Putting A Moratorium On New Posts

Yesterday, while editing a new post, I made some changes to my original draft and then went to preview them. I immediately noticed that none of the changes had been saved, as nothing was showing in the draft preview window. Attempting to verify the new edits, I had the following message pop up in the WordPress post editor: “Updating failed. Sorry, you are not allowed to edit this post.”

This is the first time in the nearly 18 months of this blog’s existence that I have ever encountered such a message. I was editing what was one of those posts for which I amrather notorious, a post containing very politically incorrect thoughts and words, and this error message (highlighted in a scarlet text box, I might add) only made sense as a an attempt to censor what I was writing. This surprises me not at all, given WordPress’s burgeoning unsavory reputation for content censorship. Assuming that my surmise for the purpose of the error message is correct, I have made the decision to chuckit WordPress.com’s free hosting platform altogether. I haven’t decided yet what I will replace it with, but in the meantime I will be putting a moratorium on new posts on this blog until a suitable alternative platform is found. Leaving new content for even another day in WordPress’s hands is simply not acceptable under these circumstances.

Whatever new platform I choose I intend to keep the same URL (minus the WordPress domain) and title and I will migrate existing content over in order to maintain continuity. I intend to make it as easy as I can for my few followers to continue following me, but have decided that WordPress.com has GOT to go. Free and convenient is still too high a cost if it the product is speech control.

Poll: Which U.S. State Should We Give To The Afghan Refugees?

Since we’ve essentially been presented as a fait accompli the flood of Afghan refugees into the U.S. in the wake of our disastrous shitshow there, we might as well make the best of the situation by giving them their own state as a homeland. This of course should not be done without conditions attached. Such conditions should definitely include:

  1. The understanding that their new homeland will be a self-governing nation wholly separate from the United States of America.
  2. . With condition number 1 understood, the understanding that they will not be authorized entry into any portion of the United States without first going through the U.S. State Department’s visa process.
  3. The granting of their own homeland will absolve both the government and the people of the United States of any further support or aid obligations.
  4. The understanding that any hostile actions by the new Afghan homeland against the United States, to include alliances with America’s enemies or agitating for war against her, will be regarded as an act of war and will precipitate a response appropriate to such an act.
  5. The understanding that while the government of the United States will do its best to induce the existing American inhabitants of the land granted to the Afghan refugees to leave, taking advantage of inducements and fair compensation offered by the U.S. government to relocate themselves elsewhere within the U.S., that not all existing inhabitants will choose to leave and that the new government of the Afghan homeland will guarantee them all the rights accorded to ethnic Afghans.

In the poll you will notice that I’ve restricted the choices to six, for simplicity’s sake. You will also notice that I’ve omitted what would seem to be obvious choices, California most prominent among them. I’ve omitted California for purely selfish reasons. I live next door to the place and know that it already has more problems than it can handle. Adding Afghans to the mix would very likely be the straw that broke the camel’s back, causing Newsomistan’s problems to spill over into my backyard. Nope, not having that, not for a second, no way.

You’ll also notice that the Deep South (specifically Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi) are missing as well. Those are the states that I’ve proposed as Dindustan. As with Commiefornia, adding the likes of Afghans to a sea of Dindus would be creating the equivalent of the cobalt bomb in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes that blew up the earth and destroyed humanity. So, no, those states are also out.

Anyway, I’m open to other suggestions in the comments, but here’s the poll:

Which U.S. state should the U.S. government give to the incoming Afghan refugees as a homeland?

A. Delaware (Bidenistan)

B. Maryland (Mother of D.C.)

C. Michigan (already full of Muslims)

D. New Jersey (The Garbage State)

E. Oregon (no explanation needed)

F. Washington (no explanation needed)

Enter responses in the comments section.

Will “Flu Shots” Be Used As A Backdoor/Cover For The COVID Jab?

