No Doubt Whatsoever That It’s Been Weaponized

COVID-19, that is. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has been paying attention, especially after the trends of the last month, the highlight of which was the President and several of his staffers contracting the virus while nary a Demonrat suffered so much as a head cold. Suspicious, most definitely, but not surprising. I’ve been suspicious of the idea that COVID-19 is a “wild” virus ever since Venezuela, my wife’s native land in which she’s been stranded for the past year and a half, began to suffer a devastating outbreak in May just as the rest of the world saw a return to relative normality, an outbreak that is still in full bore even as the rest of the region is reporting case numbers to be stable or on the decline.

Although there have been occasional news items that have mentioned in passing that South America is suffering slightly higher COVID case numbers than the rest of the hemisphere, no country in the region seems to be suffering like Venezuela. From sources I have inside the country (not just my wife and her family, but friends and associates in various parts of the country), dozens of new cases are being reported every day in every state and major city and town. It’s difficult to get anything resembling hard numbers due to the Chavista-controlled media’s attempts to downplay the extent of the crisis, but “anecdata” suggest that the entire country is in the grip of a pandemic whose severity is closer to that of the Great Spanish Flu pandemic of 100 years ago. In other words, “cases” consist of people who actually get sick from the virus, rather than who are merely exposed to it and are asymptomatic.

This is despite the Chavista government’s draconian quarantine and isolation measures, which have included restricting residents of towns and municipalities from leaving them, maintaining 18-hour curfews, allowing people only between 4 and 6 hours per day to leave their homes to shop for food and necessities (IF these can be obtained, given the already chronic shortages of everything there), and enforcing social distancing literally at gunpoint. All to no avail.

Some contend that the prevalence of COVID in Venezuela is due to the country’s deteriorated condition, exemplified by the increasingly poor health that the population finds itself in as a result of food and medicine shortages and environmental degradation. But that doesn’t explain the fact that the disease has cut across socioeconomic classes. What remains of the middle and upper class has been hit as hard as the poor – again, despite the draconian implementation of quarantines, lockdowns, and social distancing. However, there has bern one class of people in Venezuela who have remained almost completely untouched by COVID: the ruling Chavistas, Venezuela’s equivalent of America’s Deep State Demonrats.

Not one single figure among Nicolas Maduro’s inner circle, nor any prominent political figures loyal to the Regime have bern affected by COVID. We know this to be the case because if any of them had,it would have been trumpeted as an attack on the Regime by the evil Americans, but would also have been played as a victory against Yanqui aggression once the prominent figure had recovered from the virus. And recover they would have, because Nicolas Maduro is making sure that those loyal to him and what is left of his regime are well taken care of – at the expense of the rest of the country that wants them out of power (and preferably dead). Hydroxychloroquine is one drug the prescription of which the Chavistas are prohibiting to anyone outside their own circle. Rather similar to how here in the U.S. a semi-ofgicial jihad is being waged by Deep State quadi-medical bureaucracies (to wit, the FDA and the CDC) against this perfectly legal and long-used drug when doctors seek to use it to prevent or treat COVID. It probably goes without saying that the Deep State is freely giving this drug, among others, to its own in order to prevent their own plague from atracking its masters. It’s only the rest of us, plus their political enemies(to the extent that there is any difference) who are denied this treatment in order to further its spread.

I can offer no proof that a more virulent form of COVID has been unleashed on Venezuela than on the rest of the (civilized) world, but would such a move be surprising? A pariah nation ruled by a dictator who has openly expressed apathy and contempt toward his own disarmed and thoroughly demoralized people seems like the perfect setting in which to test a “next generation” COVID virus that is more powerful and dangerous than the one released on the rest of the West. Once it succeeds on a population that cannot fight back, it’s even deadlier offspring will be deployed against people who heretofore have fought back.

Speaking of fighting back, what about the “vaccines” under development? How many of these are being developed, and are they all truly vaccines? Given the patterns in COVID infection rates discussed here, would it not make sense for the Deep State to develop both a vaccine and placebo – or worse? By “worse” I mean something that not only does not immunize against COVID, but that introduces harmful agents into the recipient’s body? We already know that our overlords want the majority of us dead. What better way to accomplish this than a fake”vaccine” for the masses that helps the process along?

What remains to be seen is how long the mask stays on for those engineering this “global pandemic” that is real in some parts of the world, a piece of well-orchestrated PSYOP theater in others. In the future, once “they” decide that the gloves finally come off, it will be interesting to see who is made sick and who isn’t. That will perhaps determine more than anything else who the State has decided its enemies are. All we will know is that COVID infection will not be a random act of nature and that germ warfare will be entering a new and terrible era.

Published by feeriker

Just an ordinary, flawed man grateful for the redemptive blood of Jesus who struggles to extend the forgiveness and understanding to others with which he has been blessed.

4 thoughts on “No Doubt Whatsoever That It’s Been Weaponized

  1. Thanks for this, feeriker. We are hearing nothing up here about how WuFlu has affected Venezuela, for some reason. Interesting, and sad.


    1. What’s happening down there, as well as the strange selectivity with which it’s infecting certain people/groups of people up here while leaving others in equal proximity completely unaffected, tells me that there is much more behind this than most of us realize. Of course the professional health organizations (e.g., WHO, CDC, etc.) have proven themselves so compromised and so mendacious through this whole fiasco that they simply cannot be trusted to tell the truth.


  2. Democrat flu because the dnc introduced it into the US. I had it last winter but months afterward, nothing shows. No natural virus acts like that.


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