Another Hollyweird Celeb Swims Against The Cesspool Tide

Events like this are music to my ears and a balm to my soul in these ugly and dysfunctional times in which we live. Veteran actor Jon Voight has just released a heartfelt and urgent video in which he issues a dire warning about what awaits the USA should a Biden/Harris Administration come to pass. He also excoriates the Anti-Trump Left and all of their Marxist affiliates (ANTIFA, BLM, etc.) for the destruction that they have caused and saves some special and well-deserved rancor for Commiefornia’s loathsome governor, Gabbling Nuisance.

I never realized that Voight was a conservative (I wonder what his trainwreck of a daughter Angelina Jolie thinks of Dad’s video?). I’ll have to make a point of supporting him in whatever little ways I can that don’t simultaneously feed the Hollyweird Demons’ Den.

I urge everyone to watch (and download, if you’re able to) the linked video before Twatter takes it down.

Odds And Ends, Edition 1

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while, but I’ve decided to start a “tradition” (as if this blog has been around long enough to be able to have any such thing) of posting a collection of various current events, flashes of quotable commentary (profound or foolish) by noteworthy individuals, and simple observations of my own that I feel like sharing with my readership. It will follow no specific length, focus on no specific topics, and isn’t intended to do anything other than voice my personal take on various topics that don’t fit in neatly into any other category, or that are not deep or weighty enough to merit posts of their own. I’m inspired to do this by the weekly email I receive each Friday from Simon Black, owner and editor-in-chief of the Sovereign Man website ( informally titled “Weekly Absurdities.” In these he brings the reader’s  attention to four or five random events from around the world each week that represent the most, absurd, illogical, economically and socially destructive, freedom-robbing events to take place during that particular week. While Odds and Ends won’t necessarily always focus on absurdity or outrage, it will, I hope, provide tasty food for thought. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy this first edition.

Germany Becomes Germany Again After 75 Years In Exile

Expecting Germans to not act like a hive of compliant, statist droids is like expecting a wolf to become vegan under conditions that are anything other than duress. After 75 years of pussification (politely, if inaccurately called “pacification” by the victorious allies after their defeat of the Nazi Regime and their subsequent conquest of Germany’s land and people), the atavistic true nature of the German is tearing away its faux democratic, freedom-embracing chains, with gracious assistance from the Globalist Cabal that hates Germany’s guts and wants to see it destroyed, by passing the “Infection Protection Act” (“Das Infektionsschutzgesetz” in German), which will protect Germany against the ravages of COVID-19 by returning Germany to its natural state: dictatorship.

No one who has spent any lengthy period of time in Germany and among Germans should be the least bit surprised at this development. Germany’s pretense at democratic government was never a convincing one, very much akin to a sumo wrestler strutting around in a ballerina’s tutu. I have to imagine that anyone visiting Germany during the post-World War I Weimer Republic era must have similarly thought “ain’t no way is this gonna last. Only the French and the Brits would be stupid enough to think that this kind of government would work in Germany.” Fortunately for the Soros-fronting Ferkel government (those conversant in German will understand the epithet), the demon-sent Chinese Flu has come along to undo everything that the old American puppet fuddy-duddy Konrad “Der Alte” Adenauer did in the wake of the Nazi regime’s fall:  namely, the skinsuiting of (initially just one half of) Germany with a constitutional federal republic. Now, with the “Soviet threat” to the Western world long gone (not that Germans themselves ever saw it as a threat. They love themselves some Kommunismus, it just has to be German flavored), and her U.S. puppet master under the control of the same (((Globalist))) paymasters she is, Ferkel can now use Chinese flu as a pretext to take off the last layer of kid gloves and rule like a real modern-day, liberated Führerin should.

