Stupidest Headline Ever

‘We All Feel At Risk’: 100,000 People Dead From COVID-19 In The U.S.

One hundred thousand dead. Out of a national population of approximately 320,000,000. Or, expressed another way, an overall fatality rate of 0.0003125 percent.

Oh, Dear God, you shouldn’t have let me see this, NPR, because while I never felt at risk before today, I sure the hell do now. In fact, I not only feel “at risk,” I feel as if death is almost imminent. I’ve been thinking about the fact lately that I haven’t updated my Living Trust in years, so I guess I need to do that right away. I also need to remember to add a DNR in the event that I’m ever exposed to … oh Lord, I can’t even bring myself to say its name!


I also need to leave instructions for my neighbors for after my death –assuming, that is, that they aren’t all stricken before I am– on how to put the dogs and the cat down and what articles of my estate they can help themselves to that haven’t been contaminated by my … cooties of that thing I can’t bring myself to name. Then again, since we’ve all been “social distancing” for so long, I’m not even sure my neighbors remember who I am anymore.

I don’t care what they do with my mortal remains. Since I will have succumbed to the dreaded … Oh, God, PLEASE don’t make say its name! … they will probably be so contaminated that whoever stumbles across them will either just set my house on fire so that the body burns with it, quarantine the house and leave it derelict until my remains decay away, or just leave the doors to the house open and let the desert wildlife wander in and consume my corpse.  At some point thereafter some tweakers will probably take the place over and turn it into one of the meth labs for which Southern Arizona is famous (which means that it will eventually still burn down, just by accident instead of by arson).

Meanwhile I’m going to keep my nose and mouth wrapped in cellophane at all times. That will ensure that if any damned virus kills me, it’s going to have one bloody hell of a time getting into my lungs. None of those flimsy masks for feeriker, nosirfreakinee. And those exposure suits that biochem technicians wear while handling samples? I’ll be donning one that won’t leave my body till the day it’s found after that one pesky little virus penetrates the one microscopic chink in my facial and body armor that I stupidly overlooked (got what you deserved, you careless bastard!).

When out in public I will, from here on out, demand a TWO HUNDRED YARD separation distance between me and any other human being, will mercilessly berate others around me for wearing flimsy cloth masks and medical gloves rather than airtight cellophane facial protection and full decontaminant body armor, and will physically assault anyone NOT wearing any form of facial or body protection. Desperate times call for desperate measures! These people, I have now come to realize, are EXTREMELY dangerous agents of the denier faction who DO.NOT.CARE that a staggering .0003125 percent of their fellow citizens have been wiped out.  Their failure to protect themselves would KILL me if it were not for my maximum strength facial and body protection.  I will therefore call the police and DEMAND that they be charged with felony assault and also quarantined, for their protection as well as mine.

I know that there are many, many more things I have to do to prepare for the end and get myself and my affairs in order.  Alas, NPR has me so wracked with panic that I can’t think straight. I know that they are simply being honest with us and doing their best to feed us the hard truth that we must face, no matter how painful it is. But DAMN THEM, don’t they care for our feelings?! Don’t they know that they’ve changed what little is left of my life FOREVER, that I will spend those few days, weeks, or, if God has mercy on me, months dreading each day, rather than savoring its beauty? Do they think any of us relish the idea of being remembered as 0.0003126 percent, the guy who moved the statistic upward by a notch?

Anyway, enough about me, and please forgive the sudden change in me. Also, expect what little content that appears in this blog in my last days to be considerably more serious and reflective of life’s deeper philosophical and Scriptural questions, ones that I hope to have answered before this plague carries me home to be with Jesus.   If you choose to depart this blog in search of more lighthearted fare, I’ll understand.

Be safe, and don’t let that dreadful death rate figure stick in your head and give you nightmares or thoughts of the Death Angel heading for your doorstep. Just follow my lead on cellophane, decontaminant body armor, and plenty of hand soap and toilet paper and you’ll kick that ol’ Death Angel’s arse all the way back to Wuhan.

Stay safe, guys! And again, kudos to NPR for sounding the alarm that no one else will, even as death stares them right in the face!


