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Brief (Hopefully) Hiatus (UPDATE 01/18/23)

I’ll be taking what I hope is a brief hiatus from posting (and commenting elsewhere) due to a sudden health issue. Three days ago I suffered what turned out to be a heart attack. Subsequent tests revealed sufficient damage to the heart that a bypass operation is required. I’ll probably be going under the knife within 72 hours of this posting. The overall prognosis is good, but this is the first major surgery I’ve had since childhood. I suppose that has me more on edge than usual, notwithstanding the fact that I already feel the power of those I know are praying for me. Any prayers that my readers can spare will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all, God bless you, and with His blessing I’ll see you again in a few weeks.

UPDATE: I’m happy to report that my surgery on Monday, January 16 went swimmingly. It was a triple bypass that the cardiothoracic surgeon said was completed in just four hours, meaning that there were absolutely no complications. I’m feeling great, all things considered, and got in four walks up and down the CVICU borridor yesterday (yes, they start exercising you the day after the surgery to get the heart muscles back into shape). The only pain I’m feeling is from the chest tube, which makes deep breathing painful, but other than that I feel fine. The care team says I should be out of the hospital in a few days.

Thanks again for all of your prayers, which our loving Lord clearly heard and responded to. I’ll keep you all posted over the next few days.

What Americans Would Be Doing If They Had Any Balls, Backbone, And Guts (UPDATE: 1/9/23)

Although he bitched out in the end like his American counterpart, The Orange Man, supporters of deposed Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro aren’t taking their president’s ouster lying down and have converged upon the national capital in protest. Unlike the January 6 protest in the U.S. of two years ago, this one appears to be grassroots and its participants are demonstrating that they mean business. While I’m not going to lay money on their odds of success, their actions are sending a very loud and clear message to the Globalist junta that has usurped power in Brazil. It’s also important to take into account that these people (most of them) don’t even have weapons at their disposal – unlike their American forbears of two years ago.

I wonder if any “American patriots”[TM] are paying attention to this event. I’m not betting on that, either.

Once again: America’s founders were fools who sacrificed and died in vain.

UPDATE: Well, I suppose that I should have known better than to believe that anything resembling a redux of the January 6 events was genuine, no matter where in the world it took place. It would appear that the Brazilian version is just as Deep State-contrived as was the original American event – even down to the inclusion of a clown character.

Honestly, I don’t know anymore what the solution is. Maybe just passively refusing to cooperate with the Regime and its stooge usurpers is the answer. Form parallel institutions and just passively secede, leaving the Globalist tyrants to rule over the braindead who are incapable of living free and independent lives while the rest of us forge ahead with building institutions of freedom and prosperity. Obviously organizing campaigns of active resistance is futile, as these will immediately be co-opted and neutralized by the Establishment.

Stay Away From Gubbimint Skoolz: Reason #66,652

Publik skoolz are not only dangerous for kids, but for the adult employees, too. The shocker with this incident is the age of the shooter. I think six years old has to be some kind of new record.

The first logical question that arises is where the kid got a gun, but I think we can pretty easily guess the answer to that one. Given the demographics of the Tidewater Virginia region (Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Suffolk and surrounding areas), we can safely make some assumptions about little Billy The Kid Wannabe’s background. For starters, it’s almost a certainty that his skin color is not pink-beige. Second, we can safely bet a year’s salary that he does not come from a UMC home consisting of an intact two-parent family concerned about his behavior and education. Third, the transient male lead resident of what passes for little Billy’s “home” is almost certain to be engaged in an “occupation” that relies heavily on the use of firearms. These firearms are very likely not stored or handled with NRA safety guidelines in mind, giving Little Billy ample opportunity to walk off with one at will. On closer reflection, and considering how many of our “Little Billies” there are out there (should we call them “hoodbillies?”), I’m very surprised that an incident of this sort hasn’t happened sooner and with more frequency.

As for the recipient of Billy’s bullet, I don’t wish her any ill. Yet if she’s typical of the liberal feminist women who become publik skool teechurz, my sympathy for her is limited. She certainly had to have known what her classes would consist of (i.e., some degree and variation of our little Billy) and what type of “homes” they come from. She also probably sees Billy as “oppressed” and therefore not responsible for his antisocial behavior. One wonders if, now that Billy’s antisocial behavior has hurt HER, if she’ll wake up and decide that being a tax-subsidized babysitter of violent little hoodbilly bastards is a less than optimal career choice, one with a very grim future. I’ve known several liberal women over the course of my adult life who went through lobotomy (i.e., teachers) college and out into the publik edjewkayshun battlefield, only to quit in disgust and desperation after less than five years. Nothing takes the “liberal” out of a woman like being bitten by Liberalism’s pets.

