenable to admitting to the purchases of expensive bills of goods.

Yes, many of us put misplaced faith in Donald Trump, mostly out of a feeling of desperation for the restoration of our hijacked nation. But most of us also tempered that misplaced faith with a realistic knowledge of who and what Donald J. Trump was, is, and always will be. Few of us were delusional enough to seriously subscribe to Mensa Boy of Italy’s tag of Trump as “God Emperor.” But then again, what else would we expect from a failed, megalomaniac Science Fiction publisher who is an expert at reflexively projecting his own Gammatude onto anyone who dares to disagree with him (especially over matters in which he is clearly ill-informed)?

Yes, I still blog roll him because he actually manages to provide astute and relevant observations of both current events and our ongoing civilizational collapse on a frequent basis. Still, I can’t imagine the mental and logical gymnastics he’s now forced into to restore his shattered credibility after putting his entire and irreplaceable stock of eggs in the Trump basket. It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for him.

Yes, It’s Beautiful, But It’s Also Now Irrelevant

Over at the LewRockwell.com Blog, regular contributor Charles Burris comments on the beauty of Kate Smith’s classic rendition of God Bless America (you can check out the YouTube video of her performance here). I certainly won’t argue with the merits of his praise in artistic terms. Miss Smith’s rendition of this uniquely American song is clearly heartfelt, technically flawless, and a genuine expression of the patriotism genuinely felt by nearly every American at the time. However, it is a secular hymn that now best belongs in the distant past to a now-extinct faith, the artifact of not only a different time, but an entirely different nation that for all practical purposes no longer exists.

It is true that God Bless America has waxed and waned in popularity since Israel Beilin (better known by his nom de plume Irving Berlin) composed it in 1938 and Smith performed its first recording soon thereafter. It saw its most recent –and most unfortunate– revival in late 2001 in the wake of the September 11, 2001 series of false flag attacks on U.S. soil and became a staple of sporting events as part of the American Deep State’s cynical and manipulative efforts to keep ovine jingoist state worship masquerading as patriotism at fever-pitch levels. It was this grotesque misuse of the song that defiled it for many of us. The heartfelt ode to all things genuinely American (freedom, the natural beauty of the land, etc.) had been co-opted by Globalist politicians who hated and sought the destruction of the very things the song extolled. The mouth-breathing morons who dutifully stood at rapt attention in the stands during the Seventh Inning Stretch or at Halftime and who dutifully repeated the lyrics projected on the jumbotrons clearly gave no thought whatsoever to the meaning of the song, nor did almost any of them compare its message to the emerging dystopia they were living in, one that would have made the singing of a song like God Bless America an exercise in Clown World absurdity for any thinking population.

But our population is not one consisting in the main of thinkers, which is why no one of any prominence publicly lamented the abuse of a patriotic American standard to advance a decidedly un-American agenda. In describing the America of the late 1930s, Burris states that:

“[t]hose were the days when even Hollywood was patriotic, and it meant everything in one’s inner most being to treasure and embrace being an American, and her legacy of liberty enlightening the world.”

True as that statement is, we cannot also forget that Hollywood and its associated media outlets were then, are now, and always have been tools of the governing Powers That Be in molding public opinion, as well as in defining what “patriotism” means – as defined by the narrow and selfish interest of said Powers That Be. At the time of God Bless America’s debut, TPTB were engaged in an international power struggle in which they sought to wrest global economic and military dominance from the hands of European nations (Britain, France, and later Germany) and into the USA’s hands. There was also the unpleasant matter of the Great Depression. Still ongoing after a decade and still hammering average Americans mercilessly, this event that was largely caused by the same PTB seeking global socioeconomic dominance had done more than any other event to sow doubts about America and its leadership in the people’s hearts and minds (membership in the Communist Party of the United States of America [CPUSA] had surged to its greatest levels ever during the Great Depression). This wavering faith in America, and by extension its governing institutions, represented a direct threat to TPTB and had to be fought by any means possible. Hollywood, along with “Tin Pan Alley” (of which Berlin was one of the most renowned composers),was enlisted to wage the ideological War of the Patriotic Arts.” God Bless America turned out to be one of most successful artistic weapons deployed in this war, probably to everyone’s surprise, not least of all Berlin’s. One wonders how long the song’s initial wave of popularity would have lasted if World War II had not been launched (a Godsend to TPTB) and thus America lifted out of the Great Depression.

Burris ends his homily to God Bless America by urging his readers to “[h]onor that spirit, honor that legacy, honor America and her noble future under freedom and under God.” Unfortunately, I cannot view such an exhortation as anything other than a call to worship the dead. While I admire Burris’s faith in the idea that the reverence for America’s founding ideals as embodied by the song can be reclaimed, I am not so optimistic. The America that existed at the time of this song’s debut no longer exists today, at least not on the scale or in the form that it existed up until that time and for a couple of decades after America’s emergence from World War II. More than a half century of internal subversion of the country’s foundational ideals has created a population that finds the sentiments expressed in the song to be corny or quaint, at best, and anathema at worst. While there are those citizens of the rapidly decaying American nation who do embrace the ideals, they are now a minority, and an increasingly marginalized and persecuted one at that. Indeed, what remains of the Old America has now deteriorated to the point where it is very likely that the singing of God Bless America would considered “exclusionary” or even “racist” today, attitudes unthinkable even two decades ago (by the way, has anyone else noticed how commemoration of 9/11 is no longer the sacrosanct event it was even up until recently, now that TPTB have found other ways to distract and control the sheeple?).

So while we should certainly admire God Bless America and cherish the song for the values that it represents, we need to bear in mind that it is now for all practical purposes nothing other than a historical artifact, rather than a living musical representation of an existing entity. It makes about as much sense for those of us living in what is left of the USA today to sing God Bless America as it makes for Russians to sing Hymn of the USSR. It is an ode to a nation that no longer exists, no matter how much we might pine for its memory or how dearly and fondly we might cling to its ideology. Better to wait and recycle the ideals contained in the song into new songs relevant to new nations that will emerge from the ruins of the old one, nations established by the remnant that holds sacred the concepts embodied in the old song. Then and only then can we look upon God Bless America with a renewed sense of real relevance.

C’mon, Folks, You All Know He’s A Selfish Prick

Ted Cruz, that is. Like ALL of his kind. I’m getting really irritated at the outrage directed at him over his vacation to sunny Cancun as his constituents back home in Texas slowly freeze to death. As if 1) he could possibly do anything useful to help correct the problem, 2) he cares enough about the problem and those affected by it to do anything about it even if he COULD help, and 3) it’s even within his job purview to do anything. If a plurality of the American people STILL truly believe that their elected officials give two shits or a damn about them, then they have either been in a coma for the last few months or are all profoundly mentally retarded (I’m leaning heavily toward the latter). Cruz, in particular, showed in very plain terms what he thinks of his constituents and their interests when he joined the rest of his fellow swamp creatures in stabbing his constituents’ president in the back on January 6th. Apparently Teddy is under the delusion that his constituents are going to make HIM president some day, even after they said “YOU? PRESIDENT? HELL F*** NO!” back in 2016. If he thinks they’ve warmed up to him after his most recent dirty deeds, then he is among the same class of profoundly retarded as his constituents who think he cares about them.

He’s a U.S. Senator, folks (remember, too, that “Senator” is an anagram of “treason”. NOT a coincidence, methinks). If you’re looking for someone in power who “cares about” you, then you’re going to be in for a soul-crushing disappointment, something that should have been painfully obvious to you decades ago. If you’re still stupid enough to look to politicians to even care about you at all, let alone save you from catastrophe, then you probably deserve to perish.

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