The Imperial Legions Place Their Own Country Off Limits For Travel. ‘Cause Covidiocy.

I don’t even begin to know what to say here.  I’m just going to stop assuming once and for all that things can’t get any more absurd and that we’ve reached our societal nadir.  That obviously ain’t the case.

The silver lining here, tiny and thin as it is, is that this is yet more evidence of the unfolding collapse of the imperial legions and the order they represent.  That’s ALWAYS a wonderful thing to behold.

Good For The Airlines!

Hey, it’s a start.

Everyone loves to hate the U.S.’s domestic airlines, especially American Airlines, and for good reason.  But at least they’re making a visible stand against the prevailing Covidiocy – because they have to if they want to remain profitable, and thus stay in business.  Lots of empty seats on flights represent unsustainable losses.

I sincerely hope other businesses follow the airlines’ lead.  If more people react  to the government-mandated stupidity in the way I am (i.e., avoiding patronizing, to the greatest extent possible, any businesses that enforce such nonsense), more will have to if they want to survive.

Apparently also, from what friends who have recently flown have told me, most of the airlines are smart enough not to enforce the mask idiocy while in flight.  Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope for humanity after all.

When It Rains, It’s a Monsoon (But The Rain Brings Life)

It has been said that our trials in life are carefully orchestrated by The Lord both to test us and to prepare us for carrying out His mission in our lives.  I suppose that explains the plot of my own life story now, particularly its latest twist.

In addition to currently being without steady work and trying to extricate my wife from a Latin American prison nation that is taking Covidiocy to new heights for purely political purposes, I now get to prepare for my nonagenarian mother to come live with me.  It’s not unwelcome news, not at all.  I’ve been wanting to extricate her from the People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of California for a long time.  She no longer has any family at all there, except for one of my cousins who lives four hours away and with whom none of us are close.  Living in the Bay Area is something I don’t think I would wish on my worst enemy right now, and the independent living community where she resides has been on full lockdown since March.  In my daily phone conversations with her she describes life as being akin to serving a prison sentence in solitary confinement.  No one is allowed to leave their apartment, meals are delivered to their doors three times a day, there are no activities, no contact with other residents, and the mask idiocy is imposed on anyone who needs to even go down to the main reception desk to collect mail, or walk down the hall to the laundry room.  Needless to say, I am furious at the idea that she is paying obscene amounts of inflated California money to be treated like a prisoner, and I’m going to put an end to it NOW.  It  was either she move to the Midwest to live with my brother and sister-in-law, or move here to Arizona with me and my wife.  Mom hasn’t lived in the Midwest in nearly 65 years, so needless to say, reacquainting herself with winter was not something she was about to do.  Anyway, she’s finally had enough and wants out, ASAP.  I’m honored as her eldest son to be God’s tool as her deliverer.  So, Arizona it will be!

My wife is elated at the news, as she looks upon her mother-in-law as a second actual mother (even though they still can’t yet directly communicate without yours truly acting as interpreter). I know that she will pull out all the stops to talk Mom out of moving into another retirement community once she gets here.  She sees her mission in life, in addition to caring for her husband, as caring for her “second mother.”  I’m grateful to be married to a woman from a culture that looks down on letting elderly family members rot in institutions.

So it would seem that God’s plans and purposes, mysterious and illogical as they appear to minds that seek evidence of reason and clarity in everything, indeed unfold with a specific purpose.  Where I see nothing but fog, dark clouds, storm warnings, and uncertainty that could lead to hopeless despair if dwelled upon, God sees a perfect plan.  It occurs to me that I am without regular work for the time being because, if I were working, I would be unable to move Mom.  It may even also be because no sooner than Mom is settled in here that my wife will be freed from her unexpected exile and I will be called upon to bring her home, too.  All of this as our society is in a state of collapse.

Only God can guide us and protect us through all of this, for with Him are not only all things possible, but inevitable if they are His will.  Mom is fond of saying that we should be grateful that we don’t know what God’s intentions for us are, because if we knew we would probably run in the opposite direction and ruin everything wonderful He has in store for us.  The man in the mirror heartily agrees, because he recognizes himself clearly as an example of the truth behind that statement.  We are kept in the dark, bewildered, because He wants our unwavering and implicit trust and for us to rely on Him always.  We rarely realize this except in hindsight, AFTER He has worked His miracles in us.  Only then do we begin to understand the purposes behind the challenges and the suffering.