So let’s see if the media ever give us the race of our little gunslinger (doubtful), the parents’ reaction to what their little piece of excrement did (even less likely), or if little Billy is punished for his crime (I must be retarded to even suggest such an outlandish thing). Meanwhile, I’m going to pour myself a snifter of brandy, light up a Nicaraguan cigar, sit back and enjoy the decline.

I’m Lovin’ It

Borrowing a popular McDonald’s advertising slogan, what I’m lovin’ is watching the accelerated unraveling of “our” federal government – specifically, as evidenced by the deadlock over electing a Speaker of the House of Representatives (the House having adjourned without one) and that currently not one member of the 118th Congress has been formally sworn into office.

It’s broken, folks. Hopelessly, irremediably broken by decades of corruption, fraud, greed, apathy, and all-around moral collapse. It simply no longer functions as a mechanism for administration of constitutional government of the nation, and it’s beyond idiotic to keep pretending that it does. If we were to be brutally honest with ourselves, we would admit that this failed, if noble experiment of a nation began dying the day that the Constitutional Convention was convened (unlawfully) in Philadelphia in 1788. It has only gone down hill from there, each successive phase of the country’s history bearing witness to ever more of the corruption and slow destruction of the Republic. We are now entering the final, terminal stages of the decay.

Obviously I am not the least bit distressed by the dysfunction in Washington, D.C. and hope that no one else in the country is either. If we have learned nothing else from events of the last two years, it is that this cancerous half-cadaver of a government lacks any legitimacy whatsoever. To see its pitiful efforts to construct a facade of such legitimacy fail actually gives me hope that this nation of sheep may yet salvage something out of the impending national shipwreck.

All one can really say here is “enjoy the decline and the subsequent collapse.” Then prepare to build something new and better out of the ruins.

Happy New Year 2023!

May everyone of good will enjoy a new year filled with hope and the love and protection of God. Although there may be little reason to believe that this year will be any better than last year, let us keep the faith and do our best to live our lives as our Lord Jesus commands us, for He shall be our rock and our refuge.

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” ~ John 16:33 (KJV)

Things I Wish I Had Accomplished In 2022

New Year’s resolutions are so overrated and so pointless that I’m not going to insult myself by making any this year. Instead of promising to do better in the new year, I’m going to just take the lazy, easy way out and list the regrets for things I didn’t accomplish this year.

The following is a list, in no particular order, of 25 things I failed to do this year that would have made my life richer had I pulled them off:

  1. Making the ADL’s hit list
  2. Teaching my dog to howl “Eff Joe Biden/Let’s Go, Brandon!”
  3. Putting a “Get Well Soon” balloon on my mother’s tombstone
  4. Successfully suing the county election commission to get my dead mother unregistered as a Democrat
  5. Building and testing gun portals in the front facade of my house
  6. Buying shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles at local gun shows
  7. Putting up billboard ads along the freeway at the city limits adverising my city as “ID10T Certified”
  8. Making a telemarketer report me to my phone service provider for harrassment
  9. Inducing Jehovah’s Witnesses to run screaming in terror from my doorstep and blacklisting my address
  10. Domesticating one of the coyotes that occasionally wanders across my yard
  11. Setting up a still in my garage
  12. Opening a Canadian Restaurant in order to bring “diversity and balance” to our culinary choices here on the southern border
  13. Planting statues of the goddess Diana in front of churchian franchises that don’t understand biblical sex roles
  14. Selling “vote vouchers” to illegals coming across the border (hey, THEY don’t know that it’s all theater)
  15. Filling my boss’s office full of balloons while he was on vacation
  16. Giving my boss’s office furniture away on Craig’s List while he was on vacation
  17. Getting my employer to recognize my self-identification as a Senior Vice President and paying me accordingly
  18. Getting “disillusionment” recognized as a disability
  19. Getting loss of appetite for alcohol recognized as a disability
  20. Convincing Kari Lake to stop trying to become governor of a hopelessly failed state
  21. Convincing Donald Trump that his turn at “presidential LARPing” is over
  22. Convincing Brandon Biden that his turn at “presidential LARPing” is over
  23. Buying Venezuela for 500,000 shipping containers full of toilet paper
  24. Legally compelling drag queens to attend “Bible story hour”
  25. Reading the obituary of every single major politician in the western world

Oh well. There’s always next year.

