Pouring Gasoline on a Spark

Kids do it sometimes, unaware of the consequences, and wind up getting badly burned.  Nancy Pelosi is no kid, but desperation, no doubt motivated in part by  visions of her own political mortality, is causing her to act like one.  It would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.  This is one instance of playing with fire that is going to put Nancy and the rest of her cohorts in the political ICU with third degree political burns that might just prove lethal.  I certainly hope the President adheres to Sun Tzu’s sage advice and not get in his enemies’ way as they’re about to self-immolate.

Treason In The Flesh (Updated 9/15/20)

Show of hands (or just “like” this post):  who else wants to see this (((piece of shit))), or what’s left of him after his execution, feeding buzzards?

Time was not very long ago at all when someone in this scumbag’s  position who did what he did while on active duty would have been convicted by court martial, stripped of all rank and privileges, thrown out of the Army on a bad conduct discharge, and sentenced to decades of hard time in Fort Leavenworth.  IF he was lucky, that’s all that would happen to him.  In time of declared war a firing squad could await him.

That this (((fifth columnist))) was ever commissioned in the U.S. Army at all, to say nothing of being given positions involving sensitive national security information requiring a Top Secret security clearance with access to special programs, is simply unforgivable.  But given that the U.S. military is now just a rear-guard militia/mercenary auxiliary of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), America’s national defense is no longer a priority.  Ergo, while Vindman is obviously a foreign agent, so is everyone else among the brass, even if only in a de facto sense.

I begin to wonder if a more fitting punishment than having Vindman join his fellow uniformed traitors in wearing a hemp necktie and feeding his fetid corpse to scavengers would be to “gift” him over to Vlad Putin and his GRU pals.  They’d surely make his demise a real party.

UPDATE:  Vindman is of course not alone. We now see evidence of just how terrified all of the senior echelons of the mercenaries in charge of “national defense” are of having their criminal enterprise exposed and shut down. It should also not surprise us if we were to discover that more than a few of these uniformed Godfathers are facing arrest and indictment on charges for crimes probably more sordid than we can imagine, including treason.

In reading the linked article, the following puddle of verbal vomitus from Mattis is especially galling:

“When I joined the military, some 50 years ago, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens—much less to provide a bizarre photo op for the elected commander-in-chief, with military leadership standing alongside. [The Atlantic]”

The hubris of these thugs is breathtaking, but it is no more than what we should reasonably expect from someone who is part of a crime cartel that has hoodwinked a majority of the American public into thinking of itself as a collection of hallowed heroes. But soon may come the day when that illusion is destroyed and the People see these reprobates for what they really are.

So to General Mattis I simply say that if you choose to stage a coup d’etat and violate your oath to defend the Constitution, thereby becoming a domestic enemy of it and thus removing your own legitimacy, you will deserve to face the wrath of those of us who do take the oath seriously. Do you really want to be remembered as the enemy of liberty, General?

Women Who Defy Stupid And Unlawful Mask Mandates Are NOT “Karens”

No matter how much the woke Jewtube crowd wants to convince us that they are.

I’m not going to include links here,  simply because there are far too many of these videos to choose from (just do a search on Jewtube using the word “Karen” and it’ll return dozens, if not hundreds of links to “Karens-behaving-badly-in-public” videos).  I’ve noticed, however, that nearly every “Karen” video uploaded to JT lumps women who justifiably resist unlawful public mask mandates as “Karens.”  Protests to the contrary in the comments sections of these videos are futile, as the JT thought police are determined to enforce the Covidiocy narrative on this topic far more forcefully than most other topics and will remove any dissenting viewpoints.  Hardly surprising, this, but it does serve as evidence that JT is indeed the digital police state that it is accused of being.

Granted, many of these women choose to bring attention to the idiocy and unlawful nature of these mandates in a manner that does not particularly help their position or caste them in a favorable light.  It does not, however, negate the truth of their assertions, nor does it  make their refusal to comply with foolish, illegal, and ultimately harmful government fiats wrong, no matter how obnoxiously they come across to the viewer.  I will also add that the only thing I find more sickening in these videos than Karen-like behavior from women is the brainless bleating of the masked morons in reaction to it.  I find myself thinking that if Cambodia had been populated in the main by such people when the Khmer Rouge took it over, then maybe Pol Pot and the killing fields would have been a blessing to humanity.

As for Jewtube, I urge everyone to kick it to the curb.  BitChute provides infinitely better and more diverse content and without the police state censorship.