The title question was prompted by an email I received this morning from work announcing the availability of flu shots at two office locations in the region. Being a newbie at the company, I have no idea whether or not they do this every year, but I’ve never worked for a private-sector firm that offers free flu shots to its employees. I never take “flu jabs,” so I won’t be taking them up on their offer. I do wonder, though, how many of us “COVID vaxxine refusniks” also regularly get flu shots? Given the utter lawlessness that has characterized both the MPHIC (Medical-Pharmaceutical-Hospital-Insurance Complex) and the government agencies that enable them (e.g., the COVID Distribution Coven and the Fatal Drug Advocates), is the title question an unreasonable one to ask? If they can’t get people to volunteer for the jab, then find a covert means to give it to them. No one who receives a jab has any real assurance of what exactly is being pumped into their body, so would the recipient of a flu jab have any real way of knowing that the jab they were getting was for plain ol’ flu (the existence of which everyone has ignored for the last year and a half) or the coof?

It should be obvious to everyone by now that we’re well past the point of being able to trust anything that either GovCo or the MPHIC says or does. We’ve seen the depths of mendacity and lawbreaking they’ve gone to in order to enforce the Globalist agenda, so why should we assume that they have any integrity left at all (if they ever had any in the first place)?

This Is Why I’ve Never Really Trusted Him

If he thinks that this is going to be an effective way of getting himself back into the White House in 2024, then he’s either delusional, or, much worse, has the Cabal’s backing to become Sockpuppet-in-Chief again. I lean towards the latter, as no one who wants Middle America’s vote (even in an admittedly meaningless election) is going to advocate for the Lethal Jab. He’s made no secret of being pro-vaxx (Operation Warp Speed), which should have made everybody sit up and take notice and re-evaluate their loyalty to the guy.

I can see mushy, weak Deplorable heads exploding and morale collapsing if the Orange Man turns out to have been a Deep State actor all along. On the other hand, maybe that is just what’s needed to finally wake those people the fark up.

MSM Morons (Inadvertantly?) Destroy COVID Vaxx Narrative

In their zeal to mock and discredit Texas Governor Greg Abbott, MSNBC lets slip that the governor has tested positive for COVID despite having been vaccinated. Like all MSM hit pieces, the network’s goal was to engage in an act of Schadenfreude in the wake of the governor’s ban on mask mandates within the Lone Star State, along with his appearing maskless at a recent social event. However, the mention of his being vaccinated would seem to be a major gaffe on the media’s part, given the dedication to preserving the prevailing official narrative about the COVID vaccine being 100 percent effective at what it as a vaccine is supposed to do: keep people from getting the disease that it protects against. That the media admits to this instance of failure is revealing.

On the other hand, cynic that I’ve become, it could just be that the media now assume that anything they regurgitate at the Amoricon sheeple will be swallowed at face value and never questioned. Given the degree to which COVID Hysteria (the most advanced form of COVIDIOCY) has gripped the collapsing USSA, they’re assumption is very likely correct.

At any rate, we need to remember that “tested positive for” COVID does not mean “sick with it,” as in showing symptoms. Matter o’ fact, all anecdotal evidence suggests that few people who test positive for the virus ever manifest symptoms of it. Let us hope that this is the case for Governor Abbott and that he gets to have the last laugh.

What Happens When A People Permits Itself To Be Disarmed: Example No. 3,594,251,112

If this is a legitimate news report (and I don’t doubt for a second that it is, based on recent events Down Under), then this should by the spark that ignites the civil war powder keg. This taking place in Australia, however, makes me doubt that there will be any serious resistance to this form of joint government-MPHIC tyranny. The Aussies have been cucked and pussified for three decades or more and are ripe for enslavement and slow annihilation.

On the plus side, they can serve as a warning to what little is left of the free world so that it can prepare itself accordingly when the tyrants make the same move elsewhere.

“Get Out – NOW!”

How long will it be, in the wake of the USSA’s ignominous expulsion from Afghanistan, before long-time “allies” on whose soil the Empire has been garrisoning legions give Washington the order in the title? I cannot imagine any remaining value in the presence of Amerikan legionnaires to any of the Empire’s few remaining allies. Indeed, they’re probably more of an embarrassment and a potential magnet for danger than they are any kind of a defensive shield.