So, dear brethren, please forgive me for boring you with some personal drama.  The immediate impact is simply that for the next few weeks I might not be blogging as frequently as I otherwise would, or visiting and leaving my usual inane comments on your own blogs (see how varied and wonderful are God’s blessings?).  I would only ask for your prayers that God give me the strength and extra acumen to multitask, and that above all that He give me extra PATIENCE.  This is something that my supply of has been severely depleted these last couple of months.

Thanks in advance, and God bless you all.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord , thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” – Jeremiah 29:11 KJV

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5, KJV

“Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment? Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?” – Matthew 6:25‭-‬26 KJV”

We’re Screwed

If this is any example of how customers are going to be treated by businesses in Year One of the Age of Covidiocy, as well as an example of how the Marching Acerebral Morons who appear to be a majority are willing –even eager– to be treated by said businesses, then I’m emigrating to Pluto as soon as possible.

I really am beginning to despise humanity.


He Should Have Thought About Them Before He Decided to Act a Fool

JewTube has posted this video of Saint Rayshard Brooks’s funeral.  I haven’t the stomach or the life minutes to waste in watching it, but JewTube, like all left-wing social media, is using the picture of his wife and four young kids as a sympathy ploy.

I don’t know anything about Brooks’ family situation, nor do I care to, except maybe to offer condolences to his kids on their choice of a father.  I don’t know about all of you, but in the civilized society in which I was raised, any “man” who called himself a husband and father who made the choice to go run the streets and put himself needlessly at risk would have 1) been shunned by everyone around him with any morals at all, and 2)  been considered unfit for the role of either husband or father.  How times have changed.

The whole Rayshard Brooks debacle represents yet another teaching moment for what little is left of our society.   It’s one that should have been unnecessary to begin with (how many ugly, real-world examples do human beings with non-freezer-temperature IQs need?) and the lessons it teaches  will certainly be ignored.  Rather than Rayshard’s kids learning to NOT do what Daddy did (how was he providing for a wife and kids by rioting and burning private property?), they’ll almost certainly be trained to eventually follow in his footsteps, probably sharing Daddy’s fate.

As the late musical genius Frank Zappa once said, “It’s not getting any smarter out there.”



Even “Godly and Submissive” Wives Still Succumb to the Curse of Eve

The most obvious response to the title of this post is a “well, DUH!,” but I just read what I think is an egregious example of it over at The Transformed Wife. I would not normally expect that site to be a source of such, so I believe that it merits attention. I know that several of my brethren in the Christian manosphere who once commented fairly regularly over there have stopped doing so. I believe I now understand why. Although Lori Alexander is one of no more than perhaps a half dozen Christian women in cyberspace who takes seriously and teaches biblical womanhood, she is not without her glaring flaws. One of these, as regular readers are aware, is that she (and her husband Ken) appears to still subscribe to the common churchian delusion regarding men’s viewing of pornography: it’s the ultimate male sin, with no female culpability attached whatsoever.  To be fair, a search of the TTW archives reveals at least two dozen past posts that address the issue, and some do contain specific condemnation of women in general and wives in particular for their roles in male porn use.  However, it would appear that the default “it’s all HIS fault” is never far below the surface.  

In Teaching Children to Remain Separate From the World,” her most recent post, commenter “Beth” writes in response to the OP:

Lori, the days of magazines are over. Do you think we should put a filter on our husband’s computer? Would that be the same as Deb’s checking the magazines and throwing away the ones with scantily clad women, before Michael was allowed to see them?

For context here, Beth is referring to the portion of the OP where Lori cites author Michael Pearl, original author of the OP, who, along with his wife Deb, not only home school but carefully and vigorously censor every medium to which their children are exposed – which is exactly as good Christian parents should do. If Beth had read the OP thoroughly and carefully, she would have noted that Michael is more than zealous about keeping negative cultural influences away from the kids. Yet Beth seems to believe that neither Michael, nor any other husband, can be trusted to keep negative influences away from HIMSELF. That is to say, Beth, like MOST Christian women, doubts her husband’s ability to lead and morally nurture his children, despite the fact that he is already proactively doing so.  Simply stated, Beth distrusts husbands to police their own moral cleanliness and thus advocates rebellion against the husband’s headship.