An Open Letter to “Subcontinental” Tech Recruiters

This is an open-letter rant directed at job recruiters for the IT field who are of …*ahem* … “Subcontinental” origin. If you are not in the IT field, are not looking for new job opportunities, or do not appreciate the use of harsh words directed at people of non-European origin, then you might want to skip this offering. Otherwise, feel free to read on. I would enjoy hearing from you if you agree, or have any practical solutions to this problem.

Dear Apu/Bapu/Gupta/Rajneesh/Sanjeet, or Whatever the Hell Your Name Is:

I have a serious bone to pick with you. I know I am not alone in having this set of complaints about you, but I am probably one of the few who is willing to let you know about it, in the language and tone in which you deserve to hear it. I would gladly do so using my real name. In fact, have come very close to sounding off on you when I’ve inadvertently answered your annoying, pestering phone calls. However, given the ultra-sensitive age in which we live, and knowing the near monopoly that you and your co-ethnics now have on this profession, I will take the low road and stay anonymous for the present.

Let me start off by saying that it is difficult for me to believe that you take your job seriously. Why do I say this? Because if you have spent any time in the real working world at all, you would know without even having to be told that clear and effective communication is essential to getting anything accomplished, in any job and at any level of employment. If you cannot communicate effectively with coworkers, superiors, or clients, then you accomplish nothing meaningful and are thus not only superfluous to your company, but an impediment to its mission and profitability. So what do you hope to accomplish by not being able to communicate clearly with people who, if you are able to work with them successfully and get them what they want, will earn you a paycheck? The message you send by not clearly communicating is that you are either salaried, with pay not tied to performance (doubtful); or that you do what you do as a sort of childish hobby (even more doubtful).

By communication, I mean both the written and oral form. I realize that English is not your native language (although, being an “educated” Subcontinental, you should have started learning it in early childhood and thus had more than sufficient opportunity to put it to daily use). However, if you are going to work in a profession where it is the de facto global business language, then not being able to communicate effectively in it is going to cripple you over the long term. The following is an extract of an email that I received from you earlier this week for a position that you mistakenly thought I would be interested in or was a fit for (more on that shortly):

“Helo [sic] [feeriker],


“Trust all well at your end.

“Please find below job description and reply me with you [sic] Updated resume and Salary expectation if you be [sic] interested.”

This is typical of the spam that you send me, sometimes three or more times per week. Apparently you also believe that lack of an immediate response means “he’s in shock and awe at the unrivaled opportunity I’ve just sent him and is too overcome with gratitude to answer right away,” rather than “he’s not interested and just wants you to bugger off.” But even if I were interested in what you were offering, please tell me: Why would I bother to even pay an extra second’s attention to something as poorly written as your email? Why would I believe that someone like you who is fundamentally unable to communicate in clear, simple English has any influence that would be able to connect me with the position?

Here’s another question: How would you react if I were to send you a similarly written piece of garbage, in English or one of the two dozen major Subcontinental languages, asking you to find me a position? Would you immediately think “Hey, I’ve found a real pearl among swine here! Let me drop everything else I’m doing right now and put him in contact with my most important clients right away!” I’m wagering that the answer to that question is no, and that you would waste ZE-RO seconds directing your typing finger to the DELETE button on your inbox. So why then do you similarly assume that the typical job seeker would be desperate enough to pay any attention to a recruiter who can’t even correctly write a pair of simple sentences in plain English?

