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I Agree, Chuck; Let’s Remember These Poor Men This Memorial Day

Chuck Baldwin’s latest editorial reminds us of the now mostly forgotten sailors and marines onboard the USS Liberty who lost their lives in an attack by “America’s Greatest Ally” (/sarc) on June 8, 1967. This event has special significance for me because of my previous life as a seagoing mercenary in Uncle Sam’s Maritime Legion. Had I been born 20 years earlier, there is a very good chance that I would have been one of the cryptologic crew members onboard the Liberty on that dark day. Had I been, doing the job then that I did in the Navy 20 years after the attack, I would very likely have been “Chelsea Manning’d,” as I would have had direct knowledge of what EXACTLY happened (as in NSA-type knowledge) and would not have been able to live with myself if I were to have obeyed President Lyndon Johnson’s orders to lie and keep my mouth shut.

Read Chuck’s article. I also highly recommend reading Assault on the Liberty by James Ennes, one of the cryptologic officers who was a surviving crew member. You’ll react with righteous rage at how the U.S. Navy, the Pentagon, and the Washington political establishment handled the affair and wasted no time kissing Israeli ass while stabbing their own sailors and marines in the back.

I also had the honor shortly before retiring from the Navy of hearing a presentation by (and meeting in person) Joe Lentini, another survivor and a cryptologic technician. To say that he had no doubts whatsoever that the attack was intentional would be putting it mildly. Indeed, the photos he showed of the ship and the aftermath of the attack that day tear to shreds the official story issued by Tel Aviv and its American bitches.

So please, my fellow Americans, remember the fallen crew members of the USS Liberty this Monday on Memorial Day. Their own corrupt, cowardly government wants them erased from historical memory. Let’s keep it alive, and NEVER LET (((THEM))) FORGET THAT WE KNOW THE TRUTH!

Yet Another Reason To Dislike (And Distrust) Elon

The ticket-taking, two-faced billionaire doesn’t like people working from home. It’s not fair, says the current pretend owner of the Deep State enterprise called Twitter, that people who are service workers can’t work from home while the “laptop class,” as he calls them, can. Apparently when you can pretend to be one of the richest men in the world (even though the “Shadow People” are the real owners of your money and just let you play with it – as long as you play their game), you become sufficiently hubristic to not care what comes out of your mouth, no matter how ridiculously juvenile, crass, or nonsensical it sounds. Sane people would think that Elon’s latest utterance is something that came from a 12-year-old Middle Schooler, not a grown man who runs multi-billion-dollar (government subsidized) corporations. But Elon has always pretty much demonstrated a complete lack of concern for the world’s opinion of him.

So why do Elon’s knickers get in a wad over telecommuting? Why is this his current pet peeve? Apparently he has no real respect for tech workers who aren’t “grunts” (i.e., whose jobs require physical presence at a facility, such as network engineers or server administrators). This despite the fact that the “laptop classes,” as he so disparagingly labels them, have made key contributions to his overhyped electric automobile and his not-ready-for-prime-flight spacecraft. I think we can also safely say that it wasn’t the “laptop classes” who were behind Tesla’s phoenix-like batteries, or his space Edsels’ tendency to blow up shortly after launch. Those, methinks, were both the creations of engineers who did all their work in Elon’s sacred office and factory spaces. Maybe he should have asked THEM to work from home.

Anyway, read the linked article, if you can stand it. We know that Elon’s a pothead and methinks he toked up some before going on his rant. It certainly doesn’t make much sense unless you’re stoned. And as for the “not fair” part, I have to ask: did anybody put guns to the heads of the people he thinks have been wronged, forcing them to choose careers that don’t lend themselves to remote work? I didn’t think so. Grow up, Elon.

Well, DUH (Again)

How could this possibly be news or a surprise to anyone with a functioning brain stem who has been paying attention for the last seven years? (H/T Lew Rockwell)

As I commented elsewhere recently, Americans suffer from an addiction called “elections,” an addiction worse and more destructive than that of heroin or alcohol. It’s also a key ritual in the failed civic religion called “Democracy” that most of them worship more ardently than they do the God of Abraham and His Son.

Will the majority wake up and finally foresake the nonsense? Maybe once things collapse into complete anarcho-nihilism, by which point it will be too late. But in the immediate term I would count on nothing changing and the status quo of Charlie Brown attempting to kick Lucy’s football continuing. At some point in history when God was creating human heads, he ran out of bone, brain, and flesh by the time he got to Americans and had to use granite instead.

Piss Makers Are Self-Destructing

Miller Brewing Company has apparently decided to join Anheuser Busch in committing corporate seppuku by launching a feminism-laced Miller Lite ad. One hopes for Miller’s sake that there are more bints drinking Miller Lite than men, but I wouldn’t bet money on it. Apparently Miller wants to get out of the piss brewing business, as apparently does Anheuser Busch.

Will this lead to American men rediscovering what real beer is? I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen, either, but I’ll be watching my local craft breweries for any sign of wokeness. That might lead me to conclude that there’s a war on beer being waged along with a war on piss (beer being a man’s drink, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised).

At any rate, this is shaping up to be very entertaining. I wonder how desperate for non-woke piss American men will get as their favorite brands continue to stab them in the back?

