Latest False Flag Perp Conforms To The Template

I’m surprised that the Biden Regime waited for over two months after seizing power to stage its first False Flag operation. Yesterday’s supermarket shoot-up in Boulder, Colorado was unremarkable in every way, at least based on the information we have so far. Lone shooter, crowded public venue, and, most typically, the “perfect patsy” suspect. ThisContinue reading “Latest False Flag Perp Conforms To The Template”

What Will The Deep State Do To Derail The November Presidential Election?

Given the polarizing nature surrounding the event that will almost certainly be the opening salvo of America’s Civil War II, I don’t think it’s either premature or inappropriate to ask the question in the title.  I invite anyone reading to respond to the poll below.  If none of the options match your speculation, feel freeContinue reading “What Will The Deep State Do To Derail The November Presidential Election?”

Wake Up, You Stupid Sheeple!

I’m wasting my breath, of course, because most of them won’t. It would be encouraging to think that a message like this one (thanks to Charles Burris at would shame the majority into taking the shrink wrap off of that gray thing between their ears and turning the switch to the O-N position, butContinue reading “Wake Up, You Stupid Sheeple!”

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