Your inability to communicate is also probably directly related to your lack of attention to detail. I constantly read and hear recruiters of all levels of experience and ethnic backgrounds bitch, moan, and whine about how much time it takes to “slog through several million resumes.” Leaving aside the fact that that’s part of your freaking JOB, you lazy son of a bitch, it also speaks to either an inability or lack of desire to learn how to use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) correctly. These applications are highly configurable and can be set up to produce reports that are based on certain key pieces of information contained in a resume, selected in accordance with the client’s hiring criteria. HOWEVER, there is no escaping the fact that you are going to have to do some analysis on this second-tier information. You will have to refine the application’s reporting engine to identify potential applicants who have the specific skills, background, and experience your client is looking for. That is to say, information that simply key words or phrases plucked out of a resume during a tier-one search will NOT give you.  This, along with subsequent “eyeball” analysis of the results, does indeed take LOTS of time. However, if you really want to earn your paycheck by providing your client with as near to a perfect match for the position as there is, there is no way to avoid doing this additional work.  The fact that you obviously do NOT do it, that the position notices that you send out to potential applicants are obviously nothing more than the results of a first-tier keyword search, shows that you are either too incompetent or too lazy (probably both) to do the due diligence that needs to be done. Maybe you can answer another question for me here: Why is it that, of the two successful job placements I’ve had from third party recruiters, real professionals who actually took the time to read my resume carefully and match me with the ideal position their clients needed filled, BOTH of them were white American males? I know the answer to this, as do you, which is …

You only even bother contacting non-Subcontinental potential job candidates to avoid U.S. Department of Labor laws dealing with job discrimination. Any of us non-Subcontinentals who have spent even so much as a day working with or (Dear God forbid) for your fellow Subcontinentals knows that you prefer your own at all costs. Any company stupid enough to put one of you in the position of having the final say in hiring (and there are many such companies in the tech field these days) will never hire any employees who are non-Subcontinentals, no matter how ideally qualified for the open positions they are. There is nothing more breathtaking (and entertaining, to be honest) as a white European male than to observe non-European technology professionals of non-Subcontinental origin seething in their well-justified hatred for you people and your blatant nepotism. I know one thing: the next war between China and India will not be a nuclear military confrontation, but a labor confrontation in the technology industry in the United States. A nuclear Word War III will be peaceful by comparison. Either way, you really should be thankful that the whole H1B Visa scam is working in your favor. Enjoy it while you can, because upon the impending outbreak of the Second American Revolution you are all going to be unemployed and probably looking desperately for the first boat back to the Subcontinent before lynch mob justice catches up to you.

So please, just stop reaching out to white American IT professionals. It’s an insulting waste of our time, and certainly of yours as well, to say nothing of the needless delays it causes your clients in filling positions. And please, PLEASE, for freak’s sake, stop using European names when you write or call us!  If you had any idea how ridiculous it makes you look and sound, you would go into self-imposed exile out of a sense of shame and embarrassment. If no one else has had the guts to tell you, let me be the first: NOBODY is fooled, NOBODY is amused, and it just makes you lose what little credibility you might have had faster than if you had just been upfront and stayed plain ol’ Gupta, Bapu, or Sanjay. We still probably wouldn’t give you the time of day, but we wouldn’t necessarily summarily dismiss you out of hand, either.

So in closing, my personal message to you is “FOALMA” (“F*** Off and Leave Me Alone!”). Rude and unprofessional? Sure. But tell me, given what I’ve just described, why you think you deserve professional courtesy, and why I should pretend that you’re interested in placing me in a job that satisfies both me and your client. The fact that you make in-house recruiters, incompetent HR stumble-bums that they are, look honorable and able by comparison speaks to just how wretched your kind is.

Meanwhile, I look forward to finishing the rest of my certification training goals shortly, milestones that will enable me to establish myself as an independent consultant, obliterate any professional online profiles that are magnets for your sorry kind, and never deal with any of you again except possibly as clients, and even then only on MY terms.

Have a nice life.


Mourning The War Dead

Today, in the decaying remains of what was once the United States of America, we celebrate the unofficial beginning of Summer. It’s a day for heading outdoors (in normal times, anyway), taking time off from our labors to enjoy family, and in the evening, returning to our paleo roots by firing up charcoal cooking pits and searing the first outdoor meats of the post-Winter season.

That’s what the day has become in recent decades. In times past we would use this day to commemorate the death of the nation’s warriors in the many conflicts the Powers That Be have committed us to over the nation’s 244 years of existence. Hindsight reveals very few of these conflicts to have been justified, which no doubt has been no small contributing factor in the devolution of this holiday from one of commemoration and reflection to one of hedonistic pleasure.

