Arsenal Augmentation

Went to a local gun show this weekend and picked up a couple of new additions to the family firepower. The rifle, a Rossi RS22 semi-automatic, one that I had test fired a few weeks ago, liked the feel of, and found very reasonably priced, is one I look forward to taking on a field trip for small game hunting (wild turkey will be in season in the Fall) once I take some range time to get it properly adjusted. The pistol (no, this picture isn’t of the one I purchased, it’s just the same model, slightly different color. Got mine for roughly the same price as the tag on the one in the photo, though) was …well, I don’t want to call it an “impulse purchase,” but it was one that I wanted to make in order to have a slightly more powerful pistol for carry outside the house. I already own a Taurus 9mm pistol that I’ve been very pleased with, and the 45 is sure to not disappoint either. Taurus makes a very decent handgun for a very decent price. I’ll probably take the 45 out to the range first, ahead of the rifle, as I really need more practice with small arms firing than large. I’ve always been a decent marksman with rifles, but small arms at medium distance are still not quite my forte. I think it’s time to get serious about correcting that, as training scenarios may not be enough in the very near future.

I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable both gun and ammo prices were, considering the recent surge in demand for both. I was able to stock up on all three calibers for my arsenal for a couple of hundred bucks. The sporting goods stores have been bare of most calibers for months now, so I was happy to see the wide availability. I’ll probably start making a habit of going to shows at least once a month just to stock up on ammo.

I still wonder if I should really have parted with the money, given all the other crises going on right now that probably were more deserving of it. But given the rapid deterioration of socioeconomic and political conditions, I think now is the time to arm oneself to whatever extent one’s wallet and the law allow. I also encourage anyone who can afford to do so to help any trustworthy neighbors to arm up as well. The more mutual defense you can offer each other in the future, the safer you’ll all be.

Gun Owners Of America

This is the advocacy organization to join if you’re serious about protecting your Second Amendment rights. I had been procrastinating for a long time, but finally went ahead and joined earlier this week. In the wake of the NRA bankruptcy debacle, I realized that it was past time to “defecate, or get off the commode.” This is not to say that I would ever have joined the NRA, which to me has always been a fairly obvious false front for the Regime’s gun grabbing agenda. GoA is smaller, less prominent, and has less public visibility and resources, but its primary claim of exceptionalism is true: it has NEVER compromised or backed down on any Second Amendment issue, and vows that it never will.

So if you’re a U.S. resident who is serious about your firearms and your right to keep and bear them, this is the organization to join. Membership is dirt cheap and there is a lot of work to do in the face of the Biden Regime’s determination to disarm the People. So help make GoA a fighting behemoth for liberty and join today!

Disturbing (UPDATE 07/19/21)

This time it’s to “provide humanitarian assistance,” but what are they really doing while they’re here? Planting a Kidon Team in advance of the “liquidation” of the governor (who can’t possibly be any friend of Zionism)? In addition to training law enforcement on how to murder us Deplorables efficiently and with impunity, that is. The added sight of people mourning their departure from U.S. soil is enough to induce projectile vomiting, but since this is the Miami area, with its (((population))) almost as large as that of Jew York, what else are we to expect?

Maybe these are the troops the Deep State will summon back once we Deplorables get über uppity, decide we’ve had enough, realize that our own troops aren’t the ones with our best interests at the forefront, and start seriously resisting. There aren’t enough of (((these))) troops for the job, but maybe they’ll wind up leading the U.N. “peacekeeping” forces that SemilePedoPerv Joe asks for when he and his handlers finally realize that they’ve lost control of the country.

UPDATE: Gunner Q brings up an excellent point in his latest post that I hadn’t considered, but that, in light of the bizarre events of the last couple of years, makes perfect sense:

Take that Surfside Condo collapse in Miami. Color me shocked that a shoddily-built apartment complex in a region notorious for real-estate corruption eventually collapsed from delayed maintenance. But not only has it been a news story for over a month, Israel flew in a damage-control team to “assist”. I suspect that a few of those apartments were safe houses for Epstein-type agents because no way do two nations care this much about that little.

Indeed, why would the IDF become involved in a rescue operation that even the most resource poor of cities in Israel’s westernmost province could handle by itself? And even if the municipality did request Israeli help, why would the Israeli government dispatch the IDF to help? This simply doesn’t pass the smell test on any level. One has to wonder exactly what filthy secrets this condo hid, whether indeed what is arguably the second largest haven for (((them))) in the USSA outside of Jew York City contained something that would be profoundly embarrassing, or even politically fatal to people in Washington or Tel Aviv that needed removing. The fact that the IDF arrival in Miami had almost ZE-RO press coverage other than perhaps outside the Miami metro area (was Governor DeSantis even aware of an IDF presence in his state?) by itself is alarming, given that foreign armies don’t routinely deploy to U.S. soil (although, given that the Amerikan Empire does so in other nations with impunity, an impartial observer must admit that turnabout is fair play). One also is led to wonder that, if the IDF did manage to recover and remove something incriminating, were they able to do so without Goy interference? Were there any “casualties” associated with the IDF rescue operations? Non-IDF “casualties,” that is. I have a sinking feeling that we’ll never know.