Personally, I gave up on Germany and the Germans decades ago, and I never doubted that I would one day be vindicated in doing so. As far as I’m concerned Germany can do anything it wants to to its people inside its own borders, since there are about as many “Schlechte Deutscher” (bad Germans) today as there were between 1933 and 1945 who were willing to stand up to tyranny. While humanity in general has proven itself pretty much incapable of learning any lessons from history, some subgroups are especially hopeless at it. My only demand is that Deutschland keep its tyranny to itself. The rest of the world has more than enough domestic product to contend with without imports to worry about. For the full story see here:

Fox News Is Not Only Duplicitous, But Stupid And Suicidal

Given that the name “Murdoch” is associated with its ownership, any observant person should have long ago abandoned any suspicions of either integrity or wisdom associating themselves with Fox News. Their election night betrayal of their base, a demographic already upset with the network’s pre-election conduct (Chris Wallace’s behavior during the first presidential candidates’ debate being the prime example) has resulted in abandonment of the network by massive portions of said base, sending its daytime ratings into the basement (CNN now out-rates it. CNfreakingN, for crying out loud!), and threatening its reed-thin lead in primetime ratings.  Much of the base has defected to Newsmax and One America News Network (OANN), two networks Fox  News arrogantly thought it could ignore up until about a month ago, as well as other non-woke, non-Deep State-controlled news outlets that are not yet ready to betray their bases for 30 pieces of political silver.

Apparently the well-deserved spanking by its base has put the network into a petulant mood. Rumors are circulating that the Fox News network is encouraging guests who make an appearance on the network to blacklist Newsmax. While the primary source of this assertion comes from Fox’s “competitor,” CNN, and could thus justifiably be taken with a grain of salt, such a sleazy and juvenile stunt would be perfectly in keeping with a network run by a family of con artists and staffed in the majority by mendacious, treacherous mediocrities.  It will be interesting to see if we get independent confirmation of this story from sources closer to Fox News, or from within the network itself.  See the full story here:

Well, I guess that’s it for the inaugural edition. I’ll be prospecting for new sources for next week’s edition, there no doubt being a potentially inexhaustible supply.

25 Fun Things To Do On Thanksgiving Day

For my fellow American readers, a little “holiday humor” to go with your Thanksgiving Day feast:

25. Announce that you’re starting a new family tradition and proceed to take your clothes off at the dinner table.

24. At about the 2-hour mark, open the oven door and start pouring Jim Beam (or Jack Daniels, if you prefer) over the turkey to baste it. Tell Mom/Grandma/your wife that it “adds the coolest flavor.”

23. During dinner conversation turn suddenly to a random person at the table, look at them sternly, and scold them loudly saying “We DO NOT talk about death at the dinner table in this house!” Then just as quickly resume eating or conversing as if you had never said anything.

22. After showing up at your host’s house, tell them that your date for the evening will be arriving later, as he/she has to check in with his/her parole officer first.

21. Suck your cranberry sauce loudly through a straw.

20. After soaking a napkin in turkey gravy, simulate blowing your nose, letting the gravy drip onto the food on your plate. Start eating ravenously.

19. Hold your nose while you eat. Make soft gagging noises after every second or third forkful.

18. During dinner expound on the tragic and abusive conditions known to exist at commercial turkey farms. Emphasize the negative health and sanitation aspects of these places.

17. As the meal winds down, turn to Mom/Grandma/your wife and say, “See? I told you they wouldn’t notice. You were all worried about nothing!”

16. Load your plate up high, then take it into the kitchen, toss it all into the blender, and take your “shake” back to the table. Tell everyone that you have a phobia of choking and that’s why you always liquify your food.

15. Insist on sitting at “the kids’ table” because it’s more fun. Be especially insistent if there is no kids’ table.

14. Come to the dinner table dressed in a toga.

13. Midway though the meal, excuse yourself from the table. Go into the kitchen and make loud gagging, retching sounds that no one in the house can avoid hearing. Return to the table and apologize, blaming it on “nervous stomach whenever I eat in public.”

12. Observe out loud during dinner how much the stuffing and gravy resemble the contents of Uncle Ed’s colostomy bag.

11. When giving the “Thanksgiving blessing”, be sure to express in no uncertain terms how VERY thankful you are that you only have to eat at the same table with your in-laws once or twice each year.

10. Turn the topic of dinner conversation toward recognizing early symptoms of food poisoning. Demonstrate these symptoms, reasoning that “you could save a loved one’s life.”