It’s a Great Start

But why only 97 acres?   Better to just give them the whole state of Georgia and move all 43,000,000 of them there, letting them finally have their own independent country  to run (or not run)`as they please, free of those paternalistic hateful crackers and their despicable western civilization. This will put an end to the “raycizm” by whitey that they’ve been bellyaching about since time immemorial.  No more suffering raycizm for blacks. No more crime, violence, resource drains, and interacial strife for whites, who can go back to enjoying something resembling a civilized society again.  Win-win for everyone.  South Carolina,  Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama will have to put up fortifications along their borders with the newly independent Dindustan, that’s true, but that is a very small price to pay for restoration of domestic tranquility, safety, and, God willing, prosperity. Minds far more seasoned and respected than mine are onboard with the idea, so let’s give it a whirl, shall we? After all, if the colonists are willing to foot part of the expense and exert the effort to build their own dream, we owe it to them to help them help themselves.

The Demonrats’ Election Day Strategy

Unsurprisingly, it appears that your recent responses to my poll on this subject, which indicated that a majority of you believe that fomenting Election Day violence will be the Demonrats’ go-to strategy to derail or delay the election, is shared by other observant editorialists. Given the corner into which they have backed themselves, it seems that Biden the Deep State sock puppet and his handlers have no other realistic option but to resort to Election Day violence or a series of false flag distractions to derail the process.  That the nature and purpose of these events will be obvious to anyone with a functioning cerebrum is both  irrelevant and without deterrent power.  The Satanists are counting on a majority to be either supportive of their violent actions or too fearful to resist them.

I am unaware of any way to predict with any accuracy what the mass of voters’ reaction will be.  However, I will predict with 100 percent confidence that unprecedented ugliness will ensue, the result of events that will finally tear off the last thin remnants of the facade that has fooled much of the world into believing that the United States of America represents civilized western democratic republicanism.  The events of Election Day 2020 will reveal to a citizenry wholly unprepared to acknowledge and accept it that this country is and long has been a failed state, a banana republic with a higher GDP (until now) than the stereotype, and a nation that, its chest-thumping proclamations of being a “Christian nation” notwithstanding,  long ago abandoned faith in God, along with the moral framework exemplary of such faith.  Any moral leadership heretofore claimed by national institutions shall at this point be permanently forfeited and efforts to “impose democracy” upon the result of the world met with now overt scorn and violent resistance.

One very important question so far not asked in either the mainstream or alternative media is “what about intimidation of voters at the polls?”  Will Trump supporters going to the polls in Demonrat strongholds be threatened, intimidated, assaulted, or even killed for exercising their right to vote, much as were the ancestors of today’s urban black terrorists?  That no one appears to be asking this question or proposing any preventative strategies to deal with the threat would appear to be either a sign of the impotence facing the election organizers (on the Right) or lack of desire to expose a potentially winning strategy (on the Left).  Either way, it points to the utter foolishness inherent Continue reading “The Demonrats’ Election Day Strategy”

Do Not Let Anyone Tell Me That They Are Surprised

By this.  True, they didn’t publicly admit that they were lying/had screwed up big time, but would anyone seriously expect them to?

Let’s see now: 9,000 TOTAL deaths definitely attributed to COVID-19 (presumably since March 2020) ÷ 330,000,000 (estimated current U.S. population) = 0.0000272727% of the U.S. population – a statistical figure about as close to ZE-RO as we can get.

If you think that the Deep State Mainstream Media are going to trumpet this piece of news far and wide, then I have beachfront property in Phoenix that is yours for a song. Therefore it is up to YOU (and me) to rub this in the noses of as many COVIDIOTS as possible before the narrative pushers memory hole it. Let’s get to it, folks!

While we’re at it, let’s also let our politicians know that we’ve had enough, the masks are coming off (literally AND figuratively) and that we WILL restore things to the status quo ante. It’s up to them whether Civil War II starts now or gets a small deferment until November.

Poll Results: What Will The Deep State Do To Derail The November Elections?

It’s been just over a week since I posted the entitled poll and the admittedly unscientific results are in. They are as follows:

– “Foment Election Day violence in multiple U.S. cities, especially in Red States.”` 60 %

– “Declare another pandemic (COVID redux or some new phantom menace virus) and declare another quarentine/lockdown.” 20%

– “Other” 20%

I didn’t see any particular surprises here and tend agree with the results. Your comments indicated that the most likely event, or series of events, will be a combination of events, which also seems likely. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the main event turnsnout to be something that none of us could have imagined in our wildest imaginations, given the Bizzarro World we live in. Whatever happens, it will be intersting to compare current speculations with actual events 100 days hence.