They Do So At Their Own Peril

Arizona’s dumbest city decides to join the wrong side of history. Again. Not the least bit surprising. They might get away with certain things in town, but they will fare considerably less well in the rural, unincorporated parts of the city. This might actually end up being the move that rids the city of its leftard mayor and city council. We’ll soon see, I suppose. I should seriously revisit the idea of purchasing billboard space on either end of the city on Interstate 10 at the city limits with signs reading “Welcome To Tucson: An ID10T Certified City.” They certainly are working overtime to maintain it.

Even Libertarians Are Now Recognizing That Libertarianism Is A Flawed Ideology

Or, at the very least, that there is no agreement on what constitutes “pure” libertarianism.

Laurence Vance makes this comment on the blog at Lew that exemplifies what appears to be a growing schism between “left” and “right” libertarians. This is a fascinating development for those of us who once called ourselves simply “libertarians” and who were attracted to the philosophy in large measure because it appeared to dispense with the left-versus-right dogma we were all so tired of and that failed to satisfactorily explain the economic, political, and social dynamics of the world we live in. Unfortunately for libertarianism’s  proponents, they failed to consider the tenets of the philosophy that are every bit as unrealistic and unworkable as its opposite, Communism.

The center of Vance’s comment is the recent law signed by New York’s Party Secretary General Andrew “Elderslayer” Cuomo making it easy for mentally-ill perverts confused about or dissatisfied with their God-assigned biological sex to change their God-given and unchangeable sex to their sex-of-choice on official government documentation. Vance anticipates that it will be no time at all before “left libertarians” praise Cuomo’s move.

Although he doesn’t expressly say so here, those who are familiar with Vance and his contributions to LRC are aware that he is an evangelical Christian, a Southern Baptist, so one can assume that this is part of what influences the tone of his comment.  While one could interpret it as Vance’s disgust with the State facilitating yet more perversion (no doubt he feels this way, as do most of us), it might very well be driven in equal measure by his libertarian grounding that leads him to  believe that the State has no business inserting itself into such matters under any circumstances.

What seems to escape Vance and most other libertarians is that under the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), which is the closest thing libertarianism has to a sacred code, the issue of “gender”  (using the abused meaning of the term adopted by modern society) is one that a libertarian should be neutral about, politically, because the person who seeks to alter their physical sex is doing so to their own body and no one else’s.  Stated differently, to the extent that the individual is tangibly harming anyone,  it is themselves and themselves alone.   Therefore, no one else has any moral right to interfere with their decision to alter their own body, no matter the potential danger to the individual making the decision.  This certainly does NOT mean that others, even other libertarians, are required to accept or support the other individual’s decision to mutilate themselves.  Strict adherence to the NAP, however, would preclude any conscientious libertarian from intervening.

As a Christian Vance certainly encounters situations on an almost daily basis where his libertarianism clashes with his Christian beliefs.  For example, he adopts the libertarian position that vices that are currently outlawed by most governments (e.g., narcotics sales and usage, prostitution) should be decriminalized or legalized (a position that I agree with, for the same practical and philosophical reasons Vance and other libertarians have).  This does NOT mean that he endorses these vices at all, merely that the practical effect of letting the State outlaw them and criminally prosecute those who engage in them leads inevitably to worse outcomes than the vices themselves.  However, as a Christian Vance also recognizes the cost to not only the human body, but the human soul by condoning the vices in question. He knows that as a servant of Christ it is his duty to try to lead his fellow man away from paths of darkness and eternal death.  So which does he choose in the event of a conflict?

Then there is the subject of “private property,” particularly where commerce is concerned.  Pure libertarianism sees human associations as voluntary, not bound by any coercive external force.  However, the philosophy’s shortcomings are especially obvious here in that it sees this concept in starkly black and white terms.  Example in point:  community homeowners associations.  We all recognize these malignant bodies as the bane of modern suburban home ownership, quasi-governmental bodies largely exempt from the rule of law that trample on the rights and freedoms of homeowners in ways that totalitarian regimes can only dream of (I’m not exaggerating by much here; municipal governments are restrained from doing the things most HOAs do regularly and with impunity).  Libertarians assert that membership in HOAs is voluntary, that “no one forces you to join an HOA.”  If you are trying to buy an affordable home in a suburban area nowadays, it is almost impossible to find one that isn’t governed by an HOA, which means that, de facto, you ARE forced to join an HOA, as one cannot obtain a mortgage on residential property in most planned communities without the inclusion of a homeowners covenant.  It’s either accept a covenant you don’t want and have your freedoms restricted. or you can’t buy the home.  Ergo, since home ownership is tied in almost all cases to HOA membership, the libertarian position is obvious nonsense.  HOAs violate the NAP by forcing people to commit to organizations and groups of people that they would otherwise never choose to associate with.  Libertarians find this intolerable when the State does it, but when private corporations do it, suddenly it becomes acceptable, simply because corporations are “private property” and “not the State.”