On a related note, if this is in any way factual (I tend to doubt it, as CHICOMM intelligence organs should have long ago confirmed it; thirty thousand troops are pretty difficult to hide, especially on an island as small as Taiwan), then the Empire is about to meet its Waterloo/Stalingrad. I say it again, that I rejoice at having extricated myself from the legions over two decades ago. Pity the bastards still indentured and unable to do so.

Interesting times indeed.

In Other Earth-shattering News, The Sun Will Set In The West Tonight

During my weekly visit with my mother this afternoon, she had FauxNews on the tee vee and we watched some of news coverage of the unfolding debacle in Afghanistan. My reaction was a minority one: I laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more. I laughed not at the tragedy that is about to befall the Afghan people, which is a dreadful tragedy indeed, but at Our Rulerz shock and befuddlement at the situation. That, more than anything I have witnessed recently, confirms to me that we Americans are (mis)ruled by a cabal of criminal morons. Not mere criminals, but profoundly stupid criminals, which are the world’s most dangerous kind. Seriously, this must be a manifestation of God’s wrath being poured down upon us – being condemned to be ruled by retards.

No one who has even a rudimentary knowledge of Afghanistan or of the U.S. military and “intelligence” (hah!) community is even the least bit surprised by current events. Literally every one of us who knows anything at all about Afghanistan predicted 20 years ago that this day would come. Indeed, we marveled at the sheer idiocy of not only invading and occupying Afghanistan, but also the idea that any adult with an above-room temperature IQ could believe the official BS that the country had anything whatsoever to do with the events of 9/11/01. Then again, when it comes to knowledge of the wider world, you’re hard pressed to find a more benighted and credulous bunch than Americans. The Globalists knew where the world’s largest bill of goods market is to be found.

Yes, this is a tragedy for America. A tragedy for the hundreds of billions of dollars in national treasure wasted, for the tens of thousands of American lives needlessly squandered there, for the hundreds of thousands of Afghan lives lost, and for the broken veterans of the war there who, like their Russian predecessors a generation ago, came to realize that their sacrifice waste a vain waste. The resentment of these veterans against their government should be immense, enough for them to demand an explanation and atonement. Instead it is infinitely more likely that the ruling imperial cabal, its back against the wall, will turn on these veterans and brand them a terrorist threat, like they brand anyone who dissents.

Not for nothing is Afghanistan called “The Graveyard of Empires.” Macedonians, Persians, Arabs, Mongols, British, Russians, Americans. All tried to tame Afghanistan, all failed. Some were destroyed in the process. Several observers have already pointed out that the Soviet Union collapsed within two years of withdrawing from Afghanistan, and their withdrawal was infinitely less chaotic and panicked than America’s is right now. The American government, gassy with hubris as always, predicted that there was no way the Taliban would reassert power following U.S. forces withdrawal, demonstrating for the trillionth time its horrifying ignorance of the world it is so determined to rule over. It should no longer be a wonder to anyone why America has not won a single one of the hobby imperial wars that it has started over the last three quarters of a century.

Invading and occupying Afghanistan will go down in the history books as not only the stupidest move the Amerikan Empire ever made (we’re talking “invade Russia in the middle of winter” stupid), but the decision that accelerated its death spiral. One would think that the ignominy of today’s events (Saigon 1975 redux, anyone?) would prompt some serious introspection and lead to some hard “lessons learned.” Nope. The Satanic Globalist Cabal that rules us doesn’t do introspection, nor does it learn lessons or admit defeat. There will be at least one more attempt by the dog to return to its vomit before it is neutered once and for all. That act itself just might prompt events that drive the final nail into Pax Americana’s coffin.

Interesting times indeed.