Of course. Lori, being a stickler for reinforcing Scriptural commands to wives on submission to their husbands, corrects Beth immediately, right?   Alas, nope. I wouldn’t be writing this if she had.

Lori’s response to Beth:

If a husband is a godly man and wants “no hint” of sexuality like Michael Pearl does, then yes! He does everything he can to keep himself set apart and pure from worldliness. Pray your husband will do likewise.

Translated from womanspeak, and reading between the lines: “Sure, your husband is a godly man, but maybe not all that godly. You know you can’t REALLY ever trust these men, no matter how much of a godly front they put up. So, yeah, you’d better play it safe and second guess him. Odds are he really IS jacking off to pictures of supermodels when you’re not looking. Better put on your Henpecking costume and tell him to hand over all of his passwords NOW, or no nookie for the next six months if he doesn’t immediately comply! If he has nothing to hide, he won’t resist your demands, will he?

Maybe I haven’t been as close attention as others have, but even within her blind spot that is male porn use, I’ve never seen Lori write a response that even tacitly condones undermining a husband’s headship. Yet that is clearly what this response to Beth does. I especially find the nonchalant way in which this response was delivered to be a bit disturbing. It just doesn’t seem like the “real Lori.”

Am I missing or misreading something here, or is this just business as usual, even at a “godly” woman’s blog like TTW?

Why Don’t Men Go To Church Anymore?

Wintery Knight has just posted this excellent analysis of why men are abandoning what can only be described as “churchian franchises.”

Although this has been an ongoing trend for the last few decades, I believe that another recent contribution to the trend that has further accelerated it has been the church’s less-than-valiant-and-scriptural reaction to the ongoing “Covidiocy” of the last few months.  Such a reaction has “female fear” written all over it, something that men look upon with disdain.  Displays of cowardice, dear pastors, is NOT the way to attract men to the cause of Christ, or motivate them to join you in advancing it!

Boy, They Sure Are in a Hurry All of a Sudden

Apparently the anarcho-nihilists have caused sufficient pants shitting among certain segments of TPTB as to now feel emboldened and empowered enough to force them to treat the Stars and Bars as the new Swastika.  The following are merely three of several dozen examples, with more certainly to soon follow:

So, all you self-proclaimed Good Ol’ Boys, what are you going to do now? Are you going to take this lying down? Your beloved military (you know, the one that marched through Georgia a century and a half ago destroying your ancestors’ land, stealing their property, and raping your great-great-great aunts and grandmothers. But hey, let’s let bygones be bygones.) is now converged with this shit. The politicians in your states that con you into voting for them every two to four years (most of whom have skin as lily white as yours)  are forcing this shit down your throats with ever-increasing fury.  Even your favorite sports franchise is now completely woke and hates your guts, as well as everything you stand for.  This even as they depend on your dollars to survive. Are you seriously going to continue to patronize this organization?

Not that my half-Yankee opinion matters to any of you, but I’m still going to be watching you guys to see exactly how you all react to this.  If you continue to allow this pogrom against yourselves to go on, you’re going to reveal yourselves be the pathetic laughingstock that the vibrants and leftards have always believed you to be.  I really hope for your own sakes, if not the sake of the rest of us that constitute the white western world, that you prove these people wrong, in very short order.

Meanwhile, I’ve just purchased my first Stars and Bars flag ever – while they can still be had. Actually, that’s flags, a half dozen of them. If you’re interested you can order them from  this company, from whom I’ve been buying flags online, both U.S. and foreign, for the past three years. Very reasonable prices, quality merchandise, and good, fast service.

Please join me in giving the middle finger to the wokesters and preserving some of patriotic America’s heritage.  I can’t think of a better battle flag for the upcoming North American War of White Survival.

