Another Hollyweird Celeb Swims Against The Cesspool Tide

Events like this are music to my ears and a balm to my soul in these ugly and dysfunctional times in which we live. Veteran actor Jon Voight has just released a heartfelt and urgent video in which he issues a dire warning about what awaits the USA should a Biden/Harris Administration come to pass.Continue reading “Another Hollyweird Celeb Swims Against The Cesspool Tide”

Odds And Ends, Edition 1

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while, but I’ve decided to start a “tradition” (as if this blog has been around long enough to be able to have any such thing) of posting a collection of various current events, flashes of quotable commentary (profound or foolish) by noteworthy individuals, and simple observations ofContinue reading “Odds And Ends, Edition 1”

25 Fun Things To Do On Thanksgiving Day

For my fellow American readers, a little “holiday humor” to go with your Thanksgiving Day feast: 25. Announce that you’re starting a new family tradition and proceed to take your clothes off at the dinner table. 24. At about the 2-hour mark, open the oven door and start pouring Jim Beam (or Jack Daniels, ifContinue reading “25 Fun Things To Do On Thanksgiving Day”

Rise Up, O Men Of God!

One of the tragedies of the modern American churchian franchise, especially its evangelical variety, is its abandonment of tradition hymns. I find it difficult for anyone to objectively argue against the assertion that the verse of these hymns is so much more powerful than the shallow slap-a-Christian-fish-label-on-worldly-themes-and-call-it-sacred lyrics so characteristic of contemporary Christian music. CompareContinue reading “Rise Up, O Men Of God!”

The United States Armed Forces: The Unknown Factor

I had intended to make my next entry in this blog an open letter to the armed forces of the United States, and I will probably do that before the end of this week. However, I wanted to first address a topic that I’ve begun to see arise within the right-wing blogosphere over the lastContinue reading “The United States Armed Forces: The Unknown Factor”

The World Should Be So Fortunate

Pictured above: Globalist criminal against humanity and general megalomaniac Bill Gates as he is placed under arrest by a federal SWAT team on a variety of felony criminal charges. Included in the arrest warrant is an INTERPOL warrant issued jointly on behalf of nearly a dozen sub-Saharan African nations charging Gates with murder and attemptedContinue reading “The World Should Be So Fortunate”

Blogroll Update 11/15/20

This time a deletion. I have decided to remove Bruce Schneier’s Schneier on Security link from the Blogroll in the wake of this recent article on the site. This article, in addition to a review of Schneier’s current academic and business affiliations, has led me to make the determination that he is no longer anContinue reading “Blogroll Update 11/15/20”

Kick Faux, Er, Fox News To The Curb

They took the ticket a long time ago, back when Rupert Murdoch bought them. Now, with his stooge sons in charge, the last remnants of the mask have crumbled away. They’ve joined the other Globalist fake news media in prematurely declaring Senile-pedo Joe president, and are regurgitating the same flagrant lies. It’s time for allContinue reading “Kick Faux, Er, Fox News To The Curb”

Daily Bible Study: The Best Strategy?

I know, I know; the natural reactions to the title of this post include “‘Best’ by what criteria?,” “‘Best’ for whom?,” or “You don’t seriously think that there is an objective answer to such a question, do you?” All valid responses, but I’m not looking for a definitive answer. I would merely like to knowContinue reading “Daily Bible Study: The Best Strategy?”

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