Odds And Ends, Volume 3

This Sunday brings another weekly potpourri of topics that don’t have enough meat for full posts of their own, but that I feel merit commentary. What follows are a few of these that caught my attention this week.

Because They’re Part Of That Same Corrupt Establishment, That’s Why

Angelo Codavilla asks in a recently published article in American Greatness entitled “The Silence Of The Shepherds” where all of the nation’s true leaders are hiding and why has no one come forward, like Moses out of the desert, to lead the American people in ridding themselves of their Globalist Marxist oppressors. He seems genuinely shocked and frustrated that few Republicans show any signs of seriously resisting the status quo, and that of the few that do, almost none go beyond bellicose bluster to translate their threats into action. Dr. Codavilla, like almost all tradcons, appears to be blind to the fact that almost all of Republican politicians, at any level of government, are corrupt criminals just like the Democrats. They are in office not to represent and address the needs of the American people, but to enrich and aggrandize themselves. They pay just enough loud lip service to traditional American ideals and morality to keep their gullible, ignorant idiot constituents voting for them, no matter how perfidiously they repeatedly betray them. Whether or not Codavilla’s blindness is willful remains to be seen, but he most certainly is intelligent enough to know, and must certainly be aware that no honest person runs for political office nowadays, if they ever did in the past, and that given the intractable corruption of the current pay-to-play system, none can or ever will. Every would-be crusader who has ever gone off to Washington or to their state capital determined to “clean the place up” (or “drain the swamp,” if you prefer) has been co-opted by the system and become part of the persistent problem. Codavilla has to know this, that there is no political solution to what ails us, that any political “solution” just becomes Phase One of the next set of problems. Tradcons, however, cannot admit to themselves what’s required to fix this mess, as that would involve sacrifices, maybe even the supreme one. The idea of taking up arms to “water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants” is just too distasteful and crude for their dainty sensibilities. For all of their liberal quoting of the Founders, these people have none of the Founders’ insights or courage.

To be fair, I don’t know for a fact that Dr. Codavilla’s position is that of what I call the traditional “cuckservative.” However, his failure to address the obvious here doesn’t give one a strong sense of hope that he sees the light, the real, ultimate cause of the current rot. If he does, and his goal in this article is to get his readers to reach the obvious conclusion on their own, then his prose is clumsy for the purpose. Simply stated, I hope my assumptions here about Dr. Codavilla are wrong. I hope his future offerings will confirm that.

Only In Blue America …

… would an organization like AntifaBLM get away with what it did in Portland last week, assaulting a gathering of Christians assembled for prayer. Had this event taken place in a part of the country inhabited by civilized American human beings conscious of and ready to defend themselves, their families, and their rights, not only would there have been a mountain of Marxist corpses polluting the public square, but very likely a bunch of dead useless cops as well. Remember, dear readers, that the brain-dead meat puppet usurper has it as his goal to turn all of the USSA into Portland. We know that there will be hot civil war and the dissolution of the American union before that can ever be achieved, but he’s going to give it his best angry-retard shot.

As for why the cops stood by and not only did nothing, but sneeringly mocked the assault victims, we need to remember that AntifaBLM is now an official terrorist arm of the Regime and that the Portland cops were treating them as allies in implementing and agenda from on high, not threats to the public order. So far, AntifaBLM has been able to behave this way only in states controlled by the Marxist Left. It’s up to us here in Red State America to ensure that should they become emboldened enough to believe that they can get away with this here that they are very quickly and brutally disabused of that idea, along with their uniformed enablers.


If this hasn’t yet gone viral, it very soon will. Be sure to download it if you can, and share it with as many others as you can before JewTube memory-holes it.