I propose restoring this holiday to its original purpose, but not for the reasons that the jingoistic pseudo-patriots among us would have us celebrate it. Rather than celebrating the fallen as “heroes” who “defended out freedoms” to their very last death on glorious fields of battle, I would have us celebrate this day as a national Day of Mourning, or, perhaps more accurately,  a National Day of Shame. Far from having fallen in battle “defending our freedoms,” the unfortunate souls who made the ultimate sacrifice more often than not did so for the selfish interests of the Ruling Class, interests that had laughably little, if anything at all, to do with “our freedoms,” or even defending the country’s territorial integrity.

On a hot summer day, the day after the Fourth of July, 1979, I stood in a large room in a federal office building in downtown Oakland, California, raised my right hand, and swore the following oath:

”I, [Feeriker], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

Immediately thereafter I, along with the few dozen other deluded souls with whom I took the oath, was shuttled off to San Francisco International Airport across the Bay, put aboard a plane to San Diego, California, and for the next eight weeks molded into a member of the seafaring arm of The American Imperial Legions. The brainwashing and indoctrination, combined with the shallow and half-formed life goals I clung to at the time, would lead to squandering two precious decades of my short life in service to the imperial ambitions of the Reigning Cabal.

Looking back on the whole experience, and re-reading today the oath I took on that July day 41 years ago (an oath that has no expiration date, by the way), it shames me to think of a what a thoroughly and criminally lousy –indeed negligent– job I did in executing the key portion of my oath, in bold font in the quote above, and in particular the capitalized part. The Constitution of the United States, in particular the first ten amendments thereto, enshrine the “freedoms” that our rabid nationalists believe me to have been defending for two decades. Looking out on the landscape now, it is obvious that I did no such thing. Whatever it was that I was “defending,” it clearly was not that which is the only thing that makes the maintenance of the United States of America as a nation worth the effort.

The capitalized part of the oath cited above is by far the most criminally neglected part of it, for it is undeniable that ALL of the enemies of the Constitution of the United States have been domestic. Other than King George III of England, who for obvious reasons never would have wanted the Constitution enacted in the first place, exactly NONE of America’s foreign enemies have had any interest at all in the U.S. Constitution, let alone wanted to see it destroyed.

The Mexicans, whose territory the U.S. invaded in the late 1840s following its annexation of Texas, had no interest in destroying the U.S. Constitution; they merely wanted the Yanquis to GTFOO their territory and leave them in peace to let them live under their constitution, whatever form it might have taken.

The southern U.S. states that became the Confederate States of America not only did not want to destroy the U.S. Constitution, they were demanding that the very federal government charged under said Constitution with protecting it simply do its damned job and stop behaving unlawfully.. It was only when that government, under the tyrant Lincoln, refused to do so that they said “fuck this shit, we’re out.” Apparently, in Dishonest Abe’s mind, the demand that he adhere to the terms of the document that gave his rule any legitimacy at all was tantamount to destroying it.

The American Indians of the Plains States certainly didn’t want to destroy the Constitution or “take away our freedoms.” They just wanted the white man and his constitutional republican government to LTTFA so that they could enjoy THEIR freedom to live as a free people.

The Spanish sure the hell didn’t want to threaten the U.S. Constitution. The very idea was laughable even to the most ignorant of Americans on the street in 1898, which is certainly one reason why there was noticeably more opposition to the blatantly contrived war against Spain, and the imperial campaigns that followed it, than there had been to any other war up until that point in the nation’s history.

Kaiser Wilhelm II didn’t give a verdamnte Scheiẞe about the U.S. Constitution. His biggest gripe with the U.S. of A was its arming of his arch-rival, Great Britain, in violation of the U.S.’s own declared neutrality in what was then a world war, a series of acts precipitated by the bankster’s bitch Woodrow Wilson in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

It goes without saying that neither Uncle Adolf, Il Duce, nor General Tojo bore any animus toward the U.S. Constitution either, and that not only were they not interested in harming it, they actively tried to avoid conflict with America, Adolf and Hideki in particular pulling out all the stops to placate the U.S. government, often to their own detriment. Another bankster’s bitch, one Franklin Delano Roosevelt, couldn’t afford to let that happen, though, and thus provoked one of the aforementioned trio into attacking the U.S., thus dragging the other two into it out of political necessity.

