The Closest MBoI Will Ever Come To Admitting He Was Played

I really shouldn’t be give the guy unmerited attention, but the appearance of this was always inevitable at some point, even though he all but swore he would never even think such vile thoughts. Most of us figured the truth out no later than January 20, 2021. Apparently some people, though, have delicate egos thatContinue reading “The Closest MBoI Will Ever Come To Admitting He Was Played”

No, He Hasn’t Caved Or Cucked – Not Yet, At Least

The blackpilling has certainly amped up considerably in the wake of yesterday’s events, culminating in President Trump’s appeal to his followers to withdraw from Capitol Hill. It reached a sort of peak (for now) early this morning in the wake of the release of Trump’s “orderly transition of power” statement. It would appear that mostContinue reading “No, He Hasn’t Caved Or Cucked – Not Yet, At Least”

It’s Only Beginning

Today’s excitement in the Nation’s Capitol, although no doubt to be remembered by history as a relatively innocuous affair, still represents a turning point. Many on the alt-right talk about President Trump “crossing the Rubicon” at some immediate point, but ultimately this is much bigger than Trump and does not depend on him. If heContinue reading “It’s Only Beginning”

Dear God, Let This Be True!

If this is accurate, then the fuse has been lit. Putting it in the vernacular of the streets, “this shit be real now!” No one should be surprised at Pence cucking and betraying the president. At this stage, however, the much more important question is: will Trump continue to fight for the nation’s survival, orContinue reading “Dear God, Let This Be True!”

Silence: Shock Or Capitulation?

It’s early in the day and I’m probably premature in writing this, but I’m not someone known for an abudance of patience. According to the MSM (I know, consider the source), the Electoral College has essentially given the hotly contested, stolen election to Creepy Joe Biden. I don’t consider this to be a particularly shockingContinue reading “Silence: Shock Or Capitulation?”

Is The Election Drama A Distraction To Cover The Rapid Forced Deployment Of The COVID Vaccine Weapon?

I’m just going to throw the question out there. I’ve noticed over the last few days increased rumblings about deploying the latest (inadequately tested and thus potentially lethal) COVID vaccine, along with pronouncements from certain government officials (both U.S. and foreign) of its mandatory nature, with pronouncements of dire consequences for those who refuse theContinue reading “Is The Election Drama A Distraction To Cover The Rapid Forced Deployment Of The COVID Vaccine Weapon?”

“It Will Take A Revolution To Overthrow The Corrupt Establishment That Rules America”

Yes, of course it will, and it is appearing more and more likely with each passing day that the treasonous traitors that President Trump has been saddled with are going to make that inevitable. While he has had an annoying tendency of late to join the doom-and-gloomers (it might be because his advancing age isContinue reading ““It Will Take A Revolution To Overthrow The Corrupt Establishment That Rules America””

The United States Armed Forces: The Unknown Factor

I had intended to make my next entry in this blog an open letter to the armed forces of the United States, and I will probably do that before the end of this week. However, I wanted to first address a topic that I’ve begun to see arise within the right-wing blogosphere over the lastContinue reading “The United States Armed Forces: The Unknown Factor”

Crow For An Entree, With Humble Pie For Dessert

The lying, sleazy corporate media have jumped the shark and prematurely declared Pedosenile Joe the new president elect (too many examples out there to link to, and I won’t dignify or legitimize them by directing traffic their way). I now pray harder than ever that the Deep State chicanery, so obvious this time as toContinue reading “Crow For An Entree, With Humble Pie For Dessert”

Let This Election Drag On Indefinitely

A quick glance at the digital news this morning, from all sources, both obvious propaganda and reasonably reliable reporters of fact, continues to confirm for many of us that Election 2020 is the filthiest, most corrupt election in 144 years. Indeed, the evidence simply screams that the entire process is terminal, a mockery of whatContinue reading “Let This Election Drag On Indefinitely”

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