Bolsonaro Caves

It is becoming more and more obvious that the biblical admonition to “put not your faith in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help” (Psalm 146:3 [KJV]) is wisdom that should be filed under “axioms.” Having filled the blogosphere with false hope with this post, it is with bitter disappointment that I share the news (H/T MBoI) that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has capitulated to the Globalist monster, as did his American counterpart The Orange Man two years ago. So much for all the bluster and threats to fight the corruption. One only wonders whether Bolsonaro was threatened with actual harm, blackmailed him with something not previously used against him, or if the masters of Clown World offered him something in the form of a bribe so lucrative that he couldn’t resist selling his soul to the devil. Maybe it was some combination of all three. I’m sure we’ll never know.

This episode certainly offers more evidence in support of the emerging view that the political Right is all hot air and no action. Alternatively, it might just be the latest piece of evidence that there really is no “political Right” that has any political power anywhere. It could just be that all “right wing” politicians are Globalist LARPers playing a carefully scripted role that has enabled their masters to slowly seize power by alternative means. That certainly would be in keeping with the Marxist tactics popular with the ruling Globalist kleptoplutocracy. As tightly controlled as access to the reins of power is around the globe, and as thoroughly corrupted and co-opted is the machinery of “democracy,” it absolutely stands to reason that the Globalist cabal that has an iron grip on power all over the world is going to make damned sure that no real opposition to it ever gains political power anywhere. In the case of Brazil, it would not be a stretch to believe that Bolsonaro is as much of a Globalist as those he has pretended to oppose and that his assigned role was to play the fake opposition until the time came to be defeated and let the masters reveal themselves. I’m becoming more and more convinced that The Orange Man played the same role here in the USSA.

If the aforementioned is true, then there is no political solution to Clown World within the current sociopolitical framework. This should have long ago been obvious to anyone paying attention, thus the wisdom of the aforequoted Psalm.

Will “The People” rise up and destroy the tyrannical Globalist cabal that is slowly killing them? That’s the only solution, and they will require God’s help to do it. Unfortunately, courage, resolve, and respect for and obedience of God are in very short supply among normies right now, so I have no grounds for optimism (fodder for a future post).

Meanwhile, may God help Brazil –and the rest of us– in the weeks, months, and years to come.

I Can Already Hear The Screams Of Indignation (From “Christian” Women)

Lori Alexander’s latest blog post features a quote from a man who left a comment on one of her YouTube videos (it’s annoying that Lori no longers allows comments on her blog, but she still presents valuable material) that points out the damage that women’s discontent has done, beginning in The Garden and continuing all the way up to the present where Marxist ideologues across the West continue where the serpent left off. From what I saw of the blog when she allowed comments, Lori has a core group of women following her who are truly “transformed” as she herself claims to be and who recognize and uphold biblical truths about and roles for women. Yes, a few “dissidents” would post, but the majority were in full agreement with her positions. Evidently, however, it’s a very different story on Facebook and YouTube. Eve and Jezebel dominate the comments there, not Sarah and Mary. One would certainly expect that from women viewing Lori’s platform who vocally reject God and His Scriptures, but apparently that’s not the quarter from which she takes the most flak; it’s women who claim to be Christians who are her most vicious critics. Thid is wholly unsurprising.

I’m sure that women having their noses rubbed in the reality of their own rebelliousness as a sex causes tremendous discomfort, much like the mythical vampire reacts to having a mirror held up in front of itself. This appears to be especially true of “Christian” women, their non-believing sestren having no moral or spiritual basis over which to feel ashamed of their rebellious nature. It is the “Christian” women who feel the tension between what they know should be their personal convictions as women reborn in Christ and what their unredeemed souls and flesh desire. We pray that true conviction and repentance born of the Holy Spirit finds them soon. The day of judgment will soon be upon us.

Christ Our Savior Is Born

“And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” ~ Luke 2:8‭-‬11 (KJV)

A very Merry and Blessed Christmas to all of my readers!

Is This The Future For Divorce Lawyers?

A family law attorney in Lawrenceville, Georgia has been murdered in his office and his office burned down by the husband of one of his female clients who is in the process of divorcing him and whose case the attorney was handling.

While this sort of reaction by men being divorced (especially those being frivorced) is rare, one wonders if the encouragement wives are getting to divorce their husbands for as much cash and prizes as they can carry away is going to send more and more men over the edge. While the marriage rates will continue to decline as men continue to be disincentivized to marry, those who remain within this crumbling institution will continue to face increasingly dire punishments for doing so.

I don’t think that I would have gone after my estranged wife’s lawyer, but then again, a man pushed to the breaking point isn’t exactly thinkimg clearly (of course the feminist brigade will assert, without a shred of evidence, that the culprit in this case was already a violent abuser). While it’s highly unlikely that this incident by itself will prompt any second looks at or thoughts about the current divorce industry in the rapidly collapsing USSA, one wonders if an epidemic of such incidents will, if only prompted by self-preservation instincts in the participants.