9. Insist on having paper bags wrapped around the wine bottles at the table.

8. When bringing the turkey from the kitchen into the dining room, enter the dining room dressed only in a thong and nipple pasties.

7. Before everyone begins eating, announce forcefully that both turkey legs are yours. Place a loaded revolver on the table in front of your plate to show that you mean business.

6. Call the local Savation Army rescue mission and ask if the residents are enjoying the Rahmen noodles, Spam, canned sauerkraut, and fruit cocktail that you donated for their Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Start a food fight at the table.

4. After dinner, present each of your guests with an itemized bill for the meal, making sure to add a 15 percent gratuity.

3. Challenge your brother-in-law to a belching contest after dinner and before dessert. Ask someone else at the table to judge volume, tone, duration, and “viscosity.”

2. Drink copious quantities of wine, washing each forkful of food down with at least half a glass. At the same time, sip out of your water glass sparingly, ensuring that it’s never more than half empty.

And finally, the number one way to have fun on Thanksgiving Day:

1. Call the local Salvation Army rescue mission and tell them that you’ve prepared a massive feast that you and your family couldn’t possibly eat all by yourselves. Tell them you can feed at least twenty-five hungry and homeless people if the Salvation Army can bring them over to you. Then give them directions to your obnoxious next-door neighbor’s house.


Rise Up, O Men Of God!

One of the tragedies of the modern American churchian franchise, especially its evangelical variety, is its abandonment of tradition hymns. I find it difficult for anyone to objectively argue against the assertion that the verse of these hymns is so much more powerful than the shallow slap-a-Christian-fish-label-on-worldly-themes-and-call-it-sacred lyrics so characteristic of contemporary Christian music. Compare also the well-publicized apostasy of more than a few “Contemporary Christian” music artists in recent years whose music has become “praise music” mainstay of evangelical churches to similar tales of apostasy among the authors of hymns that are the foundation of traditional Christian praises (I’m unaware of a single instance. Can you name one?), and I think we can easily see one of the causes of the modern church’s state of crisis.

At any rate, after concluding my Sunday Bible readings I felt a yearning to close my reading and prayer with some traditional hymns. Since CensorTube (I’ll use my polite epithet for it here) has not yet gotten around to banning all things Christian (give them time), I came across a wide variety of hymns, performed in both traditional and contemporary (blech!) style. One that jumped out at me, one that I had not sung or heard sung in church in many years, probably not since my adolescence, is Rise Up, O Men Of God!. If ever the Church of the Remnant needed a positive and uplifting exhortation to attend to its mission in these dark days, which may very well mark the beginning of the End Times, this is it.

Rise Up, O Men Of God!
Lyrics by William P. Merrill (1911), music by William H. Walter

[1] “Rise up, O Men of God!
Have done with lesser things;
Give heart and soul and mind and strength to serve the King of Kings.

[2] “Rise up, O Men of God!
The kingdom tarries long;
Bring in the day of Christlike love, and end the night of wrong.

[3] “Lift high the cross of Christ! Tread where his feet have trod; Led onward by the Son of Man, Rise up, O Men of God!”

Here is a performance by a men’s choir, the only way in which it can truly glorify the Lord and serve as a call to His servants to take action (sorry, ladies, you’ll just have to sit this one out).

May those of us who strive to be Men of God indeed rise up and take our rightful place as leaders in His service, places given to us by Him on the day of Adam’s creation,to glorify Him and to lead and serve our fellow man in these days of peril, persecution, hatred, and uncertainty. May His will be done and His name glorified!

The United States Armed Forces: The Unknown Factor

I had intended to make my next entry in this blog an open letter to the armed forces of the United States, and I will probably do that before the end of this week. However, I wanted to first address a topic that I’ve begun to see arise within the right-wing blogosphere over the last couple of weeks: the invocation of the Insurrection Act by President Trump and the declaration of martial law in response to civil unrest and violence anticipated as the result of a second Trump term.

