Bring Them To Washington!

The migrants, that is. ALL of them. The ones flooding the Southern Border in overwhelming numbers. Bring them to Washington, to Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s doorstep. Let them cross the border, then immediately put them on trains and buses and send them straight to Rome-on-the-Potomac. All one point whatever-odd million of them supposedly headedContinue reading “Bring Them To Washington!”

“Antipresident Biden?”

Why not? If popes who have seized the Throne of Saint Peter through fraud, trickery, murder, or other forms of subterfuge or criminality can be referred to as “antipopes,” then why can U.S. presidents who have seized illegitimate power by the same means not be labeled “antipresidents?” Admittedly and obviously the papacy has a muchContinue reading ““Antipresident Biden?””

Jill Biden is an Evil Bitch

There’s no other way to interpret this statement.  I actually pity Joe for having a wife who clearly seeks to humiliate her husband at a time when he needs to be retiring from public life, with the support of a caring spouse, in order to deal with a debilitating condition that is only going toContinue reading “Jill Biden is an Evil Bitch”

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