Letting Your Employer Know Where You Stand On The COVID Not-Vaxxine

This letter drafted by an anonymous LewRockwell.com reader to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of their company pleading with them not to make vaccination mandatory for their employees, warning them of the unintended consequences surely to follow should they do so, and giving them a lesson in liberty, Christian ethics, and morality at the same time is a masterpiece. It’s rather long, and also has some sections that appear to be specific to this individual’s industry, but it serves as an excellent template for anyone else to use in communicating with their own corporate leadership. I attended a company “town hall” meeting last week in which my own employer’s Chief of Personnel stated that while vaccines are not currently mandatory and that there are no immediate plans to make them so, “that could all change, depending on local government policy.” In other words, the company appears to intend to blindly obey whatever fiats are issued by government, whether or not they are in the obvious best interests of the company or its staff. Maybe I need to modify this template and send a copy to my company’s CEO this week. I’ve never met him personally, but he seems like a very reasonable guy, a man with decades of experience in his industry who knows how to lead people. Sadly, the rest of the executive leadership appears to be of the same conformist mindset as everyone else in corporate America and will probably go all-out to enforce “groupthink” once Big Brother demands compliance. At any rate, we who dissent from the forced medical experimentation regimen being forced upon the country need to make our voices heard RIGHT NOW. Consider sending a version of this letter, anonymously, to your CEO. It might just get their attention and cause some introspection leading to sanity in the face of madness.

Churchianity Is Dead, Example Number 2,142,334

My nonagenarian mother, who lives by herself in a senior citizens community not far from us, has been pining for the year that she has lived here for worship services to take place within the community under the guidance of a visiting pastor. Apparently the community used to have such a program in place before the Reign of COVID began, but, like everything else, canceled the program. Of course every other pre-Reign of COVID program has been re-implemented but this one, and apparently none of the house staff has been able to tell Mom when visiting pastors will return. I haven’t come right out and said it to Mom, but I can tell her with near certainty that “the house” has never even attempted to restart the program. “Religion” simply is not a priority to these people. If Mom, or any of the residents of this community want a visiting pastor, they, or their family members like me, are going to have to be the ones to make it happen.

Well, I decided this week to try to make it happen and made calls to nearly a dozen local (within a few miles of Mom’s residence) churches to inquire as to whether or not there was a Senior Citizens Outreach Ministry of any kind. To my absolute UN-surprise, not a single one had any such ministry. Not only did they not have one, the idea seems to have never even registered with them and they were clearly uninterested in pursuing it. I kindly thanked them for their time and added them to my list of “false churches.”

As I said, my experience did not surprise me in the least, although it certainly did disappoint and anger me. Other than men as a sex, senior citizens are the demographic most neglected by the church today. I actually recall the senior pastor of Mom’s church in California many years ago responding to the question of what to do for seniors in the church: “bury them.” No, he wasn’t being facetious, either. It was his contemptuous dismissal of them. Seniors face the same condescending treatment by pastors and elders, and, as with men, what little attention churchians do pay them is mostly for the purpose of extracting money and labor from them. They couldn’t care less about their spiritual health, their souls, or their lives as human beings. In considering the responses of these churchian franchises to the plight of seniors, it occurred to me that if there is to be a ministry to Mom and her neighbors, I might have to be the one to get it off the ground somehow. I have no idea how to do that, or even if God wants me to be the one to do it. This is a subject that is going to require a lot of prayer and guidance.

Meanwhile, Mom substitutes meat-space fellowship with other believers by watching TeeVee sermons delivered by highly suspect “preachers.” So far she hasn’t shown any evidence of falling under the sway of anything evil, nor has she donated money to any of them. To say that this situation is sub-optimal is putting it far too kindly. While I, too, have given up on what today passes for “church” and have substituted Sunday fellowship with in-home bible readings and prayer, this is also sub-optimal. Unless or until the body of believers is reconstituted –and by “believers” I do NOT mean the people who gather on Sunday mornings in a building to do singy-praisy, listen to an hour of false teaching from a biblically-ignorant hireling, and then go back to doing what they do the other six and nine-tenths days of the week– the sub-optimal will continue.

If any of my readers have any words of wisdom on outreach to senior citizens in this day and age of neglectful, dying churchianity, please do share. This weighs heavily on my heart, almost as much as the involuntary separation my wife and I are suffering right now.

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