This has led to some very interesting commentary in places like LRC, The Independent Institute, The Future Of Freedom Foundation, and The Mises Institute.  Dogmatic libertarians, who for so long have never applied their philosophy to the real world, are now beginning to see its implications and its deep flaws as “private sector corporations,” the neo-gods of ideological libertarianism, are now taking the place of the State and revealing themselves as the destructive monsters they’ve always been.   Many libertarians are quick to claim that what these corporations represent is “crony capitalism,” or “state corporatism,” yet they have no coherent response to offer whenever one points out that the corporation is a creation of the State, libertarianism’s ultimate bête noire, and therefore cannot function as an entity that either exemplifies or promotes economic or social freedom.  I have yet to find a extensive work by any libertarian economist or philosopher of note that satisfactorily reconciles the contradiction, which probably explains the dogmatic libertarian’s fixation on the abstract and theoretical rather than the concrete.

In closing, we can readily admit that certain basic tenets of libertarianism are not only appealing, but both workable and compatible with God-given natural law.  The idea of the NAP is one of the underpinnings of the Christian faith and is a standard that every human being with a healthy moral compass strives to live by.  However, where libertarianism falls short is in its failure to recognize that beyond a certain point, the quest to ensure maximum freedom for the individual damages human civilization as a whole, leading to the abuses that undermine the very things libertarianism seeks to perpetuate.  Given fallen human nature, it is ludicrously unrealistic to believe that a society founded strictly upon the NAP can survive in dogmatically pure form.  The best we can hope for is some balanced hybrid of highly moderated libertarianism, in which its most salutary characteristics prevail, and reactionary tribalism., in which the welfare of the commons is also considered  How realistic that would be to attain will depend on many factors, most immediately along what lines the USSA splits when the inevitable Civil War II erupts, followed just as inevitably by secession/ breakup of states.

They’re The “Edjewkayshun Mayjers” Of The Health Professions

Veterinarians, that is. The curriculum for medical school is apparently way over their heads, which is why they focus on animals, where death at their hands leads to far less liability than if their incompetence was focused on humans.

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics is enraged over his recent experiences in trying to get a pet examined and running up against COVIDIOCY measures still in place from a year ago that include not being allowed to accompany his pet into the clinic and having to wait in the parking lot for the animal to be returned to him after the examination. This is, as Armstrong notes, still SOP for most veterinary clinics everywhere. The clinic to which I take my own two pets is still practicing this nonsense even as the rest of the world has backed off of it and returned to a state of semi-sanity. They even give the same stupid justification Armstrong was presented with: “health and saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.” One would think that people who’ve been trained in the fundamentals of immunology, even if only for animals, would understand how ridiculous this is and always has been. This is why I assert that veterinarians must represent the bottom of the academic and intellectual barrel (we won’t even discuss veterinary technicians. We know what scatocephalic idiots “medical assistants” are in human medicine, so just imagine how much lower on the evolutionary scale those dealing with animals must be).

Another probable reason for the continuing COVIDIOCY at veterinary clinics is that the majority of veterinarians today are WOMEN. It is women in general who have been pissing gasoline on the flames of COVIDIOCY and the associated hysteria, so it makes perfect sense that this would characterize their business operations.

Armstrong doesn’t bring this up, but one of my concerns with letting my pet be examined without my presence is the lack of opportunity to examine the vet’s “bedside manner.” While I doubt that it’s an issue with most vets, I would want to know how the vet and their attending technicians behave toward my beloved Fido or Fluffy while examining them. Keeping Mommy or Daddy away from the examining room provides the perfect opportunity for any would-be veterinary Josef Mengele to engage in all sorts of nastiness unimpeded by the animal’s owner. Again, probably not an issue with the vast majority of vets, but still a concern nonetheless.

I haven’t taken my own pooch to the vet for her elder care checkup because of this nonsense and probably won’t until the clinic gets sane again. It’s sad that our beloved animals’ health, both emotional and physical, is being jeopardized by human stupidity. I think Armstrong is correct in that the only way to put an end to this is to stop patronizing veterinary clinics that still engage in COVIDIOCY. Since all of them have turned into for-profit businesses,  just like the human health  care industry, hitting them in the wallet is the only way to get their attention and set things right again.

Thanking God For A Small Blessing/Victory

I don’t normally answer work-related emails on the weekend and my boss and colleagues don’t normally send them. So when the Outlook app on my phone that is only used for work email chimed Saturday morning I decided that it must be important. In a small way, it was.

My boss is out on a well-earned vacation this week, so he must have been doing a last-minute email review before shutting down. He informed me that one of the two people he had interviewed for the technical manager’s position, the one vacated last month by my immediate supervisor who resigned in favor of another opportunity, had accepted our offer and will be starting next month.

Why do I consider this a blessing and a victory? Most immediately it’s because we desperately need the position filled. Our team is slotted for four people, and even if we were fully staffed we’d be doing the work of twelve, so we need another productive body, stat. But even more important, the candidate being hired is a MAN – a fully qualified and experienced man who has exactly the skillsets and experience we need to move forward. The other candidate was an older woman on the other side of the country with a “meh” skillset and no desire to innovate, work under pressure, or lead people. Since these two candidates were not only the only two candidates who applied for the position, but were the only two we could find with the requisite qualifications anywhere, even after a nation-wide search involving two recruiting agencies, the outcome of this selection process mattered. A LOT.

This position is managerial as well as technical, one that involves administrative supervision and management of at least one other person, and that “other person” happens to be me. This is why I am rejoicing at the fact that the man in question chose to accept the company’s offer, because feeriker long ago make the decision that he is never, EVER AGAIN going to work directly for any woman. I have spent far too many years of my professional life dealing with attitude, drama, entitlement, incompetence, and just all-around nonsense to ever want to suffer through it again. Being male, white, middle aged, and Christian means that there is a target on your back in this day of the woke workplace, and being at the mercy of a female “manager” is simply an intolerable risk for any self-respecting professional white male. Of course I have worked with and for men who have been “sub-optimal,” both professionally and as human beings (indeed, some of them have been, not to put too fine a point on it, insufferable assholes), yet none of them have ever caused the disruption in the workplace that estrogen has. Given that only sodomy outranks estrogen in the “new special rights” category within the 21st Century woke workplace, the less of it in the workplace there is, the better. The addition of one more man to make my workspace less politically correct and less likely to be woke is a victory, no matter how small and no matter what the man’s other shortcomings might be (I’m willing to bet right off the bat, without even having met him, that he’s blue pill where women are concerned. Most men are. However, that’s not a source of destructive workplace friction and is something I can certainly live with).

So now you know, in case I hadn’t made it obvious before, that feeriker is a Neanderthal. If you want to add “misoogynist” as a label, that’s fine with me, too. Words have been abused to the point of being rendered meaningless, so I’m no longer overly concerned by their application. I prefer to think of myself as a “sexual realist,” or “Biblical sexist,” but if you’re more comfortable with the deluded world’s labels, then apply them as you see fit.

In any event I’m looking forward to a productive work relationship with my new colleague, a soldier unaware in the ongoing battle to purge the technology sector of the estrogen that is slowly destroying it, along with every other sector of STEM. I only pray that our company doesn’t go any more woke than it already has (it made Juneteenth a corporate holiday ahead of Congress’s making it one) and decide on an estrogen injection binge for its own sake. Then again, I’m praying that my years in Corporate America are numbered anyway, and that I will soon be spending my remaining years in a self-employed, estrogen free capacity.

A Perfect Summary Of The USSA’s “Monetary Policy”

The latest from the incomparable Charles Hugh Smith. This reality should be painfully obvious to those of us who live in the real world and have to deal with debt and financial issues (that would be ALL OF US). I’ll let Charles speak for himself, except just to add something to one sentence:

“The Supreme Court ensures the super-rich maintain this cozy crony-socialism by ensuring they can buy political power via lobbying and campaign contributions–under the laughable excuse of free speech and the ludicrous assertion that a corporation, as an “artificial person,” enjoys the same unalienable rights as an actual human.”

I Thought Louie Gohmert Was Better/Smarter Than This

Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has been one of the more admirable members of the House of Reprehensibles in recent years, standing up on some notable occasions against the ongoing tyranny and criminality subsuming what was once the nation. Unfortunately, he’s just proven himself to be another run-of-the-mill dumbass Texas redneck. I won’t say (yet) that this incident erases everything good that he’s done in the past, but it certainly doesn’t reflect positively on Gohmert or his constituents. It also explains why the Gang of Panderers has been so ineffective at anything it tries to accomplish. It’s pretty much an uphill battle for any organization led by morons to accomplish anything useful. This just serves to remind us ONCE AGAIN not to put any faith whatsoever in politicians.

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