The phrases “double-edged sword” and “playing with fire” come immediately to my mind whenever I hear demands on the right, secular and Christian alike, for the president to act decisively in the face of Globalist-fomented anarcho-nihilism (my term for what most people mistakenly refer to as “anarchy”). I will admit right up front that my visceral impulses would lead me to advocate such action on the president’s part, in direct opposition to my longstanding conservative-quasilibertarian philosophy. We have clearly reached the point at which a sizable minority of Americans have come to despise their nation and are hellbent on destroying it and everything that represents it. Whether such people are acting entirely of their own volition, or whether they’re acting under the influence or control of some malevolent external force is irrelevant at present. The point is that the threat that they pose is all too real, and that if they are allowed to proceed unhindered with their criminal behavior the result will be the destruction of what few civilized institutions have been holding the nation together for the last half century. While I believe that the USA is beyond salvaging and that its breakup is a foregone conclusion, the complete breakdown of the last vestiges of law and order will make difficult, if not impossible the transition to a peaceful political order in the wake of the USA’s demise. A growing number of people, especially on the political Right, see the U.S. armed forces as “white knights” that will be called back home from the various imperial debacles abroad into which the reigning American Empire has embroiled it. No one who has been paying attention to the armed forces over the last three-plus decades should have any cause for such optimism.

What most people, especially those on the Right, fail to realize (or perhaps simply choose to ignore) is that the U.S. armed forces are as divided, unstable, and dysfunctional as American society itself. After all, its ranks are drawn from the population at large (or self-selected subsets thereof) and thus cannot help but be reflective of the general dysfunction that is now American society. However, within this body, there have emerged in the post-Vietnam War era two distinct groups: “The Troops,” consisting of the enlisted members and a portion of the office corps, mostly those who were trained in college ROTC programs and commissioned upon graduation, or who were commissioned from the enlisted ranks; and the “Academy Alumni” which consists of officers, usually in the middle and flag ranks, who are graduates of the service academies (i.e., West Point, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs).

“The Troops,” generally speaking, though by no means always, are patriotic individuals in the sense that they at least viscerally adhere to what we have historically considered core American values (e.g., belief in personal and economic liberty, the right to self-defense, freedom of seech, assembly, assembly, and religious worship; the recognition that all men are equal under the law, etc.). While their motivations for joining the military may have been more economic than patriotic, they are aware (again, even if only on some undefinable, visceral level) of what their ultimate responsibilities are and where their ultimate loyalty must lie, which is to the Constitution and the People of the United States.

The “Academy Alumni,” (this is my term for them; I can’t at present think of a better term by which to categorize them), on the other hand, have undergone rigorous academic, physical, and doctrinal training within one of the Regime’s three service academies (Army, Navy, and Air Force, in the order I listed above). Admission to one of these academies is a fiercely competitive and highly selective process (or at least has historically been so; waves of scandals emerging from these places in recent years indicates that they are in the same state of decline as every other institution) that requires nomination by a Congressman in order to be admitted. Each Congressman may nominate only on person from his district each year for each academy (one for West Point, one for Annapolis, one for Colorado Springs), so they must be highly selective in whom the nominate. At this point the rhetorical question arises: given what we know about the subhuman flotsam that makes up the vast majority of Congress, what do you think these corrupt criminals look for in young people between the ages of 18 and 25 (the academies went co-ed in the late 1970s, which explains a large part of their ongoing decline, as well as that of the armed forces) who seek training in the elite institutions of the armed forces that will enable them to rise to positions of the most senior leadership ranks? Most certainly their selections are not based on some mythical altruistic criteria of who would make the best leaders. No, the Congresscreatures instead examine what extra-curricular activities these young people engaged in during their high school years (were they activities that meet the political establishment’s approval?), their home life (is Mom and/or Dad connected in a way that benefits Congressman Scumbag politically?), and who they are demographically (do the demographics in Congressman Scumbag’s district demand that he appoint a black or Hispanic candidate, or a black or Hispanic female candidate, regardless of whether or not any of them are military leadership material?). In other words, candidates for nomination to the service academies learn very early on that any career successes they intend for themselves depend entirely upon the willingness to kiss the collective ass of the reigning political classes, whose interests, as we all know, rarely if ever coincide with those of the American People. Thus the would-be Academy Alumnus comes to learn very quickly what side his bread is buttered on and that in order to get what he wants (i.e., power, prestige, and opportunities that will be handed to him on a silver platter in the future as a result of his Academy and military pedigree), he can turn any residual sense of morality, patriotism, or concern for his fellow Americans (the people the Establishment refers to as “deplorables”) over to the Academy as part of his initial issuances when he reports aboard during plebe week. Thus occurs the loss of his soul in exchange for gaining the World.