Nextdoor Can Kiss My Ass

I’m actually not surprised that it happened, but I suppose I should be surprised that it took as long as it did. Yours truly just got his first suspension on a social media site.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, Nextdoor is a social media website and app that is dedicated to connecting neighbors in a given region, area, suburb, or zip code. About 18 months ago we received a paper mailer in our snailmailbox inviting us to join and connect with several hundred of our neighbors. Great, I thought. We’re a rural community with very few other means of getting or sharing news about community events, incidents of an emergency nature affecting the neighborhood, or getting to know our neighbors, so I created an account for myself and the wife.

Everything went swimmingly for the first year and a half. I (more so than my wife, who speaks still insufficient English to really participate) met several neighbors virtually with whom we shared things in common, participated in a couple of community events we wouldn’t have otherwise known about, and even was able to hire a cleaning lady, a neighbor I would never have otherwise met, for occasional assistance in keeping both dwellings on our property clean. I never had any inkling of the presence of a PC police force online. My neighbors are of such similar mind to mine that I saw no need to worry about some Karen or some sensitive soyboy taking offense to a spoonful of feeriker-flavored harsh truth.

How stupidly naive that was of me.

This afternoon I received an email notification from Nextdoor about a neighbor’s post to an online thread I had been following, but upon clicking the link in the notification email, which takes me to the app directly, I was immediately prompted to sign into the app. Knowing that I had not signed out of it, I found this strange, but not something to be unduly concerned about. After entering my User ID and account password and entering a text code for two-factor authentication for access, I was presented with a notice that my account had been temporarily disabled for one of those infamously nebulous “Terms of Service” violations.

I was dumbfounded, having at first no idea what I could possibly have posted that would have set any of my neighbors off. Then I suddenly remembered that about a week ago a city organization not part of my immediate neighborhood group had posted a “local newzine” (their term, not mine), guidance about what to expect from area restaurants in terms of dining-in service, now that their government massahs have condescended to allow them to start earning something resembling a full living again.

Those of you who follow me know what my opinion is of the Covidiocy we’ve all suffered needlessly for the last three months, an opinion being vindicated further each day with new revelations about The State’s lies, manipulations, and disastercraft. That businesses are going to continue to enact this moronic and socioeconomically destructive farce, to the detriment of their customers and themselves, is something I find infuriating. Indeed, it’s infuriating enough to make me decide that NO restaurants will be getting any business from me for as long as they are determined to follow ridiculous state and federal guidelines that treat me like a combination of criminal, leper, and nuisance. What got me suspended from Nextdoor was making this known to the libtard SJWs infesting the greater metropolitan region, in polite but firm and no uncertain terms. I’m pretty sure what got the snowflakes’ dander up was when I made the statement that any business that treats its customers in the manner I described deserves NO ONE’S money or business, and that if they insist on continuing, they deserve to go out of business.

Nextdoor’s ToS violation appears to be a carbon copy of those of Farcebook and Twatter, among other such media. It prominently features an acknowledgement that includes wording in the tone of “I have been a traitorous prole who has slandered the Party with badthink. However, I ask the party’s forgiveness and admit the error of my ways. I promise never to do it again, with the understanding that if I do, the Party reserves the right to banish me to digital Siberia for life.” All I had to do was click a checkbox, thereby admitting that I love Big Brothee and all would be forgiven.

Like hell I will. These people publish this excrement expecting the proles to swallow it whole and then thank them as if they’ve just been fed gourmet chocolate. I proved to them that allowing comments means having to receive feedback that they just might not like from the public they purport to serve. It was not crass, rude, or threatening feedback; it just was not the kind they and their statist puppeteers wanted to hear. Perhaps the immediate lesson here is to never respond to Nextdoor postings that don’t originate in your own hood, but I call BS on that as well. If it’s directed at me and it offers a feedback mechanism, I WILL use that mechanism, whether for positive or negative feedback. Sensitive skivvies-shitters and swooners who can’t handle such shouldn’t be in the mass communications business – and, in this case, neither should restaurants be in business that cannot treat their customers as customers who are entitled to basic human dignity and respect. If I wanted to be treated like shit, I would go stand in line at the DMV or County Court House Office of Records instead of going out for what should be a pleasant dining experience calling for the sacrifice of my hard-earned money.

So kiss my ass, Nextdoor. I won’t be groveling at your feet to be allowed to communicate with my neighbors again. Instead I’ll be looking for a way to replace you. It may be dying, but the market economy ain’t dead just yet and I’m going to do what little I can to keep it alive while it’s under full-scale SJW assault.