After dragging the U.S. into a conflict that nearly destroyed humanity, solely at the behest of their bankster masters, the Cabal gave itself a breather of a few years before deciding that first North Korea, and then North Vietnam, two impoverished peasant countries on the other side of the globe that couldn’t even convincingly threaten their impoverished neighbors, let alone a First World power half a world away, were the latest dire foreign threat to the Constitution and “our freedoms.” By now nobody was even pretending to follow the constitutionally prescribed requirements for waging war on the nation’s behalf, and a century of government indoctrination masquerading as education had convinced a majority of the American masses that “my country, right or wrong” was as sacred an idea as anything in the Christian Bible and that if the government thought that war was good for the country, then by God, who was any mere peasant to say otherwise?

The last fifty years have seen the abandonment of even a pretense of defending the Constitution against foreign enemies and no one would even dare think of using the forces authorized by the government to deal with what are clearly domestic enemies.

In short, and to put it bluntly, EVERY SINGLE soldier, sailor, airmen, or marine who has given their life while wearing the uniform has, with the rarest of exceptions difficult to cite, done so not in defense of the Constitution, but in defense of the interests of it’s enemies. One need only to look at the trampling of the Bill of Rights that has taken place over the last two months (this being only the latest and most egregious assault in a series that goes all the way back to the founding of the republic) to see that NO ONE in any position of authority, in civil government or in the active or reserve armed forces, is taking their oath of office seriously. Until they do, the only way to “celebrate” Memorial Day is as a day of shame and a call to action.

So yes, it is indeed better that the American people simply use this day as an excuse to take a paid day of leisure than to pretend that it represents something more noble than it does. Until those who took the Oath of Enlistment atone for their negligence (and that includes yours truly) by standing up and doing something to defend the Constitution, specifically its first ten amendments, against the depredations of the globalist Ruling Class that have all but killed it, there is nothing to celebrate.

There may be a meaningful Memorial Day in the future, but I assure you of this: it will NOT be an official holiday recognized by any predatory government!

Welcome, Everyone!

I would like to begin by apologizing to the tiny handful of souls out there in the blogosphere who have been awaiting the debut of this blog with baited breath and growing impatience. Bewildered as I am at the eagerness, I’m pleased to finally be able to say that the wait is over. The delay is attributable to equal parts laziness, preoccupation with life’s more pressing matters, and indescribable frustration with WordPress and its blog editing tools (maybe it’s just me and my impatience in my old age, but this is not the first blog I’ve created, and none of the previous tools I’ve used have been as user-unfriendly as WordPress). But anyway, I’m finally here!

Most of you who will comment here will probably be “old friends,” so don’t take it personally if I make you go through “moderation purgatory” the first time you post. This is just to get the blog administration fine tuned, and it will be a one-time-only thing. For those of you are strangers, thank you for dropping by! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the place enough to become a “regular patron.” As the title and theme of the blog implies, it’s a lonely and often frustrating existence for those of us doing our best to keep the Faith and protect ourselves and our loved ones from the evil and insanity that surrounds us. I, for one, value my comrades in this fight and hope to find as many new ones as feel called to join the struggle. Keeping each other strong in faith in these trying times is essential, and we all need one another’s strengths if we are to move forward and preserve the integrity of the Body of Christ on Earth.

While most of you know me from “the manosphere,” this blog’s topics won’t be limited to this area of discussion. The challenges and trials we face are far more diverse than that, and this blog will reflect that fact. I have benefited from the wisdom and insights of many, many people across many walks of life and in many different disciplines and topics and I look forward to doing more of the same here. I also look forward to lively and productive discussions with all of you!

Finally, I ask that you bear with me as this tiny little repository of electronic commentary and wisdom matures. As sure as day follows night there will be errors, gaffes, and confusion. Your patience is much appreciated while these are remedied!

God bless you all, and let’s go!

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