Patriotic Americans Should No Longer Celebrate The Fourth Of July

I stopped celebrating America’s Independence Day nearly two decades ago, as the realization of just how far from its foundational roots what passes for the United States of America has strayed hit me hard enough to be rob me of any residual patriotic sentiment. For all the good intentions of the Founders (and the more I read about them, the less well-intentioned I believe many of them to have been), the country they built for us, their posterity, is not the nation we have today. Rather than offer my own explanation, I’ll let others more eloquent than I am do it for me.

From Paul Craig Roberts:

Something to Think About on the Fourth of July: The Democrats and the FBI Have Nazified America

From the late Harry Brown (1933-2006), onetime chairman of the Libertarian Party and arguably its last uncompromised presidential candidate:

Uncelebrating The Fourth

From the late Dr. Gary North (1942-2022), economic historian and esteemed libertarian scholar and commentator:

The American Revolution Was a Mistake

Another work from Dr. Gary North, one that dives into the act of criminal deceit that was the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Convened for the sole purpose of amending –NOT replacing— the Articles of Confederation, its organizers ignored the scope of its charter, committing an act of perfidy that sowed the seeds of the big-government tyranny we live under today. A MUST READ!:

Conspiracy In Philadelphia

These are just four key offerings that explain my antipathy towards “Independence Day” celebrations. There are many others available in a similar vein, by authors of diverse political persuasions, so feel free to seek out more of offerings on this contrarian perspective. Meanwhile, I hope I live long enough to see the emergence of at least a fragment of the (former) USA that retains its core ideals and puts them into practice. That will be an Independence Day I could get on board with celebrating.

Good Bye, Mom

It’s never easy to say final farewells to those we love, even if we know that the day approaches. Sometimes the day arrives much sooner than we expect. Such was the case today when a local police officer arrived at my doorstep to inform me that my mother’s caregivers had discovered her lifeless body in bed early yesterday morning, having passed peacefully in her sleep, just six weeks after her nintieth birthday and two weeks after her homecoming after six weeks of hospitalization and rehabilitation. Admittedly she had not been herself following her time away from home. The old energy was gone, she was weaker physically than she had ever been, and her memory, already in rapid decline, had deteriorated to the point where she couldn’t remember events of the previous 24 hours. The Lord, in His infinite mercy and wisdom, had decided that it was time for her suffering to end and take her home.

Guilt is an emotion some of us feel when we want to prolong the suffering of our loved ones by keeping them among the living, even when they’ve lived as full of a life as possible and can no longer enjoy a life free of pain, immobility, and dependence on others to do what they’ve always done for themselves. We tell them to be strong even when we know full well that they can’t. We tell them that we will attend to their every need, even if that’s the last thing they want. We tell them that we still need them even though they know we don’t. As much as they love us and know that we love them, they also know that God loves them more and that His plans for them are not theirs or ours. He blesses us and them by doing the right thing even though we cannot. Love can be painful, but sometimes pain is necessary for right to prevail.

It’s a strange feeling, knowing that the last link to your immediate past is no longer there to provide continuity, to provide sage advice that only the wisdom of years and the love of one who brought you into the world can provide. You realize that YOU are now the oldest generation, the repository of wisdom gained by years of living, the source of guiding love to your immediate posterity. It’s a daunting feeling to realize that the torch has been passed.

Already I have caught myself wanting to call Mom, to share some bit of good news, some accomplishment or event that would make her happy or proud, only to realize that it’s no longer possible. It’s something all if us either have experienced, or eventually will, and yet it’s a unique experience for each of us from our own perspective.

But it’s time now to be unselfish, time to realize that eternal life with Our Lord Jesus is the greatest reward for what will ultimately be proved to be this brief and insignificant life in the temporal realm. Mom now joins Dad in this life eternal, where one day we will all be reunited and this brings us untold joy to contemplate.

There is still the tying up of loose ends, the acts of closure we must perform to wrap up the remains of our loved ones’ life on this earth. This is an occasion for a mixture of sadness, nostalgia, contemplation, prayer, and ultimately a celebration of lives well lived. My mother was a loving, caring, Christ-following woman dedicated to her family and her faith, and my siblings and I were blessed beyond words to have been her children. I would not be the man I am today without her influence in my life, just as she and Dad together were instrumental in faithfully carrying out God’s plan for raising a Christian family. I could never have repaid her for all she has done.

As we prepare to celebrate her life, I recall my father’s celebration a decade ago in which over 500 people packed the church to share their stories of how he and Mom had touched so many lives. I look forward to seeing many of these old friends in the week that follows to join me in this celebration of a life lived to its fullest.