It is these two groups of people that make up the U.S. armed forces today. Gone are days of the “citizen army” dedicated solely to defending U.S. soil and legitimate U.S. national interests. The death march of this military force as envisioned by the founders began with the end of World War II and ended with the end of the Vietnam War. Today’s armed forces are mercenary forces in everything but name. While this does not mean that everyone in the armed forces considers themselves mercenaries, to wage war at the Executive’s bidding for any reason whatsoever, the institution has mutated into such a force.

The question now facing the nation ultimately comes down to one of: if the armed forces are called upon to impise martial law, for whom will they impose martial law? We know that the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the senior echelons of each service, indoctrinated in the Deep Statist philosophy of the service academies and having been loyal servants of the Empire for decades, despise President Trump with a passion and want him put out of office. On the other hand, “The Troops,” while as divided as the nation as a whole, tend to lean hugely pro-Trump, recognizing him as a man of the People who is determined to prevent them from being committed to anymore senseless foreign wars. Surely they know how disastrous a Biden-Harris
Administration will be for them, as well as how much both Biden and Harris despise them. Will they respond to the Generals’ and Admirals’ orders to eject the man they respect, and whom many know as well as the rest of us is the victim of a blatant Deep State coup d’etat by staging a mutiny? Are the “Academy Alumni” aware of the rank and file’s feelings and therefore justifiably hesitant to “cross the Rubicon?” No one knows for sure, and this is why We The People need to be very, VERY careful about thinking that martial law is the practical solution to the current crisis. Even if it is, we not only no longer have any way of knowing if the armed forces are capable of implementing it, but whether or not they would implement it in a manner that upholds the Constitution, the rule of law, and the rights of the American people.

I certainly do not have an answer or a practical suggestion for resolving this dilemma, nor can I predict with any accuracy or certainty what will happen. All I can say is that no course of action at this point will be ideal or pain-free. The best that we can hope for is that majority of those currently on active duty have the foresight and the strength of character to do what they took an oath to do, with emphasis on defending the Constitution against domestic enemies, something that no one has been comfortable contemplating, much less discussing or urging. Whether or not they do so, each of us must be prepared to do so in our own way and according to our own abilities. As a few other men in the Christian blogosphere have pointed out, for men like me and they who also served in the past, our oath to defend the Constitution is an oath that never expires, even long after we’ve doffed our uniforms. As long as we remain citizens of this nation, we are duty bound to defend the source of what makes this nation worth living in. May God give us the strength and wisdom to be able to do so, and may He continue to be at our side in the troubled times that are soon to come.

The World Should Be So Fortunate

Pictured above: Globalist criminal against humanity and general megalomaniac Bill Gates as he is placed under arrest by a federal SWAT team on a variety of felony criminal charges. Included in the arrest warrant is an INTERPOL warrant issued jointly on behalf of nearly a dozen sub-Saharan African nations charging Gates with murder and attempted genocide resulting from his vaccination program for African children. Gates is being held without bail at an undisclosed federal detention facility.

Alright, alright, a guy can always dream, can’t he? As far as I know that’s one of the few things they haven’t outlawed yet. Anyway, I saw this picture in the headline of one of the digital business rags and just couldn’t resist. I think it’s out of my system for now.

Carry on.