If “We” Want It Back, “We” Are Going To Have To Take It Back, And It Won’t Be The Same

Tucker Carlson, on a roll that appears unstoppable, asks the question “they” don’t want you to ask and that “they” also refuse to answer.

It’s difficult to believe that anyone who has been paying any attention over the last several months believes that “they” are going to “give” us anything back, especially our freedom.  I thought at first that Tucker might conclude his segment with the ridiculous assumption that DaddyGov will end our national grounding if the Orange Man gets re-elected.  To his tremendous credit he made no such unfounded statement.

I won’t speculate as to what the Orange Man’s intentions are.  We know from experience that only fools do that.  What I will predict is that even if he wants to end the current incremental tyranny that is robbing us of our few remaining freedoms and destroying our society, he won’t be able to do so by himself.  To have any chance of success he will absolutely need the help of liberty’s fifth columnists within those organizations that make up the layered Deep State.  Only God knows whether any such people, those with integrity and a conscience despite the degradation of their surroundings, exist in numbers that would make any difference.  It will be revealing to see what type of character emerges from such people when they finally stare into the abyss along with the rest of us and realize that the monster cannot be allowed to continue down its destructive path without also consuming them (will we be blessed enough to see the American Deep State experience its own version of Operation Valkyrie?)

The ugly truth is that the time for sitting on the fence, for any of us,  is running out.  There are only a little more than 90 days remaining until Civil War II breaks out and it’s going to be a battle between those who value freedom and human dignity and those who don’t, those who obey God’s law and those who obey man’s/Satan’s law.  There will be no middle ground and no neutrality.  You WILL fall on one side of the fence or the other.  The biggest question will be how many will fall on which side?

So while the question of retrieving our country is one that needs to be asked and answered more than any other, it is one that no one will touch because it requires commitment, action, harsh truth and sacrifice – things that most of today’s Americans completely lack the ability to stomach.  The near future is going to be an indescribably ugly one.  People will die in large numbers, families will be torn apart, national institutions will disintegrate, neighbor will betray neighbor, the denominational church will apostacize and fall apart, and the level of trust required to hold a society together will no longer exist.  Simply stated, the answer to Tucker’s question of when “we” will get America back is never.  The “old” America cannot come back any more than a corpse can be reinvigorated.  The very best we can hope for is that fragments of what were once the United States of America’s founding ideals survive in whatever sociopolitical entities emerge out of the coming carnage.  May these new creations emerge strong, having learned from the very foolish and destructive mistakes the parent country made that led to its demise.  Human nature being what it is, it would be a rash act to put too much hope in this.  Yet hope, along with faith in Jesus to strengthen those who are His followers, are all that the  Remnant will have to cling to.

So thank you again, Tucker, for being a voice of sanity and reason in an insane and unreasonable nation that is hellbent on tearing itself apart (or allowing Satan’s minions to tear it apart).  May you be among those sane voices that survive  the coming Holocaust, and may there be enough of us who value freedom and sanity to take it back from the evil ones, in whatever form it eventually reemerges.

Sofa King Predictable


The RINO clown featured in the linked article is one of several from my state, this guy in particular demonstrating what god-awful ideas both the 17th Amendment and Universal Suffrage are.  He made himself infamous by first pissing off his constituents, who by a significant margin elected non-Establishment presidential candidate Donald Trump, by stabbing President Trump in the back at every possible opportunity.  He then threatened to resign from the Senate when he suffered the inevitable backlash from that, then finally threw a hissy fit when his constituents responded with “don’t let the door hit you in ass on the way out.”    Definitely one of the four-watt bulbs in the human chandelier, as are most denizens of the Grand Canyon State.

Flake (such an appropriate surname) certainly isn’t the first RINO to have the decency to drop the pretense that fooled no one and publicly endorse his libdem idol, as we saw at last week’s DNC, and he certainly won’t be the last.  We are nonetheless grateful to him for tattooing himself with the label “UNPRINCIPLED, SELF-CENTERED  DOUCHEBAG WEASEL”  and reminding us of why he is no longer in office.  May the other RINOs follow his example.  President Trump, along with what is left of Real  America,  will certainly be grateful to Flake and his fellow RINOs for assisting Dementia Joe on his journey to the Memory Hole and the losing side of history.

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