Farewell, my beloved mother. Although I grieve your passing, I rejoice even more knowing that you are safely in the arms of our Lord Jesus.

I love you.

Your eldest son, the most blessed and richest man on this earth.

“Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

“In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:51‭-‬57 (KJV)

Let’em Burn Dog Shit

Western Europeans, that is. The people who thought they could poke the Russian Bear in the eye and still expect the Bear to play nice with them, in this case by continuing to sell them the natural gas on which they’re completely dependent. We ordinarily call such people “retarded children.” The Russian Bear might consider them to be exactly that, but he’s also not going to indulge their idiocy.

So make sure that you scoop up after Fido, Eurocitizens. Maybe also bottle your farts. That’s the only substitute for Russian natural gas that’s going to be available to you.


Another Flavor Of Cuck

I’ve always felt a visceral loathing for men who pedestalize their wives who have careers that are MEN’S careers. Like this guy. He might as well castrate himself and crazy glue his severed genitalia onto his wife, since she’s obviously the one with the balls in that marriage.

Sorry to be crass and graphic, but there is entirely too much of this shit going on today. It’s especially repulsive and infuriating to see this going on in the military, as is the case with this cuck’s wife. The very LAST thing a military force needs is women in the senior ranks, whether officers or NCOs, if it is to be a combat ready and combat capable force. The U.S. military today is neither. While that’s a good thing, given the disastrous and dysfunctional anarcho-tyranny that it represents and serves, having married women in dominant roles intended for men is a disaster not only for military combat readiness, or commercial business efficiency, but for marriages as well.

While I do not know this guy or his wife, I have known many couples like them and their marriages were almost never happy ones. A half dozen of them ended in divorce after the man-wannabe wife had an affair with an alpha male who was senior to her within the organization. “Kitchen bitch” husbands are NOT attractive to Type A career women. I hope I’m wrong, but I see John being in for a very nasty surprise down the road at some point.

I’m sure there are some of you guys out there with certain fetishes that make you attracted to SIWs. To each his own, but I will admit to NEVER understanding how it’s possible. In any case, it clearly violates God’s established order for the two sexes, which is why such marriages are usually frought with tension and dysfunction. Women who want to be CEO, Commanding Officer, or Command Segeant Major/Master Chief not only have renounced their God-given roles as women, they lack respect for any man they believe is beneath them. That’s probably you, especially if you’re her husband and she outearns or outranks you. Play it safe, guys, and stay away from these women. Your self-respect will be eternally grateful. John in the linked article apparently has none.

Satan Will Repent First

One of the two reasons I continue to maintain my LinkedIn account is because it has helped me land my current and previous two jobs. The other is for the humor in the editorializing. Although woke as a hungry baby at 2:00 in the morning, one can never say that LinkedIn’s cadre of contributing writers doesn’t do wonders for the laugh muscles.

The latest addition to the Guffaw Department, and a crossover into fantasy literature territory, is this article suggesting that sabbaticals become a regular feature of 21st Century work culture in order to prevent “burnout.” Uh huh. And Russians will collectively stop drinking. The French will become pro-American. Joe Biden will grow a functioning brain, pigs will sprout wings and fly, and the grand finale of them all, the title of this post, will make the Return of Our Lord unnecessary.

Look, I think sabbaticals are a wunderbar idea, and I certainly can see the need for at least one over the course of a high-stress career (i.e., almost ANY career in today’s American workplace). But this is yet another example of intellectual crayoning by cocooned idealists who have either never dealt with the real work world, or who work in jobs/careers that are non-profit or public sector. They also seem to have this bizarre notion that employers consider their employees to be valuable assets rather than fungible units of overhead that are necessary evils. Time and time again I’ve felt the urge to ask these people “what and where is this company you work for that’s so wonderful, that considers you a valuable contributor rather than a disposable serf? How come the existence of this place isn’t so renowned that there is a decades-long waiting list for new hires? How come they’re not making their employees pay for the privilege of working there?”

As with so much else about Corporate America today, I detect a strong aroma of alfalfa-laced methane. Such descriptions of “dream companies” usually originate from new hires who haven’t been in the workforce long enough to know better, or from recruiters who are paid to lie about their client/employer in hopes of roping in the gullible marks to man the galley oars. Anyone who has been in the workforce for a decade or more recognizes bovine excrement when they smell it, and the idea that American employers see their employees as uniquely valuable to the point that they would give them several unpaid months off and then welcome them back as long lost family members is enough for a whole stockyard. If there is one thing that American businesses do NOT care one wit about, it is the wellbeing (any kind) of their employees. What little concern they do show is only because it is mandated by current labor law. Even when it’s not true (the current post-scamdemic “labor shortage” being an example), employers are dogmatic in their belief that you can be easily replaced, even if you are highly and uniquely skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and a key contributor to the company’s success. The idea that the concept of “sabbatical for employees” plays any role whatsoever in that mindset is akin to believing that birthday parties were a part of life at Tuol Sleng.