He’ll Get a Visit From The FBI For Sure

And hopefully he’ll tell them to fuck off and get off of his property in as Christian a manner as possible. In any case, this brave pastor dad gives the Ashville school board a well-deserved earful. I only hope that he’s not sending his own kids to the gubbimint indoctrination centers.

(H/T Lew Rockwell)

Of Course He Lied; He Does It Often Enough

MBoI points out the obvious, that Elon Musk lied to the world when he promised to reform Twitter and make it a genuine platform for free speech. His recent appointment of an SJW WEF feminist woke Globalist as Twitter CEO is essentially a repudiation of everything he’s ever promised about reforms since buying Twitter. Elon is certainly no stranger to lying, both through stating untruths and through omission of facts. His history as CEO of Tesla alone provides mountains of evidence of that. His long-held transhumanist agenda doesn’t lend him an air of trustworthiness with us little folk either. Why people continue to trust and put faith in him, another “instabillionaire” in the mould of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, is an enduring mystery (althought it probably shouldn’t be; after all, people still insist on voting and are still getting the Davos Death Jab).

To me, the most immediately important point Vox brings up is the last one in the first link. What does Tucker Carlson have to say about this latest event in the platform he’s chosen to host his new program? He is (or will soon be), after all, Twitter’s biggest draw. Has he considered how Yaccarino’s leadership could affect the content of his programming? Is he not the least bit concerned about this turn of events? He hasn’t yet made any public statements as far as I’m aware, but if this doesn’t raise red flags with him, then maybe we’re justified in wondering whose side Tucker is really on.

It’s Not Going To Be Done Peacefully, Or By The Powers That Be

I chuckle cynically whenever I read or hear calls to abolish or disarm (or disarm and abolish) various government bureaucracies. The authors of these pieces never clearly suggest how this to be done. They’re clearly not foolish enough to seriously suggest that the government itself hear the People’s pleas and put limits on its own power. Nor are they brave enough to suggest that the People use their millions of guns and trillions of rounds of ammunition for something other than target practice.

To be fair and clear, I’m in full agreement with the sentiments behind the linked article. The problem is that it, like nearly all of its kind, is little more than the literary equivalent of hitting a punching bag in a gym, or smashing glass bottles against the brick wall of an alley. It might make you feel better, but it’s wasted energy that accomplishes nothing toward solving the problem that is the source of frustration and complaint. Most of us already know how deep the rot has set into the country’s national fiber and that the existing system, long in throes of metastasized cancer, is in its terminal stage.

Unfortunately, dying nations, especially those that are dying empires, do not accept death as an inevitability and endure it with dignity. Instead they turn violent in their death throes, lashing out at their own subjects, whom they (usually correctly) see as threats to their continued existence. This is when government is at its most lethal: when it knows that its days are numbered.

We Americans should know by now that the existing system is beyond reform. There is simply no way to restore Constitutional reupblican (small “r”) government within the Constitutional framework set up by the nation’s founders. That framework was destroyed long ago from within, arguably beginning as soon as the ink was dry on the parchment of the governing document, but certainly no later than April 1865, after General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. Once the cancer metastasized, it was only a matter of time before it killed the nation. We are now in the terminal stage. Whatever “America” consists of a few years from now, it will bear no resemblance whatsoever to the nation bequeathed us by the founding generation, and thus not a nation worth preserving.

We know what we need to do in order to restore freedom and the Rule of Law. It won’t save the United States of America (that patient is terminal), but it certainly can lead to the birth of a new nation grounded in the Heritage U.S.A.’s founding principles, one that has learned from the U.S.A.’s tragic and destructive mistakes. There is a remnant capable of making this happen.

The problem, of course, is that no one wants to stick their neck out. There are no leaders of the kind that founded the U.S.A. 250 years ago, at least not any who are visible today. Indeed, if Americans of 250 years ago had been the Americans of today, there would never have been a revolution for independence from Britain. Actually, I doubt there would have been any British colonies in North America to have survived beyond a season, given the complete lack of resilience, ruggedness, and adaptability of the population. It is a legitimate question to ask: is there even any point in lamenting loss of freedom in America if the vast majority not only doesn’t care about it, but is hostile to any effort to restore it?

The bottom line is that restoring freedom by disarming and abolishing government bureaucracies, especially at the federal level, is something that We The People are going to have to do by force of arms. There are at least 30 million gun owners in America who amongst them have over one trillion rounds of ammunition. That’s nearly ten percent of the country’s population, larger than the active duty strength of all four branches of the armed services, and with more ammunition than the armed forces or the federal bureaucracies combined! We could do it, but we just don’t have the will. People still aren’t hurting enough yet. Who knows if they ever will hurt enough to move them to act.

So to all pundits out there, professional and amateur alike, who would write another “Abolish the [Name Armed Bureaucracy Here]!” article, do tell us how you would see that done. Otherwise you’re engaging in nothing more than editorial masturbation, and not very original masturbation at that.

He Ain’t Backin’ Down Or Goin’ Away

Tucker Carlson, that is. But nobody seriously thought he would. Meanwhile, it’s quite entertaining to see his talentless hack critics at other media outlets who will never achieve a fraction of what he has achieved show their true moron selves publicly. Here’s one particularly egregious example that features the lying Jew bitch who supposedly was behind the firing.

Fear not, Tucker. You and your talents will live on and make history, while your lying, conniving, talentless, (((Cabal))) and Deep State-owned propagandist competitors will soon be forgotten and consigned to the ash heap of history where they belong.