Stupidest Headline Ever

‘We All Feel At Risk’: 100,000 People Dead From COVID-19 In The U.S.

One hundred thousand dead. Out of a national population of approximately 320,000,000. Or, expressed another way, an overall fatality rate of 0.0003125 percent.

Oh, Dear God, you shouldn’t have let me see this, NPR, because while I never felt at risk before today, I sure the hell do now. In fact, I not only feel “at risk,” I feel as if death is almost imminent. I’ve been thinking about the fact lately that I haven’t updated my Living Trust in years, so I guess I need to do that right away. I also need to remember to add a DNR in the event that I’m ever exposed to … oh Lord, I can’t even bring myself to say its name!


I also need to leave instructions for my neighbors for after my death –assuming, that is, that they aren’t all stricken before I am– on how to put the dogs and the cat down and what articles of my estate they can help themselves to that haven’t been contaminated by my … cooties of that thing I can’t bring myself to name. Then again, since we’ve all been “social distancing” for so long, I’m not even sure my neighbors remember who I am anymore.

I don’t care what they do with my mortal remains. Since I will have succumbed to the dreaded … Oh, God, PLEASE don’t make say its name! … they will probably be so contaminated that whoever stumbles across them will either just set my house on fire so that the body burns with it, quarantine the house and leave it derelict until my remains decay away, or just leave the doors to the house open and let the desert wildlife wander in and consume my corpse.  At some point thereafter some tweakers will probably take the place over and turn it into one of the meth labs for which Southern Arizona is famous (which means that it will eventually still burn down, just by accident instead of by arson).

Meanwhile I’m going to keep my nose and mouth wrapped in cellophane at all times. That will ensure that if any damned virus kills me, it’s going to have one bloody hell of a time getting into my lungs. None of those flimsy masks for feeriker, nosirfreakinee. And those exposure suits that biochem technicians wear while handling samples? I’ll be donning one that won’t leave my body till the day it’s found after that one pesky little virus penetrates the one microscopic chink in my facial and body armor that I stupidly overlooked (got what you deserved, you careless bastard!).

When out in public I will, from here on out, demand a TWO HUNDRED YARD separation distance between me and any other human being, will mercilessly berate others around me for wearing flimsy cloth masks and medical gloves rather than airtight cellophane facial protection and full decontaminant body armor, and will physically assault anyone NOT wearing any form of facial or body protection. Desperate times call for desperate measures! These people, I have now come to realize, are EXTREMELY dangerous agents of the denier faction who DO.NOT.CARE that a staggering .0003125 percent of their fellow citizens have been wiped out.  Their failure to protect themselves would KILL me if it were not for my maximum strength facial and body protection.  I will therefore call the police and DEMAND that they be charged with felony assault and also quarantined, for their protection as well as mine.

I know that there are many, many more things I have to do to prepare for the end and get myself and my affairs in order.  Alas, NPR has me so wracked with panic that I can’t think straight. I know that they are simply being honest with us and doing their best to feed us the hard truth that we must face, no matter how painful it is. But DAMN THEM, don’t they care for our feelings?! Don’t they know that they’ve changed what little is left of my life FOREVER, that I will spend those few days, weeks, or, if God has mercy on me, months dreading each day, rather than savoring its beauty? Do they think any of us relish the idea of being remembered as 0.0003126 percent, the guy who moved the statistic upward by a notch?

Anyway, enough about me, and please forgive the sudden change in me. Also, expect what little content that appears in this blog in my last days to be considerably more serious and reflective of life’s deeper philosophical and Scriptural questions, ones that I hope to have answered before this plague carries me home to be with Jesus.   If you choose to depart this blog in search of more lighthearted fare, I’ll understand.

Be safe, and don’t let that dreadful death rate figure stick in your head and give you nightmares or thoughts of the Death Angel heading for your doorstep. Just follow my lead on cellophane, decontaminant body armor, and plenty of hand soap and toilet paper and you’ll kick that ol’ Death Angel’s arse all the way back to Wuhan.

Stay safe, guys! And again, kudos to NPR for sounding the alarm that no one else will, even as death stares them right in the face!


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