I didn’t bother to point any of this out to the credulous lemmings on LinkedIn, as it would have been immediately labeled “badthink” and would have resulted in an account suspension. It’s also a waste of effort, if you’re familiar with the sort of people who editorialize and opine on LinkedIn. But if you’re lucky enough to have found work at a “unicorn company” that will let you go Eat, Pray, Whatever when you burn out (or once the euphorium and hopium wear off and you see that they’re as much a soup sandwich as every other business), good for you. As for the rest of us who’ve been working long enough to know that some things about working in America will NEVER change, all we can say is “Oh, isn’t that ADORABLE?”

Posting May Become Sporadic For A While

I currently find myself in a situation that almost all of us with living parents will eventually find ourselves in: that of becoming guardian of an aging parent in declining physical and mental health. Many of you probably saw your own parents go through this with your grandparents and could see the strain, the worry, the burden of additional chores and tasks involved and thought “I dread that day’s coming.”

I certainly did, but that day has arrived for me regardless, and sooner than I thought it would. A little over a month ago I took my nonagenarian mother, whom I moved down here to Arizona from California two years ago so that I could ensure her safety and wellbeing, to the ER for a serious, but not exactly life-threatening issue. She wound up staying in hospital for two weeks, followed by two weeks of post-discharge “therapy” in a rehabilitation center.

I cannot for the life of me figure out just what the heck happened during that month, but Mom is NOT the same woman today that went to the ER a month ago. The woman who went to the ER was energetic and active, even if a bit confused due to incipient dementia, but the woman who came back home is a pale shell of that woman. She is wheelchair bound, barely able to stand up on her own, has no appetite (she’s lost almost 20 pounds over the last month), is exhausted all the time, and prefers to stay in bed rather than even sit up in a chair. I took her to see her doctor today for a post-discharge checkup and the doctor was horrified; she barely recognized Mom, who couldn’t even stay awake and alert during most of the procedure. I know for a fact that she has not been getting any psychotropic drugs, so I cannot imagine what is ailing her unless it’s improper doses of her current medication.

At any rate, I’m having ongoing discussions with the staff of the community where Mom lives and I believe her days of independent living arrangements are numbered. Unless I can get her onto a physical and occupational therapy regimen that revverses her current state, it’s assisted living, or very likely memory care in her future. Serving as liaison between Mom, her caregivers, her doctors, and other parties with whom she’s had ongoing business is going to become time consuming, and between that situation, work, and trying to bring my wife back home I don’t see a lot of time for blogging in the near future. Not shutting anything down, mind you, just slowing down to accommodate higher priorities. I might, however, deliver a very big and scathing rant against the American health care system, which I suspect is deliberately killing patients – especially the elderly.

Prayers are appreciated from any who can spare them. For Mom, for my wife (who is grieving over not being able to be here to care for her MiL, whom she loves dearly), and for yours truly, who is going to need all the strength and patience he can store up.

Thanks in advance, and God bless you all.

“Celebrating ‘Pride Month'”

How does one obtain a list of local businesses who are engaging in this abomination so that one can avoid them? Or perhaps a more realistic question would be: is there a list of businesses that are NOT doing it that one can direct one’s money toward?

Just askin’ fer a friend.

Let The Global “Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth” Begin

Chickens are already beginning to come home to roost as a result of the massive numbers of gullible, compliant morons around the world who took the Davos Death Jab under pressure from their overlords. This report cited by Vox Day concerns stats from Australia (oh, those brave, plucky folks Down Undah and their ferocious, courageous resistance to tyranny! /sarc), but I’m pretty sure the figures from the rest of the world will follow a similar trajectory.

I’ll just let Vox sum it all up (for all his many faults, no one drives the knife into the flesh of stupidity better than he does):

So, the good news is that you’re not necessarily doomed if you were dumb enough to get the Death Jab one or more times. The bad news is that you not only proved that you’re literally gullible enough to kill yourself on the basis of a government agency’s recommendation, but you’re also much more likely to die of “suddenly” or some other cause due to your genetically-altered, vaccine-compromised immune system.

It’s possible for science and the media to hide or otherwise explain away a lot of statistical anomalies, but all-cause mortality isn’t one of them.

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