Blogroll Update 11/15/20

This time a deletion. I have decided to remove Bruce Schneier’s Schneier on Security link from the Blogroll in the wake of this recent article on the site. This article, in addition to a review of Schneier’s current academic and business affiliations, has led me to make the determination that he is no longer an objective and unbiased analyst of information security trends, events, and products. That he would publish and endorse such an utterly and transparently ridiculous article (and that a large number of his regular followers and subscribers to his newsletter would also wholeheartedly endorse it) can only mean that he has been fully converged. Thus he is no longer someone to be trusted in the battle against government and state-corporate encroachment on our liberties or our privacy.

I wish I could express true surprise at this, but alas, it is an all-too-common occurrence. Far too many of my fellow cybersecurity professionals have “taken the ticket,” succumbing to the siren song of the power of the State. Too many are in awe of the financial and technological resources at Caesar’s disposal for waging offensive cyber warfare, their “inner geek/nerd” overpowering whatever limited sense of morals and ethics they have. This is a major reason why I am seriously contemplating leaving the field. I appear to be in the minority among my peers in my belief that technology is a dangerous weapon without a strong code of ethics to guide and scope its employment.

At any rate, while I am not surprised at Schneier’s stance, it is disappointing. I long held the man in high esteem for his deep technical knowledge and powers of observation of trends and events, as well as the practical advice he gave to those of us in the profession. But I simply cannot give the enemy another platform through which to spread lies and deception. Meanwhile, I will carefully explore other sources in hopes of replacing Schneier as an ethical and objective source of knowledge and guidance for those interested in protecting their data and information.

Kick Faux, Er, Fox News To The Curb

They took the ticket a long time ago, back when Rupert Murdoch bought them. Now, with his stooge sons in charge, the last remnants of the mask have crumbled away.

They’ve joined the other Globalist fake news media in prematurely declaring Senile-pedo Joe president, and are regurgitating the same flagrant lies. It’s time for all decent human beings who care about the truth to kick this piece of MSM excrement to the curb and never tune in to them again! We KNOW that they’re going start purging themselves of any decent personality with integrity who still remains on their staff, starting with Tucker Carlson. There aren’t many other than him who are worth listening to, so at that point there will be no reason to give the Faux News channel the time of day.

Newsmax is where real news can now be found. Expect that very soon Tucker Carlson, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Jeanine Piro, and others of the true Right will make it their home. If your cable or satellite service provider doesn’t include Newwsmax in their programming lineup, petition them to do so now!

Make the switch, and consign traitorous Faux News to the fake news doom of their other “competitors.”

Daily Bible Study: The Best Strategy?

I know, I know; the natural reactions to the title of this post include “‘Best’ by what criteria?,” “‘Best’ for whom?,” or “You don’t seriously think that there is an objective answer to such a question, do you?” All valid responses, but I’m not looking for a definitive answer. I would merely like to know what works, or has worked for my regular readers and lurkers.

I have been struggling for a long time to find a strategy for daily Bible study that genuinely optimizes continuity (how do the various readings best integrate with other portions of Scripture studied, both recently and in the distant past?), scope (how much reading in one sitting is optimal for long-term retention of what has just been read?), and progression (what is the best way to plan in advance the specific Books and Chapters to study over an extended period of time?). There are hundreds of “canned” strategies available from dozens, if not hundreds of Bible and church websites on the internet, but of the dozen or so that I’ve tried (and ultimately abandoned) over the last several years, not one has been organized in a way that utilizes the three criteria I list above to create a sustainable program that truly broadens one’s knowledge of the Bible, or enhances the ability to clearly grasp the details of the relationships between different parts of Scripture and how they reinforce its whole message.

I decided not to create this post as a poll, because I really want to know from each of you on a personal level how your strategy for Bible study has served you as well as it has, and how you found it. I might not (in fact, probably won’t) adopt your strategy brick-for-brick, nail-for-nail, as each person’s personality and methods for processing and absorbing knowledge are unique, to say nothing of the fact that God speaks to each of us differently in accordance to how He created us. However, I don’t for a second doubt that each of you has something valuable to share that will help this brother’s quest for a better way to absorb and live the Word.

I very much look forward to your inputs and hope that a fruitful period of discussion and sharing follows. God bless you all